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Go East Young Man

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Summary: Oz travels across the world looking for a way to control his inner wolf meeting many interesting characters.

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Multiple Crossings > Oz-CenteredziliFR1322,019061,76917 Dec 0920 Dec 09No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or any of the other characters that I will be using. And there will probably be a lot. So I'll state the generic I don't own anything.

A/N: In answer to the At Odds with Oz challenge. The first people that Oz meets on his path to finding how to control his wolf are … supernatural.


Oz had been driving for hours. He had to get away from Sunnydale, from Willow, from everything. Except what he was really running from was attached to himself. There was no escape. But Oz was going to find a solution. He could control his wolf. He just had to find a way. No matter how far he had to go he would find one.

Oz was startled as his van suddenly died. Apparently first he would have to find a gas station. It was a foggy night and Oz was on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. He was far enough off the road that he wouldn't get hit by anyone. So he climbed into the back of his van where he could sleep out the night. Tomorrow morning he'd try to find a gas station.

Oz had only been asleep for a few minutes when blaring classic rock music woke him up. It was also accompanied by a loud engine and squealing tires as a car pulled off the road.

Oz sat up slowly listening. The car was turned off and so was the music. He heard murmured voices meaning that the car wasn't too far from him. Soon the voices disappeared into the night but the car didn't start up again.

Oz got out of his van cautiously. He had to walk a few feet down the road before he even saw the car that had driven past him. The car was empty but Oz had some hope that maybe there would be a filled gas can. He felt around the back of the car before popping the trunk. He raised an eyebrow at the contents. The entire trunk was filled to the brim with weapons, mostly guns. However tucked into the corner was a gas can.

Oz thought carefully about stealing gas from unknown gun toting people until he heard shouts. He slammed the trunk back down and moved quietly towards the voices. It was two males shouting accompanied by an inhumanly screech that sounded slightly female.

He came upon a graveyard. One man was in an open grave with a shovel while the other man had a shotgun. He kept shooting an older woman covered in blood. Every time he shot her, she disappeared and then reappeared. 'So probably a ghost.' Oz thought to himself.

"Hurry it up Sammy." The man with the shotgun yelled.

Sammy just grunted and continued digging. He threw the shovel out of the grave followed by a large plank of wood. He jumped out and grabbed a container of salt and a box of matches. The other man turned a fraction too late and the woman managed to shoulder chuck him into a tree. "Dean." The woman turned to Sam and started moving. Dean looked like he was out.

Oz had steadily been moving closer to them. He snatched the gun off the ground. He shot the woman when she was an inch away from Sammy. Just enough time for him to throw salt and a lit match into the grave. The body went up in flames and so did the woman when she tried to reappear again.

Sammy rushed over to Dean. He tried to wake him up but the man was down for the count. Sammy looked at Oz still holding the gun. “Thanks. I'm Sam. Are you a hunter?"

"Some nights. But I'm trying to quit." Oz handed the gun back to Sammy. “Oz.” He noticed Dean's eyes flutter open and then close again.

"What are you doing out here?"

"I ran out of gas." Oz shrugged.

Sammy tried to pick up Dean. "Tell you what, Dean's got a gas can in the trunk. You help me get him back to the car and its all yours." Oz nodded before going to Dean's other side. They grunted with effort as they dragged him back to the car. "I've got to stop buying him burgers and pies." Sammy said as they shoved him into the backseat. Then he went to trunk and handed Oz the gas can.

Sammy followed Oz as he filled up his van's tank. "So what all do you hunt?" Oz wondered.

"Anything that tries to hurt people." Sammy shrugged.

"What do you know about werewolves?" He handed Sammy back the gas can.

"Off the top of my head? Just what the movies say. I've never had to deal with a werewolf. But the internet is a beautiful thing."

"Yeah free porn." Dean said from behind Sammy making him jump. "Thanks for the assist dude." He said to Oz.

Sammy groaned, "You were awake the whole time weren't you?"

"It was a long walk." Dean smirked. "But as for werewolves. There's no cure. It's a virus that spreads from the bite to bite. Three nights a month that person is no longer a person just another evil son of a bitch. I've met three werewolves. Two of them had to be put down but the third one actually found a way to keep himself locked up those nights." He stated somberly.

Oz climbed back into his van and lowered the window. "Never heard of a reformed werewolf? One who didn't change at the full moon."

Dean shook his head. “But we deal mostly with ghosts more than anything else.” Sam said. “Why do you need help with a werewolf?”

Oz started his van, "Nah just need help reforming."

“Oh.” Sam's eyes widened a bit. Then he pulled out a piece of paper and wrote down something on it. “Here you ever need help, call us.”

“Thanks.” Oz said before pulling away. Before he got to far away he heard,

“Dude did you just hit on a werewolf?”
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