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Xander Harris the other Prototype

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Summary: Xander isn’t the only one to disguise himself as a soldier version of Alexander Harris

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered
Games > Comic/Superhero
Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Xander's Real Family
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Chapter Two

2. Chapter Two
Disclaimer: I do not own in any part of BtVS, Prototype or any of the mentioned characters in this story. They belong to Joss Whedon and Dark Horse comics, Activision Publishing Inc and DC comics was involved because their banner is seen throughout the game and they’re publishing the comic book version of the game. Alien belongs to Ridley Scott, Brandywine Productions and Twentieth Century-Fox Productions

[subconscious talking] seeing as his subconscious can communicate with him it’s better to not see it as regular ‘thought’


“Wait a second are we sleeping outside in an ally in Sunnydale at night? Because we have got to get inside and make sure Willow and the others are alright.”

“Yes, but don’t worry I can take appropriate measures if a vampire would come across us. We should head to the library and if they’re not there we’ll just have to go home.”

With a deep inhale of breath Xander’s eyes opened. ‘What a weird dream’
[It wasn’t. The quickest way to the library would normally be to glide or fly but our body is still adapting so we’ll have to run if you want to catch them at the library]
‘Ok, that’s going to be strange’ he thought while starting to run.

Without thinking about it he ran the distance in less than three minutes. ‘Wait, that was way too fast’
[You’ll just have to get used to it. Alex could run the length of Manhattan island in New York in a little over ten minutes]

“No, way!” realizing he said this out loud while walking into the library made him immediately the center of attention.

“Xanderthereyouarewecouldn’tfindyouandweweresoworried,” Willow said in one breath.

“Wow, breath Willow I’m alright,” Xander said while gently hugging her.

“Willow get away from him that’s not Xander!” Buffy yelled while throwing a stake at Xander. Giles was just coming out of his office and could only look in disbelief as the events unfolded.

Xander quickly moved Willow to the side and felt the stake pierce the flesh of his arm. “Hey I so am me and can I just say auw.”

“Buffy how could you attack Xander. We have to…” But that was as far as they got when everyone stared in fascination and horror as Xander pulled out the stake and the wound closed in seconds.

“Ok, I can explain that,” Xander quickly said while holding his hands in the air in a placating gesture. “This is all a side effect of whatever happened tonight”

“That’s impossible. We haven’t been changed by being turned into our costumes,” Buffy said while gesturing between herself and Willow. “And there’s no way that dressing yourself up as a soldier would make you feel completely inhuman to my Slayer senses.”

“Yes, I know its weird but you can ask Willow to confirm that I'm Xander and then I’ll explain everything. Alright?” Xander pleaded.

“Ok, Willow just ask IT a question that only Xander would know the answer to,” Buffy said while inching closer to the weapons cabinet just in case.

Willow’s face took on a sad look and asked, “what does Xander do every Christmas when his family gets together for the holidays?”

Nervously Xander looked around and with a deep sigh he answers, “I sleep outside on the roof to get away from the yelling.”

“Oh Xander I’m sorry but we had to be sure,” Willow said while looking even sadder look in her eyes after talking about his home life..

“It’s alright Will I get it.” [I’m just surprised Buffy could sense that we’re different.] “Now that we’ve confirmed that I’m Xander I’ll get with the splainy”

As he went through his story of the night the faces of Giles, Buffy and Willow switched between shock and horror. Afterwards they explained their adventures of the night.

“Although that explains how you feel different to Buffy’s senses we are still left with the question of why these changes have remained while as far as we can deduce everyone else has returned to normal apart from a few memories and skills” Giles was quickly to add thinking of Buffy's remark about French.

“As far as I can figure it out it comes from the fact that I killed that alien. Which I still can’t believe I did,” Xander said with a surprised look.

“How does you killing a non-magical futuristic alien monster help you to keep temporary through magic gained powers?” Giles asked.

“Well Giles, because of the acid large parts of my right arm and large areas of skin were literally dissolved. Afterwards my body had to grow back all that tissue and that tissue was completely made from my infected flesh,” Xander said while pointing at the mentioned body parts.

“Can I just say gross.” Buffy was quick to add

“Although I agree with Buffy that the thought is rather unsavory, I would like to know what powers you now posses?” Giles asked while getting a notepad.

“Well they all stem from control over my cellular structure. All my cells can take on new tasks or qualities in a matter of seconds and my general physical abilities are upgraded to a whole new level. I can transform any part of my body into a weapon, I can turn my skin into armor and I can shape-shift. The problem is that I have no experience in using these abilities and it will take a while to get them under control,” Xander said with a far off look going over the information his subconscious provided and the glimpses of memories he had seen.

“Well I’m just glad I don’t have to slay you,” Buffy said with a relieved tone.

“Me too Buffy but at least I’ll be able to help out with the slaying and I might have an idea to speed up the research part of the job,” Xander said with his usual lopsided grin returning for the first time since this evening started.

“Oh, and how would you achieve that Xander? I’m rather curious as to what method you would use,” Giles said with his most academic tone.

“Well Giles seeing as I have perfect recall, I’ll just have to skim through all the books I haven’t read yet and I’ll be able to remember all the necessary facts.”

“Although the idea has merit I do think you’ve underestimated the amount of books and information.”

“I wouldn’t worry about that. My subconscious is already working on turning all the memories I have into simple information that I can use. The emotional strain of using the original memories with all the feelings that come with them would simply overwhelm me. The other thing that I should tell you is the fact that I don’t need to sleep any more so I have the time to go through the books.”

“You will still have to return home even though I am appalled for what I heard of your little Christmas tradition,” Giles said with a dark look in his eyes.

“Don’t worry about it G-man. They’re just like that on the holidays. [No they’re not. Mom’s nice but she cowers in fear of dad and Tony’s an abusive alcoholic.] ‘I know but with our enhancements we won’t have to fear him and we can protect mom. We should at least try to get her to divorce him’.

The truth of this statement would only become clear later that night.

“So where have you been all-night runt! You need to go get me some more beer,“ Tony Harris said as soon as Xander was through the door.
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