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The Assistant ME

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Summary: A Sunnydale native finds life and love in Toronto. Warning - contains slash.

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Television > Forever KnightAppleOfBloodFR1821,351053,38131 Oct 031 Nov 03No

American Pie

Spoilers: Post-the Night in Question for Forever Knight, Post-Graduation pt. 2 for Buffy the Vampire Slayer

A/N: Slightly OOC for Buffy, mostly done for expediency's sake. I know that the timelines for the two series do not match up, so I have made a few changes. This takes place seven years after season three of Buffy and during the third season of Forever Knight.

Chapter 2: American Pie

~ Title from a song by Don McClean

That was his first close encounter with the supernatural. I would not be the last. Over the course of that year and the following one he would come face to face with a number of vampires and other demons. Thankfully his years of Muay Thaiboxing stood him well, ensuring he would survive long enough to get to either his house or that of one of his friends'. He even took to carrying a stake in his coat pocket as a form of protection.

Michael would later learn that many of his schoolmates knew of the slayer and of vampires. One event would always stand out to him and the rest of the graduating class of '99, graduation day. On that day Michael, the slayer, and the all of their classmates fought the Mayor and his army of vampire compatriots for the safety of the world. Many students and citizens of Sunnydale lost their lives that day, but in the end the tide of the battle turned towards them, culminating in a series of explosions that reduced the high school to rubble.

Unfortunately his parents, who had come to see him graduate, died during the fighting. With nothing further to tie him to his hometown Michael decided to attend Stanford for Pre-Med. Always an intelligent student, he excelled in his studies there. With the inheritance form his parents he never went hungry, constantly immersing himself in what he wanted to become his life's work.

Now he was in Toronto working through his internship in the field of pathology. Many people from Sunnydale would be surprised to see him now. Given his shoulder-length brown hair with sun-bleached highlights most would have figured him for modeling or acting. Indeed the hair in combination with his spring green eyes, tanned skin, and toned body had made several modeling agencies come calling at his door. Instead he decided to put his life to better use.

In the end Michael decided that northern California was not far enough away from Sunnydale. That is how he ended up interning at the Toronto Metropolitan Coroner's Office. After seeing Toronto he was amazed at how different it was from what he imagined a city that size to be. The only thing bad about working at the Coroner's Office was that his apartment was several miles away. Normally the walk did him good, he didn't have to spend money on gas and the exercise kept him in shape. However on the two days a week that he had to work the night shift, the walk became an arduous journey fraught with danger. With that thought in his head Michael quickened his step.

Twenty minutes later he arrived at his place of work wondering what new puzzles would roll through the doors. In a city as large as Toronto there were always new bodies awaiting his inspection. Currently it was his job to bag and tag all articles of clothing and personal effects found on the bodies that came in, then to prepare the body for autopsy. That meant he had to strip the bodies, place them on the tables, and roll them into the autopsy room or into the fridge. Not exactly the glamorous life he thought it would be. But then again he did occasionally get to assist Dr. Lambert in performing the autopsies.

Michael was getting out sterile instruments for the autopsy Dr. Lambert was going to do when a tall, solidly built blonde man walked into the room.

"Excuse me, but can you tell me where Natalie is?" he asked.

"She should be in to work up this body in a few minutes, would you like to wait?" Michael answered.

"Sure, I don't mind - I'm off duty right now. Detective Nicholas Knight, at your service", Nick replied while giving a short bow – eyes never leaving Michael.

Extending a hand Michael said "Michael Langston, intern-extraordinaire."

Nick smiled - something he rarely did among strangers. 'I like this young man. Witty and gorgeous too', he thought. "I haven't seen you around here before, when did you start working with Natalie?" Nick inquired.

"Only a few months ago, even so I usually work days", Michael said – unconsciously leaning towards the detective.

It was then that Natalie walked into the autopsy room. 'Men' she thought to herself, softly chuckling.

~ Cyber cookies to anyone who figures out the chapter's title.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Assistant ME" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Nov 03.

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