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Hatten's little ficlet collection

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Summary: into this file I will put all the small things I have written.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Comedy > Xander-Centered
Multiple Crossings > Spike-Centered
JCHattenFR15116,22801210,67421 Dec 0927 Jan 10No

When PB's attack

When PB's attack

Author: hatten_jc
Beta: Hawklan
Disclaimer: Its AlanP’s fault he forced me to do this. :) Seriously he inspired me. I still do not own a thing so go away... BTVS belongs as always to J. Whedon and all other mentioned things belong to their creators.


The library

A scared looking Willy rushed into the room, "Slayer, Slayer YOU GOT TO HELP ME, It’s the END OF THE WORLD," he yelled rushing forward, grabbing Buffy and shaking her.

The fact that she saw Willy the Snitch rush in, grabbing her and crying for help surprised Buffy so much that it took at least five seconds before the brain was reconnected to the rest of her body. "HEY let me go you, you creep," she finally said.

Willy sniffed, "I, I’m scared. Help me."

"If you could explain a bit WHY you are so afraid," Giles said in a quiet voice.

Willy managed to collect his courage, the whole pint size of it, "Drusilla, she is planning on releasing a army of Chaos Coineagan or Possiblity Coineagan."

"Coineagan. It’s Gaelic," Giles frowned trying to remember what its meaning was. Then he blinked, "She is crazy, IF she does that no one will."

Willy interrupted Giles, "She already did it and attacked some of the guest in my bar and they changed."

Buffy blinked and asked, "Changed?"

Willy nodded, "Yes and THEY ARE LOOSE, they are IN TOWN NOW. If a Chaos Coineaga bites. You will change forever. It was terrible, like something out of," he shivered seeing something looking like the sesame street had truly scared him.

Buffy sighed, "Alright, I slay them then. A Coin, can’t be that hard."

Giles said, "Coineaga."

"Coineaga? You said its Gaelic right?" Xander asked.

Giles nodded, "Yes. Why?"

Xander answered, "I am not sure, but does Coineaga not mean rabbit or bunny?”

Giles nodded again, "You are right Xander. How did you know that?"

Xander pointed at the windows, the doors and the floors were hundreds of pink, blue, green, yellow, and brown UEBER CUTE bunnies were sitting sharpening their fangs and looking really hungry.

"Possibility bunnies or plot bunnies," Giles said in fear.

“OOO they are so cute and they don’t look dangerous at all," Willow said in a joyful voice as she was walking up to one of them, "Just look, they are sitting there friendly."

Willy shivered in fear.

Buffy yelled, "Willow be careful I.."

Her yell was cut short as a plot bunny jumped up and bit Willow hard in the face.

“Aaaa," Willow fell down screaming and a small cut was all that was seen and the bunny was gone. “Don’t worry, nothing happened to me," she said.

Around them the bunnies shivered, waiting for their time to attack.

Buffy blinked surprised, "Willow you are blue."

Willow blinked, "What? Oh crap, I must have relaxed my powers. You know about them guys."

Xander said, "Oh crap you have become Mystic."

Buffy paled, she could see the bunnies giggle and then like a wave of rainbow colored fur balls they attacked.

"RUN WILLOW," Buffy screamed as the bunnies attacked them.

Willow and Willy ran away as fast as they could.



"I see that the library is repaired as soon as possible," Dr. G, who also was known as G-man or Giles, said as he sat in his wheelchair and signed. Being the most powerful telepath and Watcher of Buffy and part-time Captain of the Enterprise sure gave him hardly any free time anymore. "

Buffy rolled her eyes. At least tonight nothing bad had happened. Being the Slayer of vampires, master of the Sexcraft and the last of her clan of ninjas she knew that her mother expected her to have at least two boyfriends. "Well I’m going home now. Like to join me?" she asked the blushing Xander.

Xander grinned as he walked up. Being Buffy’s boyfriend sure was fun. He only wished he had more time, but being Super-Batman, the last son of Krypton and president of Wayne enterprise gave him no much free time.

Now he hoped his half-brother Tenchi would actually help him and not just sit there being hugged by all the girls he had.

In the back-room Willow Mystic looked out, hoping no more Plot Bunnies would bite her and her friends.

The End
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