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The Assistant ME

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Summary: A Sunnydale native finds life and love in Toronto. Warning - contains slash.

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Television > Forever KnightAppleOfBloodFR1821,351053,38031 Oct 031 Nov 03No

Strawberry Fields Forever

Disclaimer- I do not own Forever Knight or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or the characters, ideas, or concepts contained therein. Micheal is my own creation, any resemblance to a currently existing person, fictional or otherwise, is completely unintentional.

A/N: All suggestions and criticisms are both welcomed and encouraged.

Chapter 1: Strawberry Fields Forever

~Title of chapter from a member of the Beatles

Every once in a while Micheal looked back over his shoulder to check that nothing was behind him. Having grown up in Sunnydale he was never too careful of his surroundings.

‘I’m too paranoid”, he admonished himself. He had to continually remind himself that Toronto was nothing like his hometown. As a member of the venerable Sunnydale High’s class of ‘99 he knew all too well that the things that go bump in the night were more than just fairy tales to give children nightmares. Even as a child he knew that there waas something definitely wrong with a town whose biggest industries were funeral homes and tombstone manufacturers. However if wasn’t until high school that he realized precisely what the problem was.

He was walking home from a night at the Bronze one night when …



Micheal was distracted from where he was going by thoughts of the upcoming French midterm exam.

“Why do we have to learn French? I mean this is southern California! Shouldn’t we be learning Spanish or something”, he mused aloud.

All of a sudden two dirty looking thugs stepped out of one of Sunnydale’s many dark alleys.

“What do we have here? A living, breathing bloodmobile just for little old us. Chad, what say we treat ourselves to dinner”, the cleaner of the two said.

“Well Kyle, I think that an excellent proposition. Seeing as how it delivered itself to us”, responded Chad.

Just as they were about to lunge for Micheal a petite blonde teenager leaped down from the fire escape above them to land between Micheal and the two vampires.

“You weren’t going to start the party without me, now were you? Surely you guys know by now how much I hate being left out of the festivities”, the blonde asked with a quizzical smile on her face.

Without further warning the vampires, Chad and Kyle, lumbered Frankenstien-like at the blonde. She easily knocked both out of the way from the frozen Micheal. At the same time she pulled out a sharpened piece of wood out of her leather jacket pocket. She immediately set out kicking and punching the two hapless vampires. In practically no time at all she had the stake at the heart of Kyle, turning him into dust. Seeing his compatriot get dusted Chad lost no time in running the opposite direction.

“I wish all vamps would go away that quickly. Hi there, I’m Buffy by the way”, the blonde spoke while helping Micheal off of the ground where he had landed when he had been run over by the fleeing vampire.

“Thank you Buffy. What are you? Forgive my rudeness, I’m Micheal”, he said extending a hand to Buffy.

“Nice to meet you Micheal. I’m a vampire slayer. As Giles would say ‘To every generation is born a slayer. One girl with the strength and skill to protect to protect the world from vampires and other creatures of the darkness’, or some thing like that”, she responded. “Anyway for future reference, may I suggest staying away from blind alleyways. They are not the safest places in this town.”

“Of course, I shall take your advice to heart. Well I must be off now. Hope I see you at school or something.” With that Micheal headed home, his mind full of the things he had just seen.

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