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Dean’s Ex

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Summary: Set in ‘In My Time Of Dying’ Season 2 Episode 1. A certain blonde Slayer shows up at Dean’s hospital bed.

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchesterDarkPhoenixFR1514,116252,17115 Dec 0915 Dec 09Yes
Yup, another Christmas present. This is for SkylarGrace from Paradise Lost.

Title: Dean’s Ex
Summary: Set in ‘In My Time Of Dying’ Season 2 Episode 1. A certain blonde Slayer shows up at Dean’s hospital bed.
Disclaimer: Don’t own BTVS or SPN
Pairing: Buffy/Dean, Dawn/Adam
Note: Thanks to Museinspiration from Paradise Lost for beta-ing this.


Minnesota, Rochester, Motel

A blonde woman lay on the bed tossing and turning while in a deep sleep.

A large truck races towards a familiar black car.
A tall, vaguely familiar brown haired man is arguing with an older but also familiar dark haired bearded man.
Someone with dark blond hair and a white shirt fighting with a dark presence.
The tall brown haired guy is standing near the doorway, watching a medical team working on someone.
The bearded guy is performing a ritual of some sort.
A hospital, a sign saying Shiloh County.
Yellow eyes glow ominously

The blonde woman in her mid twenties shot up gasping for air. A younger woman with brown hair watches her with worry from her side. A young dark haired man also watches her with worry from the floor where he had been sleeping.

“Did you have a Slayer dream?” the brunette inquired while motioning for the man to get the blonde a glass of water.

As the man went to comply, the blonde nodded and let her feet touch the ground, but not standing up yet as she tried to get a handle on her emotions and failing miserably. Still she managed a slight nod and watched as she was handed a glass of water.

The brunette watched the blonde with increasing worry, almost fearing the answer to what she was about to ask. “What was it about?”

The blonde shook her head, tendrils of long blonde hair sweeping along her movements. “We don’t have time, pack up. We’re leaving.”

The brunette nodded, knowing better than to question the blonde and motioned for the man to do as they were told.

After quickly getting dressed and starting to pack their stuff, Dawn tried not to give in to her curiosity and demand answers. Buffy would tell them when she was ready.

Not having the same kind of experience as Dawn, Adam Milligan turned to the blonde and questioned. “So what did you dream about?”

Dawn watched as fear entered her sisters eyes and barely suppressed swallowing. If Buffy was scared, it was never good. It was downright bad.

It seemed to take forever before the blonde answered, but when she did a feeling of cold dread seemed to increase.

Buffy looked Adam right in the eye before speaking, “Your father and brothers.”

Buffy’s severe reaction suddenly fell into place for Dawn and she gave her sister a sympathetic smile and placed a hand on Adam’s shoulder making him turn to look at her.

“Looks like I’ll be facing my… family sooner than I thought I would,” Adam spoke up and gave Dawn a small smile when she squeezed his shoulder in support.

Changed, packed and ready to go Buffy grabbed the keys, ignoring the look of fear on her sister’s face by that act.

“Uhm Buffy, maybe I should drive,” Dawn carefully suggested.

Buffy glared at her sister until the brunette held up her hands and back away from the blonde. Buffy grabbed her bag and left the motel room.

“What exactly is your sisters connection to my family?” Adam inquired as he followed behind with Dawn, carrying both their bags.

Dawn bit her lip as she heard Buffy already starting the car’s engine, “ She and your brother Dean used to date until he broke up with her. This just proves what I suspected ever since their break-up. She never got over him or stopped loving him.”

A car horn caused Dawn to jump slightly and she grumbled as she increased her pace, Adam not far behind.


Minnesota, on the road

They had been on the road for an hour before Buffy started telling her sister and Adam what she saw in her dream. Once she was finished, Adam was pale at the thought of his brother dying and Dawn looked torn. Since Dean had broken her heart in Cleveland, Dawn had proposed to get away from Cleveland and go and see the world. They had started small and scoured the States while taking care of evil along their path. Occasionally Buffy would have one of her Slayer dreams, which usually led to someone whom they had to save.

Adam had been one of those people that they had saved, though they were too late to save his mother. After Buffy had made the ghouls tell her why they went after Adam and his mother, she and Dawn had been in shock to learn that Adam was a Winchester. Dean’s younger half brother. Adam himself had been shocked to learn about his father being a Hunter and having two brothers he had never met. Buffy didn’t know much how Adam felt about John; she herself didn’t like the man much. She respected him as a Hunter, but not as a father or person in general. She found that part of her still blamed him for the break-up with Dean.

Dawn was the one who had really connected with Adam. Not knowing if more baddies were going to come after Adam, and with him being related to the Winchesters, that was a definite possibility, Dawn had proposed that Adam join them and learn how to handle himself. Adam didn’t feel like going back to college and had agreed and was actually showing to be quite talented. Buffy mused with a small smile that it had to be something with the Winchester genes, but the smile disappeared as Dean’s image flashed before her eyes. No matter how much he had hurt her, she knew he needed her help. She could beat him up for getting his ass into trouble after she saved his life.


Shiloh County, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, hospital

The small entourage entered the hospital, Buffy didn’t even bother to waste time asking for directions since she knew it would be fruitless. Dean had dozens of aliases and she knew Dean would not be checked in under his real name. Instead Buffy followed the sign and headed for the intensive care department. Once there she followed her instincts.

“Uhm, Buffy do you know where we’re going. Maybe we should ask someone?” suggested Dawn.

“Can’t. He’d be checked in under an alias,” came Buffy’s short reply.

After a moment of silence where Buffy stopped to decide which way to go Adam questioned, “Don’t you have his cell number?”

Buffy scoffed, “I really don’t feel like arguing with your father over the phone.”

“You really don’t want to witness that. Buffy and John do not get along. He thinks she’s dangerous and she doesn’t like him because of the effect he has on Dean.” Dawn informed the youngest Winchester.

“That stuff from Bobby, you don’t use it to ward off a demon, you use it to summon one! You’re planning on bringing the demon here, aren’t you? Having some stupid macho showdown!” An unfamiliar voice shouted from a nearby room. Following her instinct, Buffy headed towards the source of the voice.

“I have a plan, Sam.” John’s voice could now be picked up.

“That’s exactly my point! Dean is dying, and you have a plan! You know what, you care more about killing this demon than you do about saving your own son!” the previous voice shouted.

Buffy motioned for Dawn and Adam to wait there and opened the door to the room. She guessed that the other voice would belong to Sammy, since Dean told her how rocky Sammy and John’s relationship was. She could relate to Sammy’s issues with him. It was just another thing she and Dean had disagreed on, though it usually led to hot make-up sex afterwards. Forcing thoughts of Dean and her away she watched the bearded man take notice of her entering the room. His eyes narrowed slightly.

“Buffy,” John spoke her name evenly. “What brings you here?”

“Dean,” Buffy answered shortly then proceeded to look to an empty space, she frowned and turned to look away only to feel the barest tingle on her Slayer senses. She gaze snapped back to the empty space.

Spirit Dean looked at his ex-girlfriend in wonder and amazement. “Buffy,” he breathed her name and watched her looking directly at him, like she could see him. “Buffy?” he questioned louder, “can you see me?” he watched her gazed snap back towards him. He saw her squint her eyes slightly, as if trying to see something but not seeing it. Or in this case him. But she somehow sensed him.

“Who are you?” Sam inquired, as he studied the short blonde.

“You must be Sammy. You really are as tall as a Dean described you.” Buffy answered, “I’m Buffy Summers.”

“She’s the Slayer,” John answered in a grunt.

A Slayer actually. There’s more than one now. But I am one of the original two.” Buffy corrected him.

Dean moved closer to Buffy who then stared at the empty space again.

Sam frowned, “Slayer? I thought those were myths and isn’t there supposed to be only one.”

Buffy turned back to Sam and waved his question off, “it’s a long story. So what exactly is wrong with Dean?”

John regarded her with skepticism, “And how, exactly, do you know Dean’s in trouble?”

“Slayer dream,” Buffy answered shortly. She was growing more and more impatient with the older man.

John snorted, “So now your demon essence gives you prophetic dreams as well.”

Buffy glared at the man, “I’ve had prophetic dreams since I was Called.”

“Demonic essence?” Sam questioned.

Buffy rolled her eyes, “It’s what was used to create the first Slayer. Don’t worry though, we only hurt baddies. Though I’m tempted to hurt your father if he doesn’t stop questioning me and just show me where Dean is already.”

“No, no, no. Guys! Don’t do this!” Dean shouted.

Buffy turned towards the open space again, “OK I’m getting some really weird vibes from this room. It almost feels like… someone else is here with us… Dean?”

Dean smiled and reached out to touch her cheek, his smile grew as he watched her shiver slightly.

“Dean? He’s here?” Sam questioned trying to feel what the blonde was.

Buffy gazed at the empty space before snapping out of it, “I think so. Where’s his body?”

“You can sense my son?” inquired John.

Buffy glanced at the older man, and held back the snappy retort. It wouldn’t do anyone any good and Dean never liked her and John arguing. She gave him a small nod instead, “I’m not entirely sure its him, but my gut tells me it is.” ‘Not to mention my heart’ Buffy stomped down that particular thought.

“Do you think you can help him?” Sam anxiously asked.

“I don’t know. But I’m sure as Hell gonna try,” answered Buffy as determination settled in her eyes.

Sam observed the short blonde, “You really care about my brother, don’t you?”

Buffy looked the tall man in the eye. “I guess I still do,” she answered after a while.

“For what it’s worth, my brother is an idiot for breaking your heart.” Sam told her.

Buffy gave him a sad smile. “Or he was just smart enough to get out of my life before it got him killed. No matter how much he hurt me, I don’t even want to think about how much it would have hurt if my life had gotten him killed.”

“Definitely an idiot,” Sam repeated under his breath.

John gazed at the blonde in wonder. She actually got it that her life was a danger to Dean? He’d tried to get that through Dean’s skull ever since he found out he had been dating her. Dean always said that The Demon was just as dangerous to her as her enemies were to him. In fact The Demon had been the reason why Dean had broken up with Buffy in the first place. Though it looked like he hadn’t told her that. The Demon had just killed Sam’s girlfriend and it had scared his son to the point he suspected the same was going to happen to Buffy and so broke up with her in order to protect her. The only reason he knew all of that was because of a voicemail message Dean had left him. Dean of course hadn’t gone into any specifics, just told him about Jessica and how he broken things off with Buffy before she would be its next victim.

“So… Dean’s room?” Buffy asked again, slightly impatient. Sam looked to his father out of habit before turning and gesturing for her to follow him to his brother’s room. It was obvious that Sam still had the training of going through his father first before acting.

“Yeah, OK.” John conceded with a sigh and proceeded to walk towards the door.

As he opened the door he came face to face with someone who should not be there. “Adam,” he breathed.

Adam looked at his father, “Hey Dad.”

“Dad?” Sam & Spirit Dean questioned simultaneously.

John looked at Adam and then at Sam not sure how to explain or even where to start. “What are you doing here, Adam?”

“I came with Buffy,” Adam answered as he glared at the man. “The whole keeping me in the dark about your Hunter life came to bite me in the ass when ghouls tried to kill me after killing mom. Buffy and Dawn saved me.”

John looked stricken at the thought his other son had been in danger and not at all prepared to handle it. He turned to the Slayer, “Thanks.”

“Hey, it’s my job.” Buffy responded with a shrug.

“Someone tell me what the Hell is going on! You’ve got another son!” Dean yelled forgetting no one could hear him.

“Dad! What the Hell is going on!” Sam demanded an explanation.

“Dad knocked my mom up and she didn’t tell him until much later. He apparently decided to keep me in the dark about you and Dean and the whole family business.” Adam explained.

As Sam tried to process this and everyone missed Dean glaring at his father, Dawn decided to break the silence. “Sam Winchester, I presume?” the man in question nodded and regarded the brunette woman. “I’m Dawn, Buffy’s sister. And this here is Adam Milligan. Your half brother.”

Sam looked the younger man over, “Nice to meet you.”

John regarded at how close Dawn and Adam were to one and other. He certainly didn’t miss Dawn holding his hand. “Are you two dating?” he cut in, making the two spring apart and blush red.

“Nice going, John.” Buffy told him and rolled her eyes.

Dean looked at his younger ‘brother’ and Dawn for a moment longer before smiling, “Nice going, Adam!” he congratulated his brother. He made to slap him on the back, but remembered his situation again.

Buffy turned to an empty space for a moment before turning to Sam, “So which room is Dean’s?”

Sam seemed to snap out of his stupor and appeared rather eager to be away from his younger brother and father. He needed time to process all of this.


When Sam and Buffy entered Dean’s hospital room, Buffy swallowed seeing him hooked up to all the machines. She forced herself to walk over to his side and sat on the bed beside him. She looked at his injured face and trailed a hand over the side of it. She forced back a sob in her throat and took his hand. She didn’t even notice Sam approaching her.

“The doctor says there’s still a chance he’ll recover. But he also says there’s a chance he won’t.” Sam told her and watched the previously strong woman nod and tears begin to form in her eyes.

“He’s hurt so bad,” Buffy spoke softly, trying to swallow past the lump in her throat.

“Come on Buffy, don’t cry. You know I hate it when you cry.” Dean pleaded with her as he attempted to grab her hand only to phase though it. At the same time Buffy grabbed Dean’s hand and gasped, feeling the world around her spin before the hospital room she had been in was replaced by a familiar vast desert.

Dean looked around at the vast desert surroundings. A young woman with dark hair made her way over to him. “What is this, Dean Winchester!” she demanded.

A dark skinned, primitive looking woman suddenly sprang between him and the dark haired woman. The dark skinned woman growled at the dark haired woman.

“This is none of your business, Slayer!” the dark haired woman told the dark skinned one.

“What’s going on!?” Dean demanded to know.

“Dean?” a voice inquired from behind.

Dean spun around and watched a familiar blonde approach him cautiously. “Buffy?” he questioned, “You can see me? Hear me?”

Buffy frowned, “Of course I can Winchester. This is my mind after all.” Buffy saw the First Slayer face off with some dark haired woman. “Who’s that?”

“Your mind? You mean this place is connected to the Slayer part of you?” Dean inquired.

Buffy nodded, “Yeah, that’s the first Slayer over there facing off with someone who wishes she could still pull off that dress. I mean, seriously! And what’s with those shoes!”

Dean chuckled, “Still keeping up with fashion I see.”

Buffy shrugged, “Well, I had to do something. Dawn won’t let me drive and she controls the radio.” Buffy pouted for a moment. “Fashion magazines are my only escape!”

“You’ve been on the road?” Dean questioned, surprised.

Before Buffy could answer, the dark haired woman spoke up, “you have no right to interfere, Slayer! Dean Winchester is either supposed to move on or remain a spirit! Eventually, he will become a vengeful one.”

“I think he’ll be going with option number three and keep living.” Dean told her.

“There is no option number three. Those are your only two choices.” The dark haired woman told her.

“Right, if that’s true then how come you seem so nervous. I think you’re lying. I think that would have been his choices, but now that he’s here I bet I’m somehow lending him my Slayer healing and that’s fixing his body right up.” Buffy guessed.

The dark haired woman snorted, “You’re half right. But you’re only connected, you’re not healing him. At least, not as long as she’s here,” she gestured to the First Slayer.

“OK First Slayer, could you go heal Dean’s body?” Buffy requested of the first of her line.

The First Slayer glanced at Buffy, “Just to kill.”

“Yeah, I’ll kill the bad thing corrupting our place while you go and heal Dean’s body and fix the connection between body and spirit.” Buffy replied.

“If she’s gone, isn’t your power gone as well?” Dean questioned just after the first Slayer disappeared.

Buffy looked at Dean and shrugged, “I have no idea. I once fought her in my dream and still had my powers. But in all honesty, I don’t come here much. This place can kind of… disturbing.””

“I can see why, I mean it’s kind of dull and lifeless.” Dean responded.

“Enough! I’m going to enjoy this!” The dark haired woman shouted as she rushed Buffy and Dean.

Buffy barely blocked the first punch but failed to block the next one and flew back crashing into the sand a few yards away.

“Buffy!” Dean yelled and turned to the dark haired woman, “You’re going down bitch!”

As Dean and the woman traded blows Buffy had gotten back on her feet just in time to watch Dean sailing through the air and landing in the sand a couple of feet away from her.

Buffy sprinted towards the woman and somersaulted over her, the woman turned around but was too late to dodge or block the roundhouse kick Buffy delivered into her stomach. The woman stumbled back a bit and Buffy continued to press on the fight. Trading punches and kicks with the woman she hid a smile as she spotted Dean sneaking up behind the woman.

Dean grabbed the woman by the head and quickly snapped her neck. As the lifeless body dropped on the sand, the sand hungrily began to swallow the woman’s form up.

“Looks like you still got it,” Buffy commented with a smile.

Dean raised an eyebrow questionably, “You ever doubted me?”

Buffy shook her head, a smile forming on her lips and was about to reply when her slayer instinct kicked in and she shoved Dean out of the way in a dive. Together they tumbled down a dune and rolled to a stop at the bottom, Dean on top of Buffy.

“Jesus woman! Just couldn’t wait to jump my bones, huh?” Dean questioned.

Buffy rolled her eyes and turned his head towards where they were previously, the dark haired woman was standing there glaring at them. Dean noticed she was about to move towards them and quickly got to his feet and pulled Buffy with him.

As the dark haired woman drew closer she suddenly stopped and glared at the dark skinned woman standing before her. “You may win this round Slayer, Winchester. But you’ll still die eventually.”

“Really, that’s your parting words?” Buffy questioned earning her a hard glare from the dark haired woman. “Been dead twice, there’s nothing to it. Heaven’s actually really nice.”

The dark haired woman clenched her fists and let out an angered shout of frustration before simply disappearing in a dark fog.

The first Slayer turned towards them and gazed from Buffy to Dean. With a nod, Buffy’s world began to swirl again.

Buffy blinked as she realized she was back in the hospital room, a worried Sam hovering over her.

“Buffy? You back now?” Sam questioned just before the alarms of the machines around the bed started sounding off. A nurse rushed in, took one look at the displays on the machines and ran to the door. “Help! Somebody help!”

Soon other nurses and a doctor came rushing in. Buffy was pushed away from Dean and watched from a few feet away as they worked to remove the tube from his throat. Absently Buffy noticed John, Adam and Dawn standing near the doorway also watching.

As Dean coughed to clear his throat and the obstruction jammed there was finally removed, he blinked and looked around. The doctor was asking him something but his eyes were searching around the room until they landed on, “Buffy.” He said hoarsely.

Buffy moved over to his side, “Hi, welcome back.”

Dean just looked at her for a moment, but before he could say anything Sam appeared by her side and began to ask him and the doctor questions. Buffy motioned that she’d come back to see him later and started to leave, only for his hand to stop her by grabbing her wrist. She looked at him questioningly and he just gave her a tired smile before he struggled into a sitting position over the doctors protests and pulled Buffy over the bed and on to his lap. When she was close enough, he closed the distance between them and kissed her.

Buffy gasped in surprise, but Dean only took advantage of that to deepen the kiss. Buffy soon felt herself melting and responded, kissing him back while wrapping her arms around his neck, pulling him closer. Neither noticed the others leaving the two alone.

God how she had missed this, missed him. When they pulled apart she felt something warm make its way down her cheek. Dean’s thumb brushed over her tear and wiped it away. “I missed you.” He told her.

“You broke up with me,” Buffy accused him.

“I got scared that The Demon was gonna get you after it got Jessica.” Dean answered at Buffy’s confused look he elaborated, “Sam’s girlfriend.”

“I’m a Slayer, Dean. It’s what I do. I can take care of myself.” Buffy reminded him. He nodded.

“Forgive me?” he questioned.

“I don’t know.” Buffy replied honestly. Seeing his defeated look and knowing she still loved the man in front of her she added. “You’ll have to work for it, Dean. Trust takes time.”

Dean nodded, knowing she was right. He hadn’t trusted her before in his attempt to protect her. He’d have to earn back her trust, which wouldn’t be easy. But Dean Winchester wasn’t a quitter and he was determined to have her back. He simply couldn’t leave her again. It almost destroyed him the first time.

~ Fin ~

The End

You have reached the end of "Dean’s Ex". This story is complete.

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