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Hatten's little ficlet collection

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Summary: into this file I will put all the small things I have written.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Comedy > Xander-Centered
Multiple Crossings > Spike-Centered
JCHattenFR15116,22801210,67421 Dec 0927 Jan 10No

A Terror of the ice cool type....

A Terror of the ice cool type....
Author: hatten_jc
Beta: Hawklan
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything, except a tea mug and its mine all things related to BTVS belong to J.W.


Chapter 1

The Scooby-gang was currently sitting around the table and were reading and researching. Buffy sat dreamingly hoping that her loved Angel would get his soul back.

Giles and Xander were currently involved in a discussion about fire arms. The resent destruction of the Judge had awakened Giles’ interest in weapons from the 20th century.

Suddenly a chirping, metallic sound was heard and a rolling sound echoed outside.

Buffy stood up grabbing her stake "A Vampire, he is alone."

Suddenly the door was opened and Spike rolled inside, in his wheelchair.

Buffy opened her mouth, but could not find a good joke to say.

But Xander wouldn’t be Xander if could help himself so he said, "Planning a hit and run with you chair, roller- boy?"

Buffy glared jealousy at Xander, "I’m the Slayer. I do the bad jokes," she said with a smile in her eye.

Spike growled, "Shut up wanker. I need you help"

They looked at him and saw that Spike actually looked afraid.

Giles took off his glasses and started to clean them, "Well what is it?" he asked the platinum blonde vampire.

Spike answered, "Peaches has lost it. He is so angry about the destruction of the Judge that he is planning on releasing the Abomination."

Giles shuddered, "O'my, are you sure?" he asked with fear in his voice.

"The Abo what?" Xander asked in confusion.

"The Abomination was a demonic monster so awful that a Slayer and five master vampires joined forces to destroy it. In the end they had to seal it away in a hidden cave," said Spike in a Watcher like tone.

"Yhea, we have to stop that bloody wanker," said Giles in his Ripper tone.

Buffy whined, "It’s so unfair. Why now?"

Xander smiled and said, "The perfect time to test my BOOM BOOM STICKS," and grabbed a large Gatling gun and a grenade launcher, which he had stolen at the same time as the rocket launcher.

The gang was soon on their way with Giles driving.

After a few minutes of driving, Buffy said, "What we did with Spike was wrong."

Xander disagreed, "Nothing wrong there, he was a Vampire."

Buffy complained, "But he helped us and you murdered him."

Xander shook his head, "No he is NOT dust yet. I only tied him, hanging upside down, outside at the roof, so that he can see the sun rising. If he manages to escape he will survive and how can I murder something that is dead already?"

Before Buffy had a chance to answerer Giles said, "We are there.” Shackling he added, “Tthe motion detector and the firebombs you put on Spike… that was bloody brilliant idea."

Then all hell broke loose as vampire literally ripped the car doors open and they soon were fighting for their life.


Meanwhile outside the school

Spike was swearing loudly, "Bloody hell, I must escape or I will die, but I can’t move or I will die also.” Then he shouted, “Dru, HELP!"

"Moma is going to see if Spike goes BOOOM or if will burn in the sun, than we can all have tea."

Spike shouted, "Help me my love."

Dru shook her her head, "No, I have new lover boy and he so much more man then you."

Johantan just smiled and only said, "Right."

Disbelieving Spike said, "He ain’t even a Vampire."

Dru looked shocked at Johantan, "You lied to me?"

Johantan answered her, "I’m a teenage nerd tentacle demon. Lies are one way to get girls."

Dru smiled, "and you have so much stamina."

Nearly gagging Spike begged, "Fine fine just help me."

Dru and Johantan smiled and said, "NO"


At the same time

The gang stood helpless, bruised and cut in front of the cave. Their weapons except some wooden stakes burned up in Giles’ car after Buffy tried to kill a vampire with a hand grenade she had stolen from Xander.

"No, we are too late," Giles said with fear in his voice.

Above them the ground shook as a monster like demon, with snow white fur, stood up and growled. It was awake again to bring pain and suffering. The
Abomination looked around and soon found his victim.

Angelus laughed. Then suddenly two massive arms grabbed him and started to hug him. The Abomination said, "I shall hug him and stroke him and cuddle him and call him George!"

The Scooby gang looked confused as the monster happily walked away cuddling a screaming Angelus.

Giles cleaned his glasses, "They say love can actually hurt some types of vampires and demons. Maybe that is why they locked him away."

The End
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