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Xander Named

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The many 3rd edition D&D costumes of Xander". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander gets wordy

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Chapter One

Xander Named

Disclaimer: This is a BTVS/Wizards of the Coast crossover, the specific Wizards of the Coast book is the Tome of Magic. Specific mentions will be made of characters that belong to DC Comics or James Bond.

A/N: this is my second of a hopefully ongoing group of stories.

Xander was upset and ready to look up if Snyder was some kind of demon that he could kill for the greater good. Greater good of those kids trick or treating yes, he had actually told the volunteers that they must dress up as a learned person and it could not be a teacher!

Xander's costume idea of a soldier was nixed by the restrictions. First, he had thought of going as a businessman like Lex Luthor or a scientist like Dr. No. Then the thought struck him, why not go as a real geeky wizard?

Not just a cloistered wizard either, not those recluses. Maybe something that specialized in languages; an arcane cipher mage. The costume should be easy enough, so he made a list:

Blue robe

Gold letters
height appropriate staff
blue sandals

A couple trips later including a stop at Ethan's Costume Emporium. He had his costume, the book was a hardcover that someone had given him for his twelfth birthday.

Xander was happy that he had sprung for some badly-dyed blue leather sandals rather than going for the blue house slippers he originally thought of as he was leading his candy collectors through town.

Feeling slightly unsteady on his feet, Xander leaned on his staff. When he straightened up he wasn't Xander. He was Saven the apprentice truenamer, well apprentice in that he could only enunciate out of the Lexicon of the Evolving Mind.

Several of his kids were demons that began stalking toward Saven who said hocled'avas
binding them in place. Saven then says jovel'ach'trekas and the world lights up allowing him to see the arcane energy flowing.

He follows the flow, either impeding his foes with hoc'led'avas or avoiding them with k'dev'orkas and running away like a little girl. On one foe, he relishes using hec'avas'als and sending him far far away. Saven helps the woman his foe was attacking to her feet.

“Thank you kind mage, my father will reward you handsomely once we find him.” Lady Elizabeth says.
“Well, first we need to find safety.” Saven says.

“Well, well if it isn't the blond bint and droopy out for a walk.” Spike says.
Saven says hoc'led'avas and holds Spike in place with black tentacles as he bellows quavas'keres 'lativ . Large wounds open starting with Spike's legs and traveling up his body before he bursts into dust, the other demons and vampires run as Saven has to lean against a wall.

“Thank you for vanquishing that brigand, grand mage. We must find safety in one of these dwellings.”
Saven gestures at a building and leads Lady Elizabeth to it. He raps on the door, mutters kevor'serek and opens the door for Lady Elizabeth. Saven then hears a scream and looks out towards it, points at the lycanthrope and screams kelas kravisti. The lycanthrope stumbles and falls into a sleep as he lifts the tired woman and helps her to the house.

“I believe that this is caused by something far above my power to remove so far from it's center. I have to go, lock the door and don't open it until either sunrise or you feel different.” Saven said as he left the house and muttered keres'rovek, warding the door from his side.

The ward would last until sunrise hopefully or until the spell backlash destroyed it.
Unfortunately, it might kill me as well. Saven thought before squaring his shoulders and starting to walk down the street towards the arcane spell's source.

The spell was emanating from the back half of an establishment, which probably meant that some fool had gotten possessed by an artifact and had started acting out it's desires. Probably something forged out of Pandemonium-stuff which was possible by advanced spell slingers and a few word twisters.

Instead of kicking down the door or uttering it to ashes he knocked with his staff. Firstly as it's loss would cause him no worry and secondly as it was at least polite. When the door remained unanswered he considered uttering it to ashes along with a good part of the wall. Of course, twisting reality that way would leave him less able to deal with whatever was on the other side.

So Saven decided on smashing one of the windows with his staff. He paused a minute to clean the glass out with his stave before stepping through and bashing the weak-willed fool across the head before uttering krevas'ves'han'ik'tor and shattering the bust. Which disrupted the effect and flung him from his body.

A/N: Should I continue this one beyond this chapter or leave sleeping plot bunnies asleep?
Please give me feedback.
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