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Hatten's little ficlet collection

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Summary: into this file I will put all the small things I have written.

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JCHattenFR15116,22801210,67421 Dec 0927 Jan 10No

The Powers of the Slayer

The Powers of the Slayer

Author: John "Hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Hawklan
Disclaimer: Huh, I don’t know what to say anymore BTVS still belongs to J. Whedon, nothing changed there.

Chapter 1

A different power

“Mr. Travers, could I have a word with you?" asked the young man as he came walking in with an angry face.

“Of course, Mr. Hawking. What can I do for you?" Travers said as he patiently sat down on a nearby chair.

Hawking said, "I have read and REREAD the report of the Cruatcium and your actions in Sunnydale. They were beneath any moral and ethics the Watcher’s stand for. You are a shame. The Cruatcium hasn’t been done on a Slayer for hundreds of years and still you decide to do it."

"I agree," Travers said with a sad but amusing look on his face.

Hawking was baffled, "You, you agree? But why did you do it then?"

Travers answered, "You know those reports was secret and for the Council’s eyes ONLY," looking up at the young man with a serious but sad face.

Hawking got angry again and said, "Don’t try to change the subject. Explain yourself or so God help me I will make you regret firing Giles."

Still composed Travers said, "I believe there is no stopping now. What do you know officially and unofficially of the Slayer’s powers?"

"What has this to do with what you did?" Hawking asked waving angrily with his hands.

Travers smiled, "Humor me!"

Hawking gritted his teeth and answered, "Superstrenght equal or superior to a vampire, prophetic dreams, a superior healing ability and a lust to fight, that’s it."

With deadly serious look he threw at Hawking Travers began, "Those are the Slayer’s MINOR powers. She has so much more dangerous powers that turn on friend and enemy alike."

Surprised Hawking asked, "What what do you mean?"

Travers answered again, "Have you ever wondered WHY all the Slayer’s enemies work like cheap movie criminals and the monsters are so stupid they don’t use guns?"

Hawking began to look confused now, "I don’t understand. I believe that was because they were stupid."

Travers shook his head, "Not really, there are plenty of gun using Vampires on the streets of New York and other big cities."

Hawking looked even more confused, "I don’t get it. What has that to do with the Slayer’s powers?"

Travers explained, "The Slayer’s mayor power is that she warps the reality and the action of her enemies and friend around her to what she believes they should do and how to act."

"What do you mean?" The confusion was now written in capital letters on Hawking’s face.

"The less intelligent the Slayer is the more stupid the enemies’ plans and actions are. Haven’t you thought about that before?"

Hawking stuttered, "I.. You are saying that is because of the Slayer?"

Travers was looking even more serious now and nodded, "Right, that’s why the Watcher’s constantly force the Slayer to use traditional weapons like a stake and a sword, because most Slayer’s then expect the enemy to use similar types of weapons and because of that THEY DO."

"But what about the Cruatium test?" Hawking asked.

Travers answered, "That’s because of the Slayer realty changing magic ONLY works on those she considers the ENEMY and FRIENDS she LOVES. We only use the Cruatium on Slayer’s that have a father and daughter relationship in order to create an emotional split between them and thereby making the Watcher an ally not family or enemy. In the end the test is to ensure that the Slayer and her Watcher survives. Mostly only the Watcher survives."

Hawking asked in a bit of understanding, "So the test is for the survival of the Watcher then?"

Nodding Travers began, "Yes, but not completely. An experienced Slayer often gets too sure that a normal human can’t slay and her powers will make that the truth, unless she has forcibly experienced that they can do it. It has to do with a superior complex some Slayer’s have."

Hawking fired off his next question, "But then way did you kidnap Joyce and"

Waving his hand Travis interrupted him and started to explain, "The first thing I did back in England, under the Watcher’s eyes, was to do a logic planning test and the result was only half as good as it should be. That in itself was proof enough that I was under Buffy’s powers. She expected that I was an enemy and thus she made me behave in a stupid and criminal way."

Hawking looked thoughtful at the trees outside and it was quite for a time.

Travers said, "You know me, I am a bit stiffly and boring, but I always have the most respect for human life and the law."

Hawking nodded, "I know, that’s why I was so angry with you." A big smile was on his lips now and he turned around. "Is this why we, on the Watchers, like the Slayer to work alone and employ any fighters that join the good fight like the Pike kid?"

Travers nodded again, "Yes that is exactly why it’s sad that Ripper didn’t force the young Xander and Willow to leave the fight or call us so that we could explain and make use of them in the fight against evil as independent fighters who are allied, but not friends or enemies, the Slayer powers wouldn’t work on them. That is why it is so sad that Ripper did not force them to leave in the beginning."

Hawking asked Travers then, "Why can't we convince them to leave?"

"Because Buffy expect them to be loyal and it takes some time before her mind power effect dissipates and trying to convince them at this point would probably make us Buffy’s enemies and we would behave like criminals our self," was Travers answer.

Hawking nodded in understanding, "Oh that explains a lot. I hope one of them leaves Sunnydale long enough for us to help him or her."

Travers smiled, "We have made certain that Xander will get a free car and encouraged him to make a cross country trip in a couple of years from now and then we can maybe help him to become a true hero.

The end

Unless someone else like to continue with this idea.
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