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Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Fast and Furious Slayer". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Third after Home and 2F2F

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Disclaimer: Universal Pictures and Rob Cohen own the Fast and Furious franchise.
Whedon and Kuzui Enterprises are responsible for the Buffyverse which includes the lovely Faith.

Alright, so I was pointed out that Tokyo Drift is supposed to take place "after" Fast and Furious 4. But that's just too confusing, so we'll be doing the movies chronologically.
Dom and Crew are in Japan, they'll be heading to South America afterwards.

Please review! It really helps with my concentration and inspiration.

Faith grinned widely as she wrapped up her present to Mia, she hummed Deftones as she cut off the tape on the black and silver wrapping paper.

She got her sister a white gold cross with their birth stone inlaid within it, the turquoise shimmers beautifully in the nexus of the cross like a beacon of hope to those lost. It's a symbolic gift, kind of cheesy- but Mia will definitely love it.

It’s been a long while since she and Mia have celebrated their birthdays together, last year’s was just the two of them- sitting on the couch at home and reminiscing about their childhood, pigging out on chocolate and being as close to each other as they can. This year, the Council’s invited them to come celebrate in the LA branch, they have friends there, support. It’s mainly Dawn who’s friendly with Faith, she’s a bit more lenient when it comes to her social circle because mainly? It usually consists of Clem, Spike and that witch Kit,so it comes as no surprise that a reformed murderer is really nothing new for Dawn.

Mia though? She’s welcomed by everybody, she’s popular with the mini-slays, the LA vamps love her and Andrew drools every time she walks into his kitchen. But Faith knew it would be like that, there’s just no way that somebody can dislike her sister.

And that sister was currently stomping her way inside, one of Faith’s hoodies with a skull on the back covering her slight frame.

“Do you *know* how hard it is to get otter blood this close to New Years? I swear, I think all the vamps are stocking up or something!” she huffed as she dumped groceries on the table and began unpacking them in the fridge.

“Mi, I’ve told you before how strange your friendship with Willy was right?” Faith asked her as she watched her sister putter around the kitchen.

“Yeah, yeah- he’s a good guy, I like him”

Faith wiggled her eyebrows, “*like him, like him?*

“Ew!” Mia straightened up, “Spike’s a friend, an undead one that I wouldn’t sleep with.”

Spike’s watching the sisters interact with the minis and the watchers of the LA branch, they’re almost a united entity in the way they lead the room in conversations, the way they laugh, the way they can communicate without breaking their verbal dialogues with others.

Mia’s smiles beatifically as she talks with Illyria about an apocalypse they averted, somehow the God King’s taken a liking to the older Toretto twin. She doesn’t call her muck nearly as much as she does others these days.

Faith is as loud and brash as ever as she flirts with Connor and pokes gentle fun at Angel simultaneously.

Faith avoids Monica though Mia is friendly with her, and Spike feels guilty for a second as he remembers the events of the watcher’s interview, how he had to go and call Faith to come in for her sister, how the two of them sat huddled in the backyard until the sun went down.

Mia’s never held it against the other woman though, it’s not like she knew that the asshole she was sleeping with just got done ruining another woman’s life.

“Oi! Time for the presents!” Spike hollers and the room eventually quiets down. He chuckles as he takes in the twins who immediately gravitate toward each other, they’re so different as usual.

Faith is all leather and sinewy muscle. Her tattoo’s been growing, it’s almost a half sleeve now with Eastern imagery, runes for protection and her siblings’ totems.

Mia’s wearing an olive dress under a black cardigan, what’s shocking is the little dragonfly tattoo that adorns her collarbone. She can cover it up easily, but it’s usually visible with those dresses she wears.

Dawn comes up to him and winks as she puts down her wineglass, it’s insane how much the twenty year old has grown up. She’s almost done with her degree from Stanford, she and Connor share some of their classes- she calls him her insanely overprotective older brother. She reaches into the hidden compartment of her purse and pulls out two envelopes, she hands them to the sisters.

“I know that Mia didn’t want anything and Faith was talking about swords, *again*” everyone laughs, “but we decided to do one better. Open your envelopes.”

The sisters look at each other in surprise and open their envelopes, a look of almost identical shock steals onto their faces.

Spike laughs, “we thought it was about damn time that you ladies saw your big brother, so we bought the two of you first class tickets to Tokyo. Everyone chipped in.”

Dawn chimes in, “yeah, Buffy and Willow really wish they could be here but Cleveland’s dealing with their Christmas apocalypse so they’re busy.”

“Poor fools have to fight in the snow,” Spike snickers as Angel elbows him in the ribs.

“Ow ponce! What was that for?”

His grandsire motions to the Torettos who are hugging each other tightly as they whisper their excitement about being reunited with their family.

It’s always amazing to see how tactile Faith is with her sister, especially after knowing her during the whole mayor phase. But it’s good seeing how happy they are with each other and it warms both vampires’ unbeating hearts to know that they’ve played a part in bringing their little family back together- if only for a little while.

Faith turns back to face everyone as Mia wipes off a tear, “but what about the cops? I know we have feds watching the house, I don’t want us to lead them right to Dom.”

Dawn grins widely as she opens her closed fists to reveal two amulets, “and this is the second part of the present. It’s from Willow and the witch support, amulets that will last for a week. They make it seem like you both are still doing your everyday things in LA, work, home and the garage. They basically scramble the agents watching you and their equipment, the magic will give the illusion that the two of you are still in LA while you’re partying it up in Japan.”

She hands the necklaces to the two women who are grinning the same excited smile, “it’ a lot of magic, they didn’t want to risk messing up the feds permanently so the most they could do was a week. Should be enough time for you guys to fly back and forth and spend time in Tokyo.”

“Did you email Letty?” Faith is packing up her leathers and hoodies, Tokyo ain’t California and this time of year it’s bound to be cold there.

“Yeah, she gave me the name of the hotel they’re staying at. It’s pretty sweet, considering that they don’t ask you for ID there,” Mia answers as she packs up her own things.

Letty’s been writing to them on and off for the last two years, they use the Council encrypted address, nobody can trace where the emails have come from and if the feds ever get wind of their actions- they can just say they use Faith’s work email for easier access.

“Alright, she ain’t going to tell the others that we’re coming right?”

“Nah, we should be there for December fourteenth, we’ll turn twenty four in Japan. How great is that?” Mia flops down on her bed with a huge smile on her face.

She can’t help it, she’s freaking excited! They’re going to see Dom, Letty, Vince.

Maybe V and Faith can finally work out their differences, Mia knows that if two people have loved each other for more than a decade- chances are that they’re meant to be. It hurts her to know that the closest person in the world to her is being stubborn just like the jackass she’s in love with. But hopefully everything will be cool, it’s their birthday right? Plus Christmas is coming up, so something just *has* to go right for them some time.

Faith is vibrating with excitement inside as she picks up the bottle of champagne at the front desk. She’s flirted her way into finding out the rooms that the crew are staying in, the concierge seemed like he’d sell his soul just to spend an extra ten minutes in the company of her very abundant cleavage and sultry smile. But she’s finally got Vince’s room number in her hand.

She straightens up as she smoothes out the wild curls of her hair. She’s missed him so freaking much for these two years, he’s always been a part of her, and maybe it’s time to finally get over their collective bullshit and just try to make it work.

Faith begins to slowly climb the stairs but stops as she hears voices up ahead of her. She leans against the shadows thrown by the walls as she listens, it sounds like Letty and Vince are arguing about something.

She slowly climbs another two steps to be able to see better, her breath is caught in her chest as she takes in what she is seeing.

Letty is yelling at Vince, her small frame almost comical as she throws her hands up in disgust.

“What the fuck are you doing V? Are you out of your motherfucking mind?” Letty’s drawl is laced with venom and rage.

“Don’t you call me that,” he snarls in her face, “I’m all grown up Leticia- there’s no fucking need to be asking me these dumbass questions.”

Vince is bare-chested, his usual olive army pants are slung low on his hips.

He had even more tattoos done since she had last seen him Faith absently noted, he now had a large full color dragon extended from his hipbone and going into his pants.

She briefly wonders what they're arguing about and then her logical thoughts flow out of her mind as she sees a small Asian girl step out from Vince’s room to snake her arms around his torso. There is no doubt in Faith’s mind what the girl was doing in his room, she's clad in nothing but a pair of burgundy thongs and a lacy bra that barely covers her tits.

Vince smirks as he nips at her throat, “I’ll be right there baby.”

Faith’s gaze is narrowed as she watches the girl giggle and slip back into the room, Vince slaps her ass as she gives him a lingering, heated glance that signals things to come.

“You’re family Letty,” Vince snaps, “but stay the fuck out of my business.”

He slams the door on her outraged face.

Letty gives it one good kick with her boots as she yells out, “you’re a fucking pig Vincent!”

Faith is just standing there, watching Letty sigh as she turns away from his door whispering to herself "you're an idiot Vincent."

The champagne bottle drops from her hands and Letty whips around to take in Faith’s shocked face.

“Oh shit,” her brother’s girlfriend murmurs.

“Don’t tell him I was here,” Faith tells her still keeping her gaze on Vince’s door. She kept her exterior cool while inside she *really* wanted to break that fucking door down and begin knocking heads together. She feels like such a stupid fool for thinking that nothing changed, that Vince still loved her.

She licks her lips and thinks about her options, Letty slowly walks towards her a look of sympathy on her pretty face.
“When’d you get in?”

“Two hours ago,” Faith answers absentmindedly. She bends over and picks up the bottle, she looks at it and then hands it to Letty.

“Here, take it and enjoy with Dom- at least someone will benefit from me spending the money.”

Letty shakes her head, “no Faith, just come into our room, Dom will be so happy to see you.”

Faith smiles brokenly, “I’ll see you guys tomorrow alright Let? And please take the bottle, I *really* don’t want it and I’ll just throw it out.”

The other girl sighs and finally takes the outstretched champagne, it's pretty good quality too and knowing Faith- she'll probably smash it over the head of the first person that pisses her off on the street.

“Just, promise that you’ll never tell him I was here?” Faith whispers.

Letty looks sad as she finally nods, “I promise.”

Faith gives her a wave as she heads back downstairs out of the hotel.

There really was no fucking point in trying to change, no point in getting attached to somebody, no point to love. All it came down to in the end was pain.

There was bound to be some good bars in Tokyo, and right now- she really, really wanted to get as smashed as possible.
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