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Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Fast and Furious Slayer". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Third after Home and 2F2F

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15


Disclaimer on Ch.1

Please, please review! I *know* people are tracking, and very few are reviewing. It makes me sad, kind of like brussel sprouts make me sad.

People still swear, on and there's a mention of oral sex up ahead. Kiddies turn back now.

On a brighter note, this is the last chapter in this story before it's time for the sequel. I'm hoping to finish my Twilight fic before I get started on this, but for some reason I keep getting tattooed men and women riding on hot cars in my head instead of vamps and wolves. Maybe I can find some way to stick a tattoo on Edward and Bella?

Alrighty folks, I have to mark this story as incomplete because I'm advertising for a beta reader. I desperately need someone to bounce ideas with, to help me talk over the characters and the plot changes. So, if anyone's interested- just shoot me a message or leave a private review.

The sound of fighting reached his ears, there were blows being traded above his head. Dom quickly pulled on his pants and began to run to the upstairs rooms, he’s already figured out that it’s either Han of Vince throwing down- there’s a small possibility that it’s with each other.

Before the crew moved into the hotel, Dom made sure that they’d be occupying a mostly empty part of the hotel.

He took two stairs at a time and arrived just in time to see Faith duck as Vince and Han began throwing punches at each other. His youngest sister elbowed Vince in the face as she moved between the two battling combatants.

“Ah geez, did I hurt you?” Faith could *really* try to sound at least a little bit contrite as she stood smirking as the two men panted with adrenaline.

“What the FUCK?” Dom growled out. He wasn’t happy with the picture in front of him, Faith looked like she just threw her outfit together, and as a man- Dom could tell that she was leaving a one night stand. Question was, which one of the two idiots in front of him slept with his baby sister?

“Domi!” Faith grinned as she ran to hug him.

“Hey baby sis, happy birthday,” he said as he kissed her temple keeping an eye on the two men still looking at each other like two pit bulls about to rip the others’ necks apart.

“Oh fuck,” Han blurted out as he realized who his one night stand was. Vince just sneered at him and looked viciously gleeful at Dom’s realization of what had happened, the crew leader took a step forward towards the Asian man.

“I hope you’re not thinking of doing what I think you’re thinking of doing” Faith commented offhandedly as she moved into a position between her brother and her unfortunate lover who was becoming paler by the second.

Dom raised an unamused eyebrow “you’re feeling wordy for somebody that spent the night with some guy instead of her family.”

Faith snorted and put a hand on her brother’s ginarmous arm before said arm could make a fist, “listen, it ain’t like I even knew who he was. V was the one who enlightened me on the dude’s name.”

Dom’s eyebrows were about to crawl onto his forehead and start inching towards his hairline. “You’re telling me that you went home with somebody whose name you didn’t know?” he shouted.

Han winced, Dom was starting to yell- the situation had just gone from bad to a whole lot worse.

Faith raised an eyebrow and hissed at her brother, “listen here, I am *not* Mia- I’m not about to stand to the side and let you run my life. You don’t know half the shit I’ve gone through in the last twelve years, so back the hell off my choices Dominic!” she finished her tirade by poking him in the chest.

He sighed as he scratched his stubble, she was right. She really wasn’t Mia, she wouldn’t listen and if he tried pressing his point- chances were she’d probably leave or get a little violent. Besides being a Toretto, and having the temper to match, she was also a slayer and had the violent tendencies to go with the calling. It really wouldn’t be a smart idea to get on her bad side this early in the morning. Yesterday Mia had said that they only had a week before they had to leave back for the States, he wasn’t about to ruin their few days together for the first time in two years.

Faith stepped back to give Han a peck on the cheek, “don’t worry dude, Dom’s not about to go all caveman. He promised,” she winked at the unfortunate man who had the bad luck to take Dominic Toretto’s sister home, “I had a good time last night.”

She strode past Vince who was standing with an unreadable expression on his stubbled face “see you at the races V,” she threw over her shoulder.

Vince stayed silent as he watched Dom hug his little sister to him, his growly laugh echoed through the hall as they headed down the stairs.

Han clearing his throat brought him out of his dark thoughts, “listen man, I didn’t know.”

“Yeah, but it still happened. I shouldn’t have hit you,” he held out his hand and Han hesitantly took it with a small smile. They were still friends despite what happened, it wasn’t like everybody was aware of his and Faith’s little history. Besides, the other man was relatively new within their group and he wasn’t about to go holding grudges like a little pussy.

Vince gave Han a nod as he headed back in his room, he closed the door behind him as he headed straight for the minibar. It was definitely JD time.

Faith breathed in the air, it smelled so familiar, comforting- fuel, smoke, makeup, sex, sweat and the energy coming off the racers. She remembered how she had heard B talk about the smell of cookies reminding her of home, she wondered what it said about her that the races always smelled like home to her.

The Japanese girls were no different than Cali ones, a bunch of them underage, all of them skimpily dressed and heavily made up. Some bounced along to the music coming from the cars, short skirts and belly tops a sharp contrast to pigtails reminiscent of Lolita on speed.

She smirked as she got out of the car, the cherry Mazda RX gleamed as it rolled to a stop between a car full of twittering girls and a young black kid peddling sneakers and another car full of a racer and two chicks sucking him off.

Mia had come with Letty ahead of time, Dom was supposed to be coming as soon as possible after he finished a bit of business. There were rumors of a DK, some high schooler that had made a name for himself on the streets under the tutelage of her last night's lover. Han was supposed to introduce them, Dom was intrigued to see how the kid would do against him- Faith knew her brother would rip the dude a new one. Still though, it never hurt to see how the other side of the world lived. Plus it had been some time since she saw a good drift race, maybe the kid would show them something new.

She checked her lip gloss in the mirror, perfect. Her kohled eyes stood out even deeper, the brown of her iris turning hazel within the black lines. She had chosen a simple white racer back tank over her skin tight plain black leather pants tucked into motorcycle boots. Faith knew she’d stand out from the groupies, her general demeanor and tattoos ensured that she wouldn’t get mistaken for a race-bunny.

“Goddamn!” the kid next to her exclaimed as he extricated himself from the girls who immediately closed ranks and sauntered his way over to an amused Faith.

“You looking for me?” he leered.

Faith laughed, he was just too cute, all brash balls and young innocence that would get broken within the first week in her world.

“You sure you can handle this hot stuff?” she purred into his ear as the kid shivered in excitement. Cute, naïve, innocent. And Faith wasn’t in the business of showing the world to innocents anymore.

“Isn’t he a little young for you?” Vince came out of nowhere.

Faith eyed him, “isn’t it none of your business?”

She gave the kid a wink as she headed towards where she could hear a reggaeton beat. Chances were that one of the crew was there, and she really wanted to be near people that would stop her from doing anything stupid.

“I’m Twinkie!” the kid called out after her.

Faith chuckled and whirled around shouting “Faith!” with a wide grin, she turned back and headed forward.

Vince followed her, countenance grimmer than a vegetarian after a county fair.

“So how long have you known Han?” he asked.

“I don’t, met him yesterday. How long have you known your little girl?” Faith countered.

Vince grabbed her arm, “it was a one time thing.”

Faith gazed at him serenely, “really?”

He nodded intently, eyes earnest as he searched her face for something, anything- any spark of emotion.

“Good for you,” she ripped her arm out of his and straightened up her outfit that he’d messed up.

“It’s your life V, I ain’t about to go play guard dog for a twenty seven year old man,” she turned her back on him and walked away.

She was done with him, done with feelings, done with feeling like her heart was being ripped apart. Somewhere within, a small voice was screaming that she was chicken for leaving. This was Vince, the guy she’d grown up with, the guy that was almost blood, the guy she had loved for longer than most marriages lasted in California.

But a bigger part of her was happy. Happy that her walls that she had taken so long to rebuild were no longer under assault from a man that had entirely too much power over her. Two years had passed, two years during which he had apparently stayed with her brother. Two years during which he knew all the difficulties that she and Mia faced on a daily basis with the garage and the store and didn’t try to contact her.

Fuck it, she was done. Six more days to spend with Dom, Letty and Mia all together. And then it would be back to LA, back to contractual work for the Council, back to being Faith Toretto- vampire slayer, sister, loner.

The End

You have reached the end of "Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift". This story is complete.

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