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Xander Harris the other Prototype

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Summary: Xander isn’t the only one to disguise himself as a soldier version of Alexander Harris

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered
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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Xander's Real Family
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Chapter Three

3. Chapter Three
Disclaimer: I do not own any part of BtVS, Prototype or any of the mentioned characters in this story. They belong to Joss Whedon and Dark Horse comics, Activision Publishing Inc and DC comics was involved because their banner is seen throughout the game and they’re publishing the comic book version of the game. Alien belongs to Ridley Scott, Brandywine Productions and Twentieth Century-Fox Productions
[subconscious talking] seeing as his subconscious can communicate with him it’s better to not see it as regular ‘thought’

“So where have you been all-night runt! You need to go get me some more beer,“ Tony Harris said as soon as Xander was through the door.

‘When will this night end?’ “No, I won’t Tony. I’m not going to take your crap any longer,” Xander said with a cold look at the man that had raised him.

“How dare you talk to me that way!” With those words barely past his lips, Tony ran at Xander with more force than one would expect from a man so fat and drunk. Fuled by anger and alcohol Tony punched Xander in the face. Breaking both his hand and Xander’s jaw. Many years later Xander would still remember the look of absolute fear that appeared on Tony’s face when all Xander did was steady his jaw and waited those few seconds needed for it to heal.

[I think you should know that the DNA that he left on our jaw doesn’t match ours.] This only made Xander grin.

“What are you?” Tony said while cradling his shattered hand. Even with his level of intoxication he realized that this wasn’t the same boy who had left earlier. This was something different, something dangerous.

“I’m going to say this once and if you don’t listen I’ll make sure you’ll suffer for it. Leave this house and never return. You’ll leave my ‘let’s hope she is’ mom alone and never harm her or me again”

Tony could only look in fear as he ran to the door and left in the night.

[Go rest on the couch. We need to keep watch so he doesn’t return and we need to complete our physical changes.] ‘I thought you said I didn’t need to sleep.’ [When we’re fully regenerated and the change is complete. I’ve only finished the basics such as our muscle structure and our nervous system. Large parts of our tissue are still in their original state and after that I still have to go though all those memories.] ‘Ok, I get it.’

With that Xander’s night finally came to an end.

When Jessica Harris arrived home from her night shift at the hospital she expected to see her husband passed out on the couch, not her son sleeping. She was also startled when he shot up the second she stepped through the door.

“Xander why are you sleeping on the couch and where is your father?” Jessica said with a worried look in her eyes.

“Don’t worry mom," he said while hugging her. [DNA match she’s our mom]
“I got into a fight with Tony last night and I made him leave. Let’s hope he listens to his common sense for once.”

As Jessica broke down crying all she said was “I’m such a bad mother and you’re such a good boy.”

Seeing as this wasn’t the time for further revelations and explanations he simply carried his exhausted mother upstairs and tucked her into her own bed. Soon she was asleep and Xander decided to go for a walk to clear his head. While he was heading to his room to change his clothes the ones he was wearing changed to one of his loud Hawaiian shirts and some jeans.

‘How did I do that?’ [I did that. You wanted to change the clothing and I thought it might be a good start for you to get used to the shapeshifting.] ‘Are you telling me I wasn’t actually wearing clothes?’ [Of course not. No clothes could stand common wear and tear around us. Its actually an extension of our skin.]

At normal human running speed Xander took off for the Sunnydale junkyard.

[This is a good first exercise] “What jumping over a 20 foot fence!” [Exactly, it’s one of the first things Alex did to get used to his new potential. Just try it. You won’t get damaged in any way.]

With a burst of inhuman speed and a quick jump Xander soared over the top of the fence.

‘We actually had several feet to spare.’ [Don’t be surprised. Now I’m going to show you how Alex did things and then you’ll repeat them. That way they’ll be imprinted on our muscle memory and turn our knowledge into experience. Once we get the basics in we can go hunt.] ‘I like that idea. So what first? The weapons?” [Let’s start simple with defense. We’ve got the shield and the armor. The shield protects us from nearly everything and allows us to keep our flexibility. The armor boosts our strength but takes away from our speed.]

After shifting to both forms of defense and walking around in them Xander started the next part of his training.

‘Weapons now?’ [No, something much more important. Our different fields of vision. Although I as any other subconscious continuously check for danger you still have to get used to having different fields of vision. We’ve even got one more than Alex thanks to that Alien. In total we’ve got four fields of visions. Normal human vision although much better, thermal vision, Infected vision and echolocation.] ‘No, way. What else did I get from that alien?’ [Not sure. I’m still deciphering all the genetic material from last night. The resistance to acid was of course the first and now this field of vision the rest will come later.]

“This is so strange.” ‘Is this how you always see the world?’ [Actually I see all of them at the same time.]
‘It’s time for us to go. Mom will be waking up and she’ll probably be worried if we’re not there.’

Over the next two weeks Xander was able to convince Jessica to file for divorce. Apart from school his time was spent training, reading and the occasional night with friends. On one of these nights they were staked out in front of a fresh grave.

“So Xander why do you spend so much time reading? I mean it was totally funny and all when Miss Henderson accused you of cheating on that math-test and you showed her up with college level math. But you must have already read all the schoolbooks, why still read.”

“My subconscious won’t stop nagging until it knows how to kill every demon that we might face,” Xander quickly said with a look of embarrassment.

While Xander answered Buffy, the fledgling surfaced and another vampire jumped on Xander’s back and immediately went for his neck. As a reflex he shifted into his armor form.

“Aauw, what the hell," said the vampire with the obviously broken teeth. Meanwhile Buffy staked the fledgling.

“I’ll take care of this,” Xander said while thrusting his fist through the vampire’s chest. Immediately turning it into dust.

“So who’s up for the Bronze," said Xander while shifting back to his regular form.
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