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Go East Young Man

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Summary: Oz travels across the world looking for a way to control his inner wolf meeting many interesting characters.

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Multiple Crossings > Oz-CenteredziliFR1322,019061,76917 Dec 0920 Dec 09No

Chapter 2

A/N: Oz runs into a bit of a trouble while in Vegas.


By the time Oz had reached Los Vegas, he realized he had no set plan. No idea where or how he was going to find a means of controlling his inner wolf. Honestly Giles probably had the best set of books he could have looked through. But he wasn't going back, not till he had control. Which meant he needed to find an internet cafe. He also didn't have that much money. He had been on a full scholarship for college, so he hadn't been working much other than the odd gig here and there. But most of the dingoes money had gone to their equipment. So that also meant he needed to find a way of money as well. But for the moment he still had enough to get by, so that made finding the internet cafe first priority.

It took Oz about an hour before he managed to find an internet cafe in Vegas. Once there it didn't take him long to start searching. There was plenty of occult sites however most of them were crap. He sighed and leaned back into his chair. What he really needed was an actual library versed more in occult than anything else. He leaned back to the computer and wrote a quick program searching for what he'd need and getting rid of all the crap sites. Hopefully he would be left with only a few places to check out. Once he set that running, he looked around the cafe again.

There were only four other people in the store besides the owner and one other worker named Moe. Two of the other people were completely focused on their screens. And one was undoubtedly looking at porn. The other two were whispering to each other. And they kept glancing at the cashier. They were both skinny teenagers however they were wearing baggy coats. One of the boys had his hand in his pocket and was clutching something. Oz was getting a bad feeling. He also wasn't the only one, Moe was looking at the two kids with a bit of concern. He looked like he was about to tell the owner something when the other man left the store.

His computer beeped getting his attention. It had three locations. He printed out directions to the closet library and the main website to the other two. He was standing by the printer when it happened. The boys jumped up both brandishing pistols.

“No body move!” One of the kids shouted. He was the taller of the two and unlike the other his hands weren't shaking.

Oz tucked his map into his back pocket. The guy who had been looking at porn looked like he was going to pass out. The other man had his phone behind his back and seemed to be dialing. Only he did not seem to realize that there was a mirror showing exactly what he was doing and the teenagers were about to look that way. Oz raised his hand.

“I said don't move!” The tall boy shouted again.

“Can I sit down?” Oz asked.


“Well if this is going to take a while, can I sit down?” He motioned to a computer by the door, and also away from the guy with the cell. “Over there away from the porn. That guy is looking at something freaky.” The two teenagers had their backs to the cashier now as well. Oz saw Moe clutching the end of something wooden. Moe was a muscular man, who if he had a bat in his hand, could probably disable the two teenagers with one swing. Oz raised an eyebrow at him while saying, “I mean some things should not be imagined.”

Moe moved out from behind the counter slowly. The man with the cell phone noticed and tried to shake his head without moving. The boy shoved his gun against Oz's temple. “Sit down and shut the f--” He and the boy beside him fell to the ground as the bat slammed against their heads.

“Thanks.” Oz said and then walked towards the door.

“Hey where are you going?” The cell phone man asked.

He paused before walking back to the counter. He placed a ten dollar bill by the cash register. “Right, sorry.” Oz said. Then he preceded once more to the door.

This time the man stepped in front of Oz. “You can't go anywhere. The police are on their way.” Oz evaluated the man blocking his path. He was a muscular guy, a bit taller than Oz, with short brown hair. He glanced down at the man's waist and saw an id badge, Nick Stokes. “Unless you have a problem with cops?”

“Fine.” Oz sighed. He slung off the back pack that he had on his shoulder.

“Hey what are you doing?” Nick took a step back.

Oz tossed him a rolled of duct tape from his bag. Nick looked at him in confusion. Oz nodded his head at the two prone individuals. “Assuming they're still alive and might wake up.”

“Right. Thanks.” Nick said. He quickly checked on the two would be robbers. Both who were still alive although with quite a big bump on each of their heads. Then he duct taped their hands behind their backs. Nick checked on Moe who was still clutching the bat only he had found somewhere to sit down. The other person in the cafe had gone back to his computer and Nick avoided him after seeing his screen. Which led him back to Oz who had also gone back to a computer. He handed back the roll of tape.

“You sure I can't go?” Oz asked again once his bag was back on his shoulder.

Nick crossed his arms. “Yes.”

Oz suddenly pointed behind him, “Look a distraction!”

“Seriously?” Nick continued to stare at Oz who shrugged.

“It's worked before.”

“Hey guy, these kids are waking up.”

Nick turned around to check on the robbers. They were both still unconscious. He looked back to Moe who gave him a lopsided grin. He quickly turned back to where Oz was. He was gone.

“It takes two people to make it work.” Oz said from where he was holding the door open for the police to come in. Then he started to slowly walk out the door.

Nick just sighed in frustration, “Will somebody grab that kid.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Go East Young Man" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Dec 09.

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