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2 Fast 2 Furious

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Fast and Furious Slayer". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Where we see Mia and Faith in Cleveland and what really happened to Monica Reyes after she finished helping Brian bring down Carter Verona. (2 Fast 2 Furious movie)

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Movies > Fast and the Furious, TheShulikFR1312,822052,89719 Dec 0919 Dec 09Yes
Disclaimer: Universal Pictures and Rob Cohen own the Fast and Furious franchise.
Whedon and Kuzui Enterprises are responsible for the Buffyverse which includes the lovely Faith.

Alright, because you guys requested a sequel to Home- I've decided to make it a part of a series.
There will be two intermediate stories that deal with 2 Fast 2 Furious& Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift before we get into my large sequel to Home which will cover the fourth Fast and Furious movie.

I know the movie was sort of ambiguous about whether or not Brian hooked up with Monica, but I'm pretty sure they did. Their vibeage was definitely of the sexy time variety.

Please review! And vote on the following.
Do you want to see Leon paired off when gets out of jail?
And if so, with who? I'm thinking that Dawn would be a good choice for him, she's a loud mouth with nerdy tendencies- she'll be good for his post-prison sulkiness, plus she'll definitely get off on his bad boy vibes. She's grown up with Angel and Spike as babysitters, she's *bound* to be into the whole danger thing.

Dawn’s research is not going well at all, the books on Gr’valniks are notoriously hard to come by- and Giles’s collection seems awfully skimpy these days. She turns up her radio, partly to tune out the sounds of slayers training in the backyard, partly to annoy Andrew on the first floor who’s cooking right underneath her. She smiles as she hears him bang his broom on the ceiling, it’s awesome- kind of like annoying your crotchety old gay uncle with a penchant for sci fi and a huge crush on Picard.

Her phone beeps, she smiles as she sees Faith’s name on the display. The text message abruptly steals the smile off her face though as she reads ‘I’m coming to HQ in an hour, get Willow ASAP, tell her to put a tracking glamour on me and my bloodline. Will finally introduce everyone to Mia.’

Dawn immediately dials Willow’s private line, the one used for emergencies and Council summons. The wicca’s in the Himalayas, communing with nature- an activity she’s been doing more and more lately, these days the Scoobies think that she’d probably go into a permanent retreat in the Himalayan monasteries. Something about the earth being more silent without big cities around.

“Dawnie?” the redhead answers.

“It’s Faith, she’s coming- she’ll need you,” Dawn says.

“I’ll be there in ten minutes,” and Willow hangs up.

There’s really not a lot of negotiating, Faith’s one of them these days. She’s been gone for two months, living back with her family, getting back in touch with her roots. It was a huge surprise to everybody involved when they found out that Faith was an LA girl born and bred, most of her stories were of Boston- never California. Dawn’s the only one out of them that knows even a little bit about Faith’s past, about her twin sister, about her big brother. About their dead parents.

A car flies through their driveway, past the house, into the backyard covered garage. Dawn recognizes Faith’s driving style, it’s like all the demons of hell are after them- which could be a definite possibility considering the fact that Willow’s in the living room with incense cleansing the atmosphere.

Dawn shuts the front door behind her as she exits the big Victorian mansion, Cleveland House is full of only the oldest slayers- those with over a year’s experience on the fight. This Hellmouth is relatively quiet, nothing like good ol’ Sunny D, but they still can’t be too cautious.

The garage door slams down as two brunettes exit, carrying suitcases and bags. Dawn starts walking towards Faith, the older girl is tired she can see. Her eyes are dull, and her hair is tied back- something that Faith rarely does outside of an apocalypse. She’s dark bronze, her arms are more muscled- and Dawn can clearly see her Latin ancestry. The taller brunette must be Mia, she’s skinnier than Faith, has less curves. She’s beautiful in her own way though, long straight black hair and dark brown eyes. She’s darker than Faith, which sort of fits into what the slayer has told Dawn about her ancestry. Their mom was from Peru and their dad was Cuban, the twins don’t look anything alike- Mia is the spitting image of their mom, and Faith like their brother Dominic looks like their dad.

“You okay?” Dawn softly questions.

The exhausted Faith shakes her head.

“Kay, Wills is in the living room,” Dawn turns to Mia, “hi I’m Dawn. I’m sorry we couldn’t meet under different circumstances.”

Faith’s sister smiles gingerly as she shakes the held out hand, “its okay. I’m glad that you agreed to do this for us on such short notice.”

Dawn shrugs as she takes one of the bags off Mia, “eh- Faith’s one of us, we’re used to emergencies on short notice.”

They slowly trudge into the house, it smells like lavender and something unnamed in the air.

Faith drops her bags on the floor near the kitchen and heads into the living room, she motions for Mia to follow her.

Willow is sitting cross legged inside a pentagram, her eyes are pure white as she eyes the girls.

“What’s going on?” she asks Faith with a raised eyebrow. They may be allies now, but she still doesn’t like the girl in front of her. Faith sets her teeth on edge; she’s too much attitude, too much leather and violence.

The slayer in the room crosses her arms in front of her as she slowly surveys Willow’s magical implements, her gaze eventually lands back on the redhead.

“You know that thing I did for you and Kennedy in New York?” she asks with her head tilted to the side.

Willow swallows loudly, Faith had helped them out of a really tight spot in New York. Not exactly legal, but the other girl had the right connections and none of them wanted the information coming back to the rest of the group.


Faith’s grin is a little bit feral, the exhaustion in her eyes is clear as she bares her teeth “I’m calling in the favor. I want an alibi for me and my sister.”

This is how Willow, the red witch learns yet another little piece of the puzzle that is Faith. She meets her twin sister, the gentle and beautiful Mia.

This is also how the aforementioned Mia meets the other side of her sister’s life and learns about the ‘wonderful’ world of magic and demons.

Fuck this shit! Monica is tired of being used for others deals, tired of having to rely on some pencil dicked assholes to pull her out in time. She almost got killed but had to be rescued by Brian and the Roman guy. What would happen next time? Her esteemed colleagues almost left her to die because they were sure that she had gone over to Verona’s side. Monica’s exhausted, the day’s taken it’s toll on her- it started so promisingly too, with morning sex and hot coffee and now she was breaking all the speed limits as she raged about getting screwed over by her job.

She licks her lips as she drives up to her apartment; maybe it’s time for her to switch careers. She pulls into the parking lot of her building and sits in the dark of her car for five minutes before she reaches into her purse and rummages for the card that Rosie had given her before she left for Cleveland. She had been there when Rose Greenwood, her former partner was called as a slayer. They both had gone to the newly set up Council headquarters to verify the fact that they weren’t being recruited by psychos and loonies. Rosie was officially stationed in Scotland, sent Monica emails every week and was generally very satisfied with her lot in life. The last time the two friends talked Rosie had said something about the Council constantly recruiting new watchers, especially those that came from law enforcement backgrounds.

Monica sits for a while before she dials the number on the card and schedules an interview for the morning.

She dials the airline and gets a ticket for the next flight out of Miami.

Mia’s laughing as she spins in the kitchen, Andrew leans against the opposite counter as he recounts one of his stories from Sunnydale. This is the tale of how Faith came across Spike in the cemetery as she got back into town after LA.

She’s pretty happy here in Cleveland, a month has passed after their run from the LA cops. The first week that her sister had spent getting her acquainted with the more dangerous part of life- she was in continuous shock, sure that this was an elaborate joke. It took Dom, calling to check in on his sisters to reassure her that what Faith said was real and very much a part of their lives.

But now that Mia knows? She’s not going to let Faith go on dealing with this by herself. She always has a snack ready for her sister and her slayer team after they get back from patrol, she’s learned how to properly clean weapons and she’s a mean hand with a first aid kit. Mia can wield a mean needle, she’ll patch you up and sew back your blouse together in the same hour. She may not be supernaturally talented, but Mia’s going do whatever she can to share Faith’s burden.

She smiles as she takes out the tray with chocolate chip cookies that she knows the slayers will inhale as soon as they come home. And sure enough, Buffy’s the first one in the kitchen as she breathes in the cookie aromas.

“You’re a godsend Mia, how come Faith never got any of the cooking genes?” the blonde moans as she licks her finger clean from the melted chocolate chips.

Spike saunters in from the basement, all sleepy lids and tousled peroxide white hair. He eyes Buffy’s licking of her fingers and his eyes light up with badly concealed lust.

“Bloody hell slayer, warn a bloke before you get all pornographic with the melted chocolate,” he leers.

Mia laughs as she puts some cookies on a plate for him, she reaches into the fridge for his blood and puts into the microwave. She’s pretty much managed to learn everybody’s habits in the house, her nurturing side is definitely going all out trying to feed the teenage slayers and the survivors of the LA apocalypse. Spike, Angel, Illyria and Gunn had shown up in Cleveland two weeks before the sisters, all badly battered and weary they declared that the Circle of Black Thorn was gone.

The microwave dings, and Mia takes out the cup full of pigs’ blood. She hands it to Spike with his cookies almost mindlessly as she looks at her watch.

Buffy pokes her side, “relax, she’ll be fine. Polgaras are dumb as oxes, plus she has a full team for backup.”

The dark haired girl sighs, “I know, I still worry. I just got her back, there’s no way in hell I’m loosing her.”

The small slayer hugs Mia on instinct, there’s just something about Faith’s sister that’s so pure. So innocent. She has Faith’s spirit, her feistiness and yet she’s a total mom. She worries about her sister patrolling and yet doesn’t blink an eye at warming up the blood for Spike and Angel. In fact, she seems to take solace in taking care of the two vampires.
“How come you’re so comfy with the blood drinking?” Buffy asks her.

Mia slowly wipes the counter with the checkered towel, “they have to survive somehow right? And I’m used to cooking weird foods for guys at all hours of the night,” her voice drops, “I really miss it actually.”

Spike’s smirk drops as he takes in her genuine distress, “have you heard from big brother then?”

Mia nods, “yeah, he’s good, they’re thinking about going to Asia, maybe Japan.”

Everybody knows that Willow had to create an alibi for Mia and Faith, they know that they were involved in something illegal- but when Buffy asked her sister slayer whether anybody got hurt, the only answer she got was ‘one of us did, no innocents.’

And that’s enough for now, because the sisters came in weary and exhausted. Because Buffy and Giles knew what it was like to break the law to protect your family.

Mia abruptly changes the subject as she eyes Buffy’s sharp attire, “so why are you so dressed up?”

“Oh,” the blonde laughs as she smoothes her beautiful knee length skirt with an embroidered bird on the bottom, “I have an interview for a watcher today. One of our slayers in Scotland, Rose, she recommended her. The woman, Monica, she knows exactly what’s out there and she used to be in law enforcement. She knows how to fight, use weapons. We can really train her, so I’m pretty excited about this.”

Mia smiles, she knows the lack of decent watchers has been really hard on the Council, so she definitely shares the enthusiasm that there might be a really good future watcher coming to apply for a job.

The doorbell rings and Buffy gasps, “Oh god, she’s here! What if she doesn’t like us? What if she thinks we’re just big freaks that have no business running the Council?”

Mia grins as she goes to open the door while the slayer has a small freak out, “chill B, it’ll be good.”

Buffy straightens up at that and snorts, “now I *know* that you and Faith share the same genes.”

There is a beautiful woman standing outside, she’s a little bit shorter than Mia, has long honey colored hair and dark brown eyes. She’s tan, obviously has Hispanic roots and has a big gorgeous smile.

“Hi, I’m Mia! Welcome,” she steps back careful not to issue a verbal invitation. It’s daylight, but these days you can never be sure.

The woman goes inside and holds out her hand, “Monica Reyes, I’m here for the interview with Miss Summers.”

Mia motions the blonde who’s emerging from the kitchen with Spike in tow, “this is miss Buffy Summers, I’ll leave you guys to it.”

Spike eyes the new arrival with a curious look in his eyes as Buffy introduces herself to Monica.

He takes Mia’s hand as she tries to get past him, “hey pet? D’you mind a personal question?”

Mia honestly likes Spike, he’s truthful, funny and dirtily sarcastic in that way she misses about the crew. He’s British, no LA intonations around him and yet he’s like a combination of Vince, Leon and surprisingly Jesse.

“Sure,” she smiles at him.

Spike looks at the retreating back of the woman who’s following Buffy, “pet, if I knew something about the bloke you were with before you came here- would you want to know?”

Mia’s startled as she looks at him, she had never talked about Brian with anyone outside of Faith.

Spike shrugs, “vampire nose- I could smell a man on your skin as soon as you came through door, that's why I never hit on you. Plus I was reasonably sure that Faith would rip out my intestines.Question remains,do you want to know about him?”

There is a pause and then Mia answers, “sure, it can’t be any shittier than what I already knew about him.”

Spike pauses.

“The new watcher woman, the woman the slayer’s interviewing- I’m pretty sure she’s just had sex with the same guy you were with.”

And that? That’s the sound of Mia’s already shattered heart breaking into more pieces. She pales as she turns away from him, only managing to utter a quick “thank you for telling me,” before she has to exit the house. She needs air, she need to feel the breeze on her skin. She needs to be where there are no other people.

He told her he loved her, he told her that she was everything. And now? Only a stupid, measly little month after the blow up in LA- Brian’s already sleeping with somebody new.

Mia’s dazed as she goes to the backyard that the slayers usually use as their outside training ground, it’s wide and spacious and more importantly, there’s plenty of hiding space to get away from prying teenage eyes.

Mia’s numb as she bends over and throws up in the bushes that Andrew spent the weekend pottering around in, she heaves and heaves until there’s nothing left except for tears and a broken little laugh that escapes her.

At least Brian’s consistent in his tastes, a young Latina woman who can fight and stand up for herself. He probably never thought though, that his last two lovers would meet in circumstances like these.

*Coughs and points down at the review button*

The End

You have reached the end of "2 Fast 2 Furious". This story is complete.

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