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Star of Faith

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Star of Faith Series". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander isn't what he seems to be and he needs some help

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Chapter 2

Outside the apartment

Suddenly a loud explosion followed by a screeching sound, an inhumanly loud, "Yahoooo," was heard as the room exploded.

A huge black and red crystal like thing, the size of a small house car burst out from the burning building flying faster and faster up. It looked like a cross between a crystal flower and a crab, as it burst out, flying higher and higher up.

The starship Xan-Okhi was born again.


Inside the Starship Xan-Okhi

The bridge was not big. It was the size of a normal car with one big throne like chair and a computer like crystal hanging by its side. In the front was a big, window like, screen and it showed the outside air as the starship Xan-Okhi flew faster and faster up.

Faith paled, looking around she could see smaller screens showing what happened behind and under them. The town of Sunnydale was shrinking smaller and smaller as they climbed higher and higher.

Anya was almost catatonic from fear. She was INSIDE a Cabbit her Nr 1 fear the death bunnies/cats from space.

Suddenly the ghost like voice of Xander echoed around the bridge, "Yeehaaa, Captain we are entering space in fifteen seconds. Would you like to take the command chair?"

Faith asked surprised, “Captain?"

The voice seemed to grin at her, when suddenly the face of Xander was seen on the main screen, "Yes, Faith you are my Captain and the bridge is yours."

Faith started to ask, "Could we go," then she looked around and asked instead, "Why are you so small?"

The picture off Xander rolled his eyes and the starship accidently made a loop, "It’s the first time I came into my starship shape. I need more matter like metals and other stuff to gain size."

Faith nodded, "Ooh right, where are we going?"

Xander thought a moment, "Umm. the moon? I always wanted to see it."

Faith also thought about it a moment, "The moon? I don’t think so, well perhaps later look at Anya."

The image of Xander turned its eyes (and monitors) to Anya.

Anya mumbled, "B.bunny,, Bunny,, Bunny.."

Xander shuddered "Uum.. Giles is so going to kill me."

Faith nodded, "Oh yeah, let’s go down space boy." She frowned and then asked, "Is there anything else I should know?"

Xander nodded, "Oh yeah, if you look at the control panel next to the command chair, you will find a book. Anything you will need to know about my abilities is in there."

Faith raised an eyebrow at the yellow book with huge -Cabbit for dummies- and a smiling bunny face printed on it. Looking closer she saw that it was not a real book, more like a small computer. Opening it she could see one page that was a computer screen. "Could you give me the short story?"

Xander nodded, "Well as my captain, you will have a mental link to me. You will always be able to find ME and I will always be able to find you. If we focus and train really hard we can even talk mind to mind. Some other stuff, the crystal in your hand can be used to focus energy, drained from me, which can be used as a weapon or a shield depending on the cabbits and the Captains natural ability and I’m not really sure what we can do yet."

Faith grinned, "Anything else?"

Xander just smiled "Well I could build things like some simple blaster weapons and light-swords."

"Bunny, bunny," Anya said hugging herself.

Xander and Faith both blinked, right Anya, do not forget her.

Anya shuddered, "Bunny, Bunny," she said in a terror filled voice as Faith came over hugging her and trying to calm her.



The house car sized starship cloaked itself and flew gently down towards the streets and landed there. With a small sound of bursting air around it, it suddenly disappeared leaving three humans behind.

Xander smiled, as he holds a shivering Anya beside him.

Faith grinned a smile, which went from ear to ear, this was SO cool, "So let’s go to Giles."

Xander nodded, "Yeah and uhm remember Faith and be careful if you order me to do things. I am forced to obey."

Faith rolled her eyes, "Yeah lover boy, I’ll be careful."

"I hope so. You already ordered me to transform INSIDE your apartment and I had no choice but to obey. Lucky for us nobody lived in the rest of the building," Xander said. It felt cool, sure he was under Faith’s command, but it was his choice and somehow that made all the difference or perhaps it was the cabbit inside of him needing a partner.

Faith froze, "What are you saying?"

Anya mumbled, "Giles, need Giles."

Xander said to Anya, "Sure, he lives just up there” and the continued with Faith, “Think about it Captain. My size is that of a house car and transforming inside a building to small made my energy shields activate and the walls and building go boom."

Faith cried out in horror, "My home, my stuff."

Xander grinned a bit, "It’s stored inside of me," he blinked "Why do you have a chainsaw under your bed?"

Faith blushed a bit and then answered, "Umm I saw evil dead and I’m just waiting for a zombie attack," she said grinning silly.

Anya blinked, as the bizarre discussion calmed her down. A mad, evil and crazy space-bunny on a murdering rampage did not has a interest in chainsaws and zombies.

They carefully started to walk towards Giles and Anya’s home.

Xander blushed "And the collection of.. of,"

Faith grinned, "A girl can never have to many."

Anya blinked, "Of what?"

Faith answered grinning, "Vibrators of course, I have one with double action, front and back."

Anya blinked, "They cost a fortune and your are too young to buy one."

Faith grinned, "Post order and fake ID. By the way Xander, can you monitor the inside of… well you?"

Xander paled a bit and nodded, "Yes, I have to."

Faith asked, "And do you have a shower or bath inside of you?"

In fear of the things coming Xander answered, "Ummm.. I could fix one."

With an evil smile Faith said, "Oho I’m so going to torture you. Don’t worry you love it."

Xander sighed, "I’m in hell."

Anya rolled her eyes as she pulled free from their help somehow she had recovered from her fears.

They were finally in front of Giles home. Xander could literally feel the march of doom playing inside of him as they walked up. Outside he could see the parking cars of Joyce Summers car and Oz, which meant that both Willow and Buffy was there.

Faith saw this also and said, "Crap, its perfect B and her gang," she said. After the accident were she almost managed to stake the vice-mayor the Buffy and
Willow had become less then friendly and it had not become any more friendlier after he was assassinated by a vampire while she and Buffy were protecting him from assassins.

Xander nodded, "Wesley is inside and Buffy is raving about how irresponsible you are and that you probably have hurt me and Anya."

Faith turned to him with surprise, "You can hear them?"

Xander blinked, "Yes Captain. I’ m listening in on the bug somebody installed in Giles home."

Faith asked, "Captain. Why are you calling me that?"

Xander grinned, "You are calling me boytoy and you ARE my captain."

Anya asked, "Could you remove the bugs or something?"

Xander nodded, "I could turn them off right now and find them later."

The girls nodded as they walked up to the door.

Anya opened it and walked in, "Hi honey," she said smiling at the now happy looking Giles.

Giles rushed over, "Are you alright? Faith’s home exploded and the fire department found no survivors".

Faith said, "We are five by five Watcher of mine."

Xander added, "Jupp, don’t worry. Faith’s apartment was the only one anybody lived in and when the fire raged I can safely say nobody was inside of her home. We were far away from there." He thought to himself ‘Jup, when the fire started after the explosion they were almost in space.’

Buffy smiled, "Xander you're safe. What happened?"

Willow added her own comment, "Yes, what happened? You should stay away from her, she is not safe."

The two girls was silenced by a sharp angry voice, "Willow, Buffy quite NOW," Jocye yelled. "Faith I hope you are safe. If you need there is always a place for you to sleep in my home."

Buffy cried out, "But mom."

Joyce growled, "Quite Buffy. Faith is a Slayer like you. That makes her your sister and in a way my child also. So you are more than welcome Faith."

Faith blushed, "Thanks Mrs. S., but I have a place to stay right Boytoy?"

Xander nodded, "Uhm yeah... and with yes I mean if you like to sleep in the basement of were I sleep."

Faith asked, "What?"

Xander nodded, "Yea.. Mom and Dad moved me in to the basement. It’s bigger than my old room and its smells funny. And now I have to pay rent," he said smiling.

Willow paled, "But why have you not said anything Xander?"

Xander answered, "You all clearly told me that you did not need my help with slaying, so why should I ask you for help Willow? Besides I have money and I could buy me a house if I liked to."

Buffy asked, "If you have the money why don’t you?"

Xander blinked, "Never really considered it. Besides I really don’t need much.

Silently sitting in the corner Wesley stood up, "Fine, but right now we need to find out what happened in your home Faith and I’m sure we can find a way for you to regain the money you spend on renting that apartment."

Faith blinked, "Huu? I never spend any money. The Watcher’s council paid for it."

Wesley blinked, "No they did not. I was waiting for you to come to me so I could help you find a home to live in. Probably, considering the small pay I have, a room in my home. I was of course proud of your resourcefulness in handling it yourself, but why do you believe the Watchers paid for it?"

Faith turned to Giles, "Did you pay for it?"

Giles shook his head, "No, if you could not afford the apartment before, where did you lived before you got it?"

Faith answered, "In the motel by the road, but who did pay for it?"

Wesley said, "This is most curios. We should try to find out who did it. Might be some kind of, some kind of. Why would somebody just give you a home without any hidden reasons?"

Giles answered, "Kindness. Joyce did you do that?"

Joyce shook her head also, "If I had known she was living in that dump I might have, but no."

Faith blinked, she felt a strong emotion of embarrassment from her link to X, "X what did you do?" she asked.

Xander swallowed, "I said I had some money and I saw the way you lived. I kind of paid for it."

They all stared at Xander, that felt kind of embarrassing.

Xander defended himself, "She was living in a DUMP. Buffy and Willow did not care and Giles you had to much work to do. Joyce, if Faith lived with you only one of the Slayers would be alive now days and in jail and Wusly is an idiot. Somebody had to do something."

Wesley paled and then blushed in anger, "I I. I am NOT an idiot."

Giles nodded in agreement, "No Wusly you are not an idiot, but you are incompetent. You should have made sure she had a home to live in. Not wait until she came to ask for one. Slayers have pride you know."

Joyce said, "That was an incredible beautiful thing to do Xander. I am so proud of you, but what do you mean about Buffy and Faith. I know they argue a lot, but I’m sure it’s not that bad."

They all stared at Joyce.

Buffy said, "U.. Mom Faith likes to drive me crazy. She so, so slutty..Aargh.."

Faith nodded, "Yeah and Buffy.. Uuuuu brain dead much..."

The two Slayers nodded, as they looked at Joyce not even caring about what the other said.

Wesley mumbled, "I, Giles I’m.. See here my name is" the call from his mobile phone interrupted them and he walked down to the toilet to be unheard.

Xander’s eyebrow perked up as he listened in. Sweet, all his internal sensors were working.

Giles said, "Yes, there is some personality clash between Faith and Buffy, both are wonderful girls, smart, beautiful and kindhearted. But, but they seem to irritate each other. It was completely different between Kendra and Buffy. They liked each other from the start and from what Kendra’s Watcher said Kendra talked nonstop about Buffy this and Buffy that."

Willow nodded, "Buffy was the same, Kendra that and Kendra this."

Joyce asked, "Why didn’t Faith and Buffy become friends then?"

Xander still listening in on the phone call Wesley was having spoke up, "Alpha personality. Both Buffy and Faith are leaders and the Slayer IS a predator. Having two nearby both Buffy and Faith try to be the dominant one, Kendra was a follower, a beta naturally any Alpha would like her."

"They are girls, not dogs Xander," Joyce said in disapproving voice.

Buffy first looked angry then thoughtful, "Mom, I think he is right. I have been thinking about this and it feels right."

Faith nodded "Oyea."


Meanwhile talking on the phone inside the bathroom

Wesley, -Yes sir. I am alone now-

Watchers council, -the bugs in Giles apartment seem to be malfunctioning. Do you know why?-

Wesley, -N.. No sir, what bugs sir? I did not know you bugged his home and why was I not informed?-

Watchers council -That is on a need to know basis and you did not need to know about it. Do you have any information about Faith’s death Wesley?-

Wesley, -Faith’s death sir? What makes you believe she is dead?-

Watchers council, -Are you saying she is alive? Our seer reported a new slayer being called just an hour ago.-

Wesley, -Yes, she is alive and fine, but her apartment was blown up recently. Perhaps she was hurt and Mr. Harris revived her as he did with Slayer Summers.-

Watchers council, -I see. That could be possible. You should report to me if she kept her powers or not.-

Wesley, -Kept her powers? Why should she not have kept them?-

Watchers Council, -The rare times a Slayer has died and revived they always lost their powers. Slayer Summers died inside a magical jail that kept the Master captive. It is our theory that dying inside of that place fractured the Slayer spirit and she kept part of the Slayer spirit.-

Wesley was shocked, -I see. Is Buffy a Slayer or not then?-

Watchers council, -She has part of the Slayer spirit inside of her, so yes she is a Slayer.-


Outside Xander raised an eyebrow, what made them believe Faith had died? Moments later he realized it. The control crystal that created the bond between them, it also helps healing and empowering a cabbit’s captain and only a being with a soul could be captain of a cabbit. (Dark magic can force a cabbit to serve a demon or a crazy, evil cabbit might choose a demon)

The crystal must have cleaned away the slayer spirit, because it was not part of Faith.

Xander blinked that was not good. Faith would kill him. Right then Wesley came out from the bathroom and walked out towards them.

Wesley stopped for a moment to pick up a crowbar from the tool box, before he continued to walk towards them. "Faith, could you do me a favor and try to bend this? I like to check something."

Faith blinked, "Alright," she said grabbing the crowbar and started to pull and twist.

The crowbar started to bend, not as fast as Buffy could do but still.

Faith stopped when it had the shape of a U. "It was harder than it used to be," she said surprised.

Wesley looked surprised, "You should not have been able to do that. Miss Summers would you bend the crowbar?"

Buffy nodded and grabbed the U shaped crowbar, correcting its shape and then bending it the other way, it did not even looked hard for her.

Wesley said, "Most curios. Faith, you seem to be weaker than normal and according to the Watchers council you died and a new Slayer has been called."

Faith looked angry, "I am NOT dead."

Xander raised an eyebrow, then his hand. "I think I can explain Captain."

"Captain?" Wesley asked curios.

"Who the crap?" Buffy asked.

Willow nodded.

Faith stared at Xander and said, "Explain."

Xander swallowed, "I had no idea this would happen, but the crystal I gave you made it possible for you to heal faster and become stronger among other things. It must have considered the Slayer spirit to be an alien intruder and pushed it out." Seeing the beginning of an angry face on Faith he continued.
"You are still stronger then a normal human and I’m sure you are as fast as you were before."

Wesley asked, "Are you saying that you gave an unknown magic crystal to my slayer?"

Willow said in an angry voice, "Xander how could you do this? It is so irresponsible."

Faith said to Willow, "Cut it out Red. Xander knew exactly what the crystal was. This was an unknown side effect. Xander, why don’t you explain some of it to them?"

Xander nodded, "Yes Mam. Buffy, Willow I’m not and never have been completely human, but I’m not a demon. I have a power and it is not magical, but for me to use my non human abilities and powers I have to be in service of another human. I choose Faith do be my master."

Buffy asked, "Xander what are you?"

Willow started to say, "Are" but Anya interrupted them. "Quite, I know what Xander has been since I came here. He was born like that and HE is NOT demonic or evil. His kind has to have a master or a mistress to use their powers."

Willow asked a bit hurt, "Why did you not tell me?"

Xander answered her, "My father, my REAL father not the Harris bastard, had a Master who abused him and his power so much that he killed himself in the end. I have been scared."

Buffy asked again, "Xander what are you?"

Xander answered, "I think that is something best left to say for later, when the ears of the Watchers are not listening. Right, Wusly?"

Faith turned to Wesley, "Yeah and besides if I’m not a Slayer anymore you have NO right to order me around. Correct, Giles?"

Giles nodded, "Yes, acutely the crowbar showed that your powers are clearly weaker than those of the Slayer so you are not a Slayer anymore. Just a powerful civilian, but do not worry Faith. You are still family and part of the gang."

Buffy eyes lighted up, "She is not a Slayer anymore? Sweet, finally."

Faith said a bit annoyed, "HEY."

Cleaning his glasses Giles interrupted them. "Faith, why don’t you take the guest bedroom and the rest of you GO home it is late."

The gang nodded they could talk about this more tomorrow.

As the door closed Giles looked at Faith "Right, Why are you still here?" he said pointing at Wesley.

Faith nodded, "Yea go away."

Wesley sighed and walked away. Nobody liked him, why?

Giles cleaned his glasses "Right, why are you still here?" He asked looking at Xander.

Xander answered, "Umm Faith told me to stay."

Faith nodded, "It is his fault, boytoy stays." She grinned a bit evil, "He will sleep in my room."

Giles nodded, bugger it all. "Alright, tomorrow we should test what powers you still have or don’t have and I need more information about what happened."

Faith shrugged, "Tell them spacetoy."

Xander answered, "Giles, I’m a Cabbit, a living Starship. I’m not completely from earth. Ask Anya she knows about my kind."

Anya nodded, "He is a starship. Let’s go to sleep."

Xander said to Giles, "Oh, your home is bugged. The watcher council had it bugged to spy on you. Right now I’m blocking them if you like I can remove them tomorrow."

Giles cleaned his glasses, "Right, remove the bugs tomorrow and let’s go to sleep. It’s just too much."


Outside Angel removed his ears from the walls. A starship, what were they smoking? In addition, where could he find some? Perhaps he should ask Buffy what all this was about tomorrow.
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