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Xander's Gambit

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Summary: What happens when a mistake causes Xander to dress as a certain "Devil eyed" thief?

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-CenteredTTrunksFR1844,60813819,94725 Dec 0929 Dec 09No

A vampire hunting we will go....1


Here’s Xander’s Gambit Chapter 4. A lot of thanks goes out the Methos for an amazing bit of fan art I’m going to try to get to show up here in the middle as well as my new French person ATLenya. Without her I’d probably keep calling Faith a whore…(Word the dictionary site I was using said it meant doll but it really meant slut…)

Anyway on with the show


Xander and Faith strolled easily along the street of the somewhat crowded city. As they walked Faith spotted something that she quite liked; smiling to herself she put a hand into her cleavage and pulled out a wad of bills counting it she quickly figured she had enough, even as she said, “Well Shades, let’s split up for awhile we both have our Walkie-Talkies incase we run into trouble.”

Xander nodded saying, “Gambit don’t mind that idea Nichons.”

Faith nodded saying, “I like the sound of that Shades, I don’t know that word, I just sound smooth and sharp.”

Xander smirked, “Ah kay Nichons Gambit 'ill talk to you later, wanna plan to meet back at the 'otel in say an hour?”

Faith nodded, “Sure Shades that will be plenty of time for a light patrol see you later.”

Xander smirked glad Faith hadn’t asked what nichons meant. He figured it was all fair and fun that if she was going to call him out on his most noticeable trait then he was going to call her out on her two most notable traits. And boy were they noticeable.

Xander walked another three blocks over his own mind not paying attention and thus he didn’t see Faith walk into the nearby S&M store. However as he walked he heard a scream, sliding a few dice into his left hand the California born Cajun walked into the alley way. As he saw the woman being cornered by an oddly pale man and six vampires. Deciding to use the range to his advantage Xander lifted his glasses using one of Remy’s least used powers.

Remy was capable of sending his kinetic “charge” through his eyes; however Remy had never felt the need to really develop the power. Xander on the other hand had trained the power almost more than he did his physical contact with objects. As he looked at the nearest vamp Xander charged his shirt with kinetic energy. As the vampire finally felt the heat Xander “cut the focus” and seconds later the shirt exploded propelling the vampire HARD into the nearby wall.

As the vamps looked around Xander moved, throwing one of the dice he’d palmed directly at one of the vamps’ foreheads. Just as he’d hoped when it detonated it took the vampire’s head with it even as he threw his arms out as the vampires charged; he tossed the kinetically charged knives he’d had hidden up his sleeves. The knives flew straight and true, two vampires were dusted, two had a leg blown off and another two took serious damage but were still moving. Xander moved back even as he slid two bath beads into his hands charging the outer shell with the minimum of energy he tossed them into the vampire’s face; the minor explosions didn’t even slow them down however less than a second later both were clawing at their eyes and faces. Xander smirked, “Bath beads are filled with oil, get a priest to bless them and it’s just like a miniature hand of Jesus non?”

Xander however was never one to waste an opportunity pulling out his bo-staff he extended it and with a savage swing knocked the two vampires to the ground with knee shattering bo strikes. He then grabbed a hand of bb’s, and charging them with massive amounts of kinetic energy, he tossed them onto the downed vampires. The crippled vampires couldn’t dodge and thus after a few seconds the multiple blasts had sent them to their ultimate end. The two earlier downed vamps were next Xander simply charged their heads. Moving over to the final vampire who was the first he’d gone after he did the same by grabbing his head.

Looking around for the pale man he wasn’t that surprised the man had run. For the umpteenth time in as many days Xander wished he could just finish all of them in one strike, but the problem with using high explosives against fast enemies was that you’d do massive property damage and what was the point then?

So Xander had decided early on to keep his explosions strictly small scale until he was a hundred percent sure they were “Kill shots”.

Xander looked for the pale man who couldn’t have been human but didn’t find him.

The rest of the patrol was somewhat normal and uneventful; a few muggers who learned there was a much better thief than them and few vampires in mindless hunting parties. Eventually Xander headed back towards the hotel room, he was surprised when he heard a low whistle. Their stood Faith in a full-body leather suit the zipper down between her breasts when it was meant to go to her collar. Showing of her cleavage quite well with spiked, what could only be called hooker heels, a black long coat, and black leather gloves. Xander whistled saying, “Damn Nichons, you 'bout gave Gambit a headache.”

Faith smirked walking towards him her hips swaying seductively as she said, “Hm how’d I do that Shades?”

Xander smirked, “To much blood rushing form de Gambit’s top head to his lower one.”

Faith laughed saying, “Well then what do you say we head to the room?”

Xander nodded a smirk on his face a mile wide saying quietly, “Dis be betta than Mardi Gras.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Xander's Gambit" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Dec 09.

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