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Path to the Future

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Hero's Path". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander has left Sunnydale and now has to grow beyond what he was.

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Chapter 2

Disclaimer: I don't Own Buffy or Heroes any other crosses will be listed at the end of the chapter.

Xander rubbed his eyes as he looked over the city from Inspector Bridges Apartment checking for any possible vantage point Sam Gray could be watching Cassie from.

Why this guy was after her was a mystery too him. He had been around her and he had noticed any signs of abilities or noticed himself having any new abilities so why was she a target?

Walking over to the table his laptop was on Xander began a search in the Primatech records for any records of Cassie Bridges. Xander's eyes bugged out of his head when he saw a surveillance photo of Cassie and a facial comparison to another that was a near identical match.

Sarah Wainthrope- Student at Hillcrest Academy low power Telepath. Be aware subject has a near perfect double a non-empowered human by the name of Cassidy Bridges. Both the Subject and her Double live in San Francisco.

As Xander scrolled thru the file he noticed that some of the locations the Psychic had told Nash matched this Sarah's life and not Cassie's

"Shit." Groaned Xander.

"What's wrong kid?" Xander turned and smiled at Nick Bridges Nash's father.

"I think the reason that someone is after Cassie is that she is a dead ringer for someone else." Xander spun the computer around and it showed the pictures of Cassie and Sarah.

Nick's eyes went wide.

"She's no relation to you guys she is just that one in a million person that looks like Cassie."

"Wow that's cool." Cassie added from over Nick's shoulder.

Xander nodded.

"So I'm gonna give this Hillcrest Academy a call and warn them about this just incase.

"Good while you do that I'll call Nash and tell him what you found. And get him on the trail." Nick told Xander as he started Dialing his son.

"Hello Hillcrest Academy Ms. Tate's Office. How may I help you?"

"Hello Ma'am my Name is Alexander Ross I am a Private Investigator, working with the San Francisco Police Department Special Investigations Unit under Inspector Bridges. I need to speak to Ms. Tate regarding a student that may be in danger." Xander told the lady on the phone speaking with a sense of seriousness.

"I'll put you right threw to her Sir." The lady told him as she transferred the call.

"Kerri Tate. How can I help you Mr. Ross?"

"Ms. Tate I am working for Inspector Nash Bridges of the SFPD. We have reason to believe that a man that is stalking a girl here is doing so because she is a dead ringer for another girl one of your students. A Miss Sarah Wainthrope.

"And what led you to believe this Mr. Ross?" asked the concerned Headmistress.

"The Stalker has been hanging out around locations that Ms. Wainthrope either lived worked or hung out in. First Ms. Tate I want to assure you that the man the Police are after is in San Francisco at this time. I am calling just to warn you so you may take the proper measures to protect your students."

"I understand Mr. Ross and I thank you for your call. Do you have a number I can reach you at so I could find out what happens with this case?"

Xander gave Ms. Tate his number and wish her well before hanging up.

"Now that that is done we can focus on keeping Cassie safe." Nick smiled at him.

Xander nodded.

Xander froze as caught a stray thought.

"Soon I'll have her."

Xander drew his gun.

"He's here."

Xander motioned for Cassie to and Nick to get into the other room.

The door splintered as a massive amount of force slammed into it.

Xander focused his own Powers on the straining wood and held the door in place.

The door turned to toothpicks as the two forces battled each other.

Xander pointed his gun at the masked figure that walked into the room.

"Where's the girl?" sneered the masked man.

"You won't get near her." Xander told him his voice like ice.

The masked man gestured and Xander was thrown back against the window cracking it.

Xander stood up and threw the sofa at him with his own powers.

"WHAT THEā€¦" exclaimed the man as the sofa hit him throwing him into the wall.

"How do you like it?"

"Cassie Nick get the hell out of here." Yelled Xander as he charged the downed assailant.

The man stood his twitching hands as random items around the apartment began flying at Xander blocking him from taking any shots at him.

Xander dropped the gun and threw a bolt of electricity at him.

"Well well well the clouds begin to part. At first I couldn't understand why you were protecting this girl. First I thought the obvious she's hot. But now I see you're like me you want here power for yourself." Snickered the man as he circled the room.

"She's not one of us she doesn't have a power you picked the wrong girl dumb ass." Xander told him firmly.

"I don't believe you." Laughed the man as he make a gesture and the broken window behind him shattered and the shards flew thru the air slamming into Xander's body.

Xander fell over. The glass having shredded him.

"Now for my new ability." smirked the man turning towards the back bedroom.

"You asshole do you how much that stings." Xander growled as he stood up.

The masked man's eyes bugging out as he saw Xander's wounds closing.

"I've gotta get that one."

Xander smiled and let loose with a full blast of telekinetic power sending the masked man flying thru the destroyed window and across to the roof of the near by building.

Xander turned as Nash and the members of the SIU came running into the seriously thrashed apartment.

"Crazy son of bitch just took a running leap across the roof to the building across the alley and ran."

Cassie and Nick entered the apartment and saw the mess the fight had made having escaped to the fire escape during the fight.

"Holy hell. My boy whatever Nash is paying you it is not enough." Nick told him as he looked around.

Xander lay in his camper relaxing after explaining or rather bullshitting Bridges about the fight in his apartment.

He explained the slashes in his shirt and coat where when the intruder had used a broken piece of his window to slash at him.

And the thrown Couch was do to the intruder being a steroid job.

All and all Bridges believed him and paid him a nice 2 grand for his 1 day of work.

Xander rolled on to his side as his phone rang.

Xander picked up the phone and was mystified as the called idea came up a friend.


"Hello my young friend you put up a hell of a fight for that girl."

Xander bolted upright

"Well the masked man. How did you get my number?"

"A little trick I picked up. You were right the girl wasn't one of us and quite frankly it's not worth the trouble to try and kill her again so she's safe from me but I'll be seeing you again but right now I think I'll be heading someplace tropical see ya soon."

The phone disconnected and Xander let out a breath he didn't know he was holding.

He needed to talk to Bridges.

Xander walked out of SIU having told Nash about the phone call and how his daughter was safe. But he would always be on the look out for the man that attack them.

He was on his way he needed to get out of California before something else happened.

Xander cell phone rang as he walked towards his Camper.

"Alexander Ross."

"Mr. Ross this is Keri Tate I'm the Headmistress at Hillcrest Academy."

"Yes Ms. Tate I remember you what can I do for you?"

"I'd like to hire you."

"Alright Ms. Tate I'm leaving San Fran in a few minutes I can be to your School tomorrow morning around 9am and we can talk about the case and what you'd like me to find for you."

"That's perfect I will leave word at our Security gate for the guard to let you in."

"I'll see you tomorrow Ms. Tate have a nice day."

OK so one more job for travelling money so he didn't have to hit his nest egg for a while then he was gone.

Xander drove up to the gates of the School and whistled. This place was something else.

At the gate he was sent to the visitor's lot and parked his camper and he headed into the administration building.

Xander liked the older lady Norma that guided him to Ms. Tate's office she seemed quite motherly.

Xander looked around the office and smiled at the picture on the desk of a young man Xander took to be Ms. Tate's son.

The door opened and in walk Keri Tate and a Young man behind her.

"Ms. Tate." Xander smiled.

"Mr. Ross pleased to meet you this is my son John."

"Pleasure to meet you."

"Please have a seat." Keri offered as she walked around her desk and sat down.

"Mr. Ross what I wish to hire you for is to locate some people and to confirm what I believe to be true about one of them."

Xander nodded and took out a small note book and pen.

"Not a problem Ms. Tate. Who are you looking to locate?"

John reached over and gave his mother's hand a squeeze as took a deep breath.

"My daughter and my brother who I believe to be dead. I want you to confirm his death and I gave up my daughter because I believed that she was better off with out me at that time."

Xander nodded.

"I understand so you wish me to locate your daughter and provide you with the information so you could contact her and you wish me to confirm that your brother has passed." Xander repeated.

"There is a little more involved then just that Mr. Ross. I have to know that if you take this job then what I am about to tell you is to be kept secret."

"Mom are you sure you want to do this?" John asked her.

Keri nodded. "Yes John you are right. I need to move on with my life and prove once and for all he is dead."

John got up and hugged his mom glad she was finally dealing with the issues that haunted her.

Xander watched and wondered. `What the hell did I just get myself into?'

Keri turned back to Xander.

"Mr. Ross what I'm about to tell you is going to shock and most likely scare you."

Xander nodded for Keri to continue.

"I was born in Haddonfield Illinois. I was born Angel Myers. But I was adopted as a baby by the Strode family and they named me Laurie. My brother is Michael Myers."

Xander's mouth went dry. Michael Myers was one of the most famous mass murderers.

"Ok I can see why you want to confirm that he is dead."

Xander looked at John who nodded confirming his mother's story.

Xander figured out why he was here now.

"Ms Tate if I can bring you peace by confirming he is dead then I will."

"Thank you." She answered near tears.

John opened a drawer and pulled out a file folder.

"This is everything we have on my Sister and on him. Please find them."

Xander took the file and nodded to John and to Keri.

"I promise you I will do everything in my power to get you the answers you need."

Keri offered Xander her hand. Xander took hand and clasped it.

"I will help you anyway I can Ms. Tate you deserve that much after what you've been thru."

Keri smiled. "Thank you."

Xander sat in a roadside greasy spoon looking over the file the Tates' had provided.

"This guy is seriously twisted."

"He is very much evil Xander."

Xander lowered the file and saw that Hiro was here and sitting across from him minus his sword.

"What brings you to Nevada Hiro?"

"I came for Siegfried and Roy I can't get enough of those tigers."

"Nice but what really brings you here?"

"Your investigation of Michael Myers. You will need to use my Powers to view the past to truly understand him. I'm just here to give you a warning done act until the right moment. You'll know when that is. How's the waffles here by the way?"

"Couldn't tell you I went with the pancakes."

Hiro nodded and placed an order for waffles and a coffee.

Xander looked over at the time traveler and couldn't help but wonder what he was going to see once he started time traveling.

Once Xander finished his Breakfast he was about to pay when Hiro waved him off telling him it was on him.

"See ya next time Hiro." Smiled Xander as he left.

"See you when I see you Xander." Smiled Hiro as he enjoyed his waffles

Xander smiled as he left a tip for his waitress.

As Xander walked out a man turned to Hiro toward a booth where a man sat reading a paper.

"You know I always wondered Peter why you always spoke of Xander's early adventures with such reverences I think I understand know."

The man lowered the paper and the scarred face of the future version of Peter Petrelli.

"Xander was the first of us to try and help other people Hiro. I don't mean like the way the Company did I mean he used his abilities to make other peoples lives better."

"I understand he was a Hero long before he was a Super Hero." Smiled Hiro.

Peter chuckled a bit.

"Almost he was the guy that appeared in your life when you really needed someone or something to help you. Then like a wisp of smoke he was gone and yet some how your life was better for it."

"He truly is the best of us isn't he?" asked Hiro

Peter looked at Hiro and smiled.

"He is the one we should look up to yes but remember Hiro he is only human just like the rest of us he is only Human.

Author's Notes:

Nash Bridges Cassie Bridges and Nick Bridges all come from the TV cop show Nash Bridges

Kerri Tate John Tate Norma and Sarah Wainthrope are all characters from Halloween H20

Sarah and Cassie are both played by the lovely Jodi Lynn O'Keefe
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