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Random Musings from Starbuck

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Summary: Kara Thrace's random musings on making it to Earth, and the changes she goes through, in my BSG/BtvS cross AU

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Television > Battlestar Galactica(Current Donor)ClavellFR131668051,16117 Dec 0917 Dec 09Yes
No, I don't own anything from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Battlestar Galactica, I believe that Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy and Glen Larson/Ron Moore/Universal own them, respectively, I am not trying to make any money off of them, and all rights with regards to anything from either show remain with them, not me.


Kara Thrace's random musings on Earth, becoming a Slayer, and all the other changes she's gone through, in my Battlestar Galactica 2003/Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover AU. Note: There may be spoilers for the story I'm still working on.



If you had asked me 6 months ago what I thought about Earth, I'd have told you that, according to legend, it was a paradise, where we would meet up with our missing 13th tribe and find peace. It was a major shock to find out that it was neither a paradise, home to the 13th tribe, or peaceful. Instead, I find out the place is infested with literal demons, the 13th tribe managed to kill themselves off on another planet they found that they called Earth, and the various nations of Earth have nearly managed to kill each other off a few times themselves. And for me, personally, the biggest shock came within seconds of jumping the Galactica into Earth's solar system, jazzed on adrenaline and fear, and getting this *massive* rush of images: a short, tiny, blonde fighting these... freaks, armed with nothing more than a short wooden stick; a taller, dark-haired girl beheading a green-skinned monster; this body-painted primitive girl fighting a variety of monsters with nothing more than her bare hands and feet; about 2 dozen more such scenes, with the girl being different each time; and this voice asking me "Are you ready to be strong?". Me, being the idiot I am, of course answered "Yes!" (adrenaline and fear are great at overriding your logical thought processes and common sense), and the next thing I know, I snap the jump key in Galactica's FTL control panel off in my hand while Laura Roslin is asking me "Where have you taken us, Kara Thrace?". The next words out of my mouth were "I don't have a frakking clue, Laura, and, Boss? Something really freaky just happened to me", as I held up the sheared-clean jump key remains for the Old Man to see. It only got worse when I pushed myself up from the FTL console to stand up, and I left an impression of my left hand in the console, and I totally freaked out, asking "What the frak is wrong with me??? Am I a Cylon now??? Am I losing it even more than I already have???". And then the big shock: the specialist at the comm center reported that he was picking up wireless traffic, and it wasn't Colonial or Cylon. In the midst of *that* shock, the Old Man ordered a Raptor out to get the rest of the fleet here ASAP, ordered me to sick bay to wait for Cottle to figure out what the frak was up with me, and clamped down a complete shutdown of any outgoing wireless traffic, while he tried to figure out what was up. After Cottle confirmed that I wasn't a Cylon (again), and after running a battery of pysical tests, he told me that I was roughly about 10 times stronger than any normal human, about 2-3 times as fast, had "incredible" reflexes", could hear a normal conversation
from the far end of the flight deck, and could read a book from across the room. Then the *really* big shock: three women (one of them the tiny blonde, another the dark-haired girl, and the third a tall red-head) and two men (one of them, younger, missing his left eye and the other, older, wearing glasses) simply *appeared* in the Old Man's cabin while we were discussing the changes I'd gone through pysically. And then they began to speak... but that discussion is for another day.

The End

You have reached the end of "Random Musings from Starbuck". This story is complete.

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