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Path to the Future

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Hero's Path". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander has left Sunnydale and now has to grow beyond what he was.

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Round Two

Path to Future: Finale

Xander vs. Michael Myers Round Two.

Disclaimer: See Part One

Xander looked down the hall at the imposing figure standing before him.

“Michael Myers.” Xander whispered.

Michael looked down the hall at the trio with his dead malevolent black eyes.

Xander focused on Michael. ‘Michael you know who I am. I stopped you from killing Laurie the first time you escaped’

Xander was blasted by pure rage. Whatever part of Michael that had been human was gone.

“Ok Round Two.” Xander told him.

A group of people dressed in black and red robes emerged from the darkness behind Michael.

“Or Not.” Lindsey yelled as bolted down the hall away from Michael.

“Tommy go get out of here now.” Xander growled as he raised his shotgun.

“I’m not gonna leave you here.” Tommy told him as he tried to pull Xander with him.

“Tommy get the hell out of here.” Xander told him as he shoved him back and raised his shotgun.

“Ok the first one of you robe wearing weirdoes that takes a step toward be is getting a buckshot shampoo.” Xander yelled as he racked the shotgun.

One of the cultists lunged at Xander only to receive a blast to the gut.

“I told you not too. This is between me and Michael.”

Michael looked at Xander and squeezed his knife tighter.

The remaining cultists moved back down the hall and out of sight.

“So I got a question for you Michael are you original recipe or extra crispy?”

Michael began stomping down the hall.

Xander stood his ground.

Michael raised his knife to strike. Xander smiled and focused his telekinesis and slammed it into Michael.

“Forgot about my powers didn’t you.” Smiled Xander as he lower his shotgun and raised his hand and threw Michael into the wall.

“You Michael are a one stubborn son of a bitch but you also a little narrow minded.” Xander told him as heaved Michael back up to his feet. Michael hanging in the air like a limp noodle.

“Michael I have to stop you.” Xander told him as he walk up to him. “For Jamie to be safe you have to be put down.” Xander told Michael.

Michael’s arm shot out gripping Xander around the neck and lifting him into the air.

Lifting the shotgun in his hand Xander fired throwing Michael back and Xander dropped to the ground as the bones in his neck healed from Michael’s grip.

“You’re an asshole Michael.” Xander gasped rubbing his throat.

Michael sat up and turned to face Xander.

“Seriously what are you made of Michael?”

Xander grabbed his shotgun and took off down the hall after Lindsey and Tommy.

Michael following him.

Lindsey and Tommy ran down the halls as fast as they could looking for any way out.

“Where the hell did you come from?” came a voice. The pair looked and found Dr Wynn and a pair of orderlies staring at them from down the hall.

“Get them.” Wynn ordered the orderlies.

“Run Lindsey.” Tommy yelled as he pushed her back the way they came.

Xander rounded the corner and saddled up against the wall. Looking over his shoulder he saw the orderlies work station. Xander smiled and he grabbed a hypo a sedative and the beanbag gun off the wall. Loading the drug into the needle and the needle into the gun.

“Thank you MacGyver.” Smirked Xander.

Xander slid down the wall and waited for his shot.

“Where’s Xander?” Lindsey asked. “He’s trying to hold off Michael so we can get out of here.” Tommy told her.

The pair stopped short as they saw Michael round the corner ahead of him.

“Oh shit.” Lindsey gasped.

Boom a shot rang out and Michael had a hypo needle in his throat as Xander stood up from behind a desk gun in hand.

“I can’t believe that worked.” Xander told them as he dropped the empty weapon.

“Xander what the hell was that?” Lindsey demanded.

“Improvisation.” Xander told them with a smile.

Xander was about to blow Michael’s head off with his shotgun when something slammed into his back and his world went dark.

The world came swimming back to Xander in bits and pieces. He heard a voice.

“Yes sir we have taken Michael into custody we had several people we had to remove. Dr Wynn. A few Orderlies and two unidentified outsiders we took down a third but he survived. Once we secure Michael for transport we will find out who they are and why they were here.”

Xander opened his eye slightly and say Lindsey face down on the ground part of her head missing. Tommy was a few feet away his hand holding his shoulder which was bleeding.

Michael was on a metal wagon trussed up like a thanksgiving turkey.

A team of heavily armed men wheeling him out a door.

Xander waited until the men were outside and the man who had been talking was alone.

“So friend are you going to tell me who this two are and end this quickly or are you going to force me to drag this out and make you scream before you die?” the man giving Tommy the kind of oily smile that used car salesmen have.

Xander grabbed the empty beanbag gun and pulled it close then he stood up.

“Or he picks what’s behind door number three.” Xander snarled as he hit the man with the gun.

“You ok Tommy?” Xander asked as he helped Tommy to his feet.

“How?” Tommy asked as Xander propped him up and began checking the pockets of the man he just knocked out. Pulling a gun and a bundle from the man’s pockets and a flash bang grenade from his vest.

“We gotta go now.” Xander told him as he pulled the pin on the grenade and chucked it after the men moving Michael.

Tommy covered his ears as the flash bang went off.

Xander grunted as he half dragged Tommy toward an emergency exit and out into the night.

Tommy grunted as he woke up in Xander’s Camper.

Jamie rushed to his side. “Don’t get up to fast Tommy you’re still hurt.” She told him as she helped him sit up.

“What happened?” Tommy rasped as Jamie leaned over to the fridge and got him a bottle of water.

“Xander is getting food he can explain everything that happen.” She told him.

“Where’s Lindsey?” Tommy asked fearing the answer.

“She didn’t make it Tommy.” Jamie whispered as she took Tommy’s hand.

The door to the camper opened and Xander and Dr Loomis climbed in carrying Chinese food.

Xander saw Tommy was awake and gave him a small smile.

“Hey Tom glad you’re awake.”

Tommy’s glare told Xander he knew about Lindsey.

“Yeah Lindsey. Tommy there is no easy way to say this but let me show you what we found.” Xander pulled out a bundle of papers that he had pulled from the man Xander downed at Smith’s Grove.

“Whoever took Michael I think was a spook.” Xander told Tommy.

“A spook?” Jamie asked.

“A spy Jamie.” Dr Loomis answered.

“How do you know that?” Jamie asked.

Xander tossed a badge and ID on the counter. The badge read Clayton Webb Central Intelligence Agency.

“You mean the Government killed Lindsey and took Michael?” Tommy growled.

“It’s looking that way.” Xander admitted.

Tommy leaned back against the wall.

“So now what are we do?” Tommy asked.

“Well Laurie is still waiting to meet her daughter. Why not relax take a breather recover from this battle and heal Tommy.” Dr Loomis answered.

“We will find him again and we will make sure he never harms anyone ever again.” Jamie told him firmly.

Xander smiled. “So I guess I’m driving to L.A. then.”

Jamie nodded.

“Fine but just letting you know I’m driving I control the radio station.”

Dr Loomis smiled as he stood up. “I wish you all a safe journey.” As he headed for the door.

“Sam if you need me call.” Xander told him.

“Gladly Alexander I’ll be keep a look out for Michael. If I hear any rumors or anything like that I’ll call you.”

As Loomis left Xander turned to his two new traveling partners. “Lindsey’s funeral is tomorrow so we’ll leave after we say goodbye.”

Tommy nodded as he laid back down.

Jaime turned to Xander. “Do you think Michael will be back?”

Xander looked the young lady in the eyes.

“If he does come back I’ll be waiting for him.”

Author’s note: Xander’s Journey will continue in Hero Quest.

The End

You have reached the end of "Path to the Future". This story is complete.

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