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What Christmas is About

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Summary: Every year, once a year, Buffy gets to go home. {Christmas present for FaithUnbreakable}

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Where the Heart Is

Disclaimer: I own neither BtVS nor Star Trek (ANY of the 'Treks).

A/N: This is a Christmas prezzie/ apology to FaithUnbreakable for vanishing from the internets. I am so sorry... but I hope you like it.

She looks at the bottom-right corner of her datapad and reads the time blinking there in eye-popping red. It is a quarter to midnight, it's time to go. She lays the pad down gently, movements slow and graceful. Even now, when she is hesitant and second-guessing herself, her movements stay fluid.

It is part of who she is (what she is) even now.

She stands, straightening the lines of her black shirt and skirt: the insignia on her left breast indicates her rank, the color of her uniform tells the world that she is an instructor. Her, a teacher... who would have thought? Admittedly her classes mainly deal with the more martial aspects of the Federation (hand-to-hand combat, and how to keep a clear head under fire), but still - the thought of her teaching would have made her si... certain others laugh themselves sick.

Her fingers twitch against her thigh, a half-formed motion that is one of the many remnants of a life long gone. Instead she lifts the hand to her hair, pushing loose bangs behind her ear, the rest of her hair still in the formal regulation bun. She keeps a weapon on her body at all times, of course (you can take the girl out of the graveyard...), but cool metal is stiff and impersonal compared to rough wood whittled by her own careful hands.

She walks to the door of her quarters, grabbing the package sitting innocently on the table beside it. The door is open and she is walking down the hall with purpose, confident actions hiding the debate raging inside her head this year (as it does every year).

Within a few short minutes she is standing outside the door (His door) and her mind is raging. Part of her considers the convenience of the fact that his room is so much closer now. It has been closer for a few years, but she still remembers sneaking past the cadet monitors and his roommate to do this - whatever this is. She knows that it is wrong, she knows that it is unfair to him, she knows that on years she can't be here - he waits for her (sometimes till reprimanded), she knows that on years when he simply can't be here... she hurts.

364 days out of the year (365 on leap-years) she doesn't need him. Doesn't even acknowledge him.

But on Christmas...

She opens the door, knowing his code will not have changed, and there he is. He was sitting (brooding, her mind supplies) until the door opened, but now he is standing, striding to her, beaming fit to break his face. And she knows that she is cruel, to herself and to him, knows that she should stop this - whatever this is, but she knows that his smile is matched on her face because for one day out of the year she is home.

Because she sees Dawn in the brightness of his blue eyes and the petulance of his pout.

Because she sees Xander in his irrepressible humor and wry grin.

Because she sees Willow in his intense drive and lack of self-preservation.

Because she sees Faith in the sexual armor he uses to hide a broken past.

Because she sees Giles in his shocked fluster, because she does fluster him from time to time.

Because he is him, and he is always waiting for her.

She steps forward into his arms, inhaling the scent of him, feeling the strength in his arms... and feels her family reaching out to embrace her.

Because this is what Christmas is all about.

A/N2: Considering doing Kirk's pov. What think you?
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