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Xander's Gambit

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Summary: What happens when a mistake causes Xander to dress as a certain "Devil eyed" thief?

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-CenteredTTrunksFR1844,60813819,94925 Dec 0929 Dec 09No

The begining....

Hey all thanks to SadJack for this little plot bunny. I really like his stories and you should check them out as well.


Xander sat on a chair near the bed gently but with obvious skill moving a deck of cards between his fingers. He was topless hadn’t bothered to pull his shirt back on after last night’s “Activities”. His eyes glowing dimly a blood red crimson light being put off by his “devil eyes”. His feet rested gently on the nearby bed.

Faith awoke with a start before saying, “Damn X, you should know better than to look at a girl like me with those eyes.”

Xander smirked the smirk that had gotten many a fine young fille into his bed saying, “Buffy used to say the same thing chere.”

Faith sat up pulling the wet sheet against her tits as she said to Xander, “So X, what were you thinking about?”

Xander just made his smirk get a bit bigger a bit more arrogant as he said, “Why does the fille not think I was pondering about her?”

Faith rolled her eyes, “Because LeBeau, I’d hope if you were thinking about me certain parts of you would be much more active and you wouldn’t be able to do that from lack of blood.”

Xander let his smirk widen a bit pulling out a cigarette he tapped the end with his first finger lighting it as he took a hard hit. He let the nicotine fill his lungs even as Faith followed his example using a traditional lighter for her own cancer stick.

The two sat there in darkness, how long Faith didn’t know, the room’s clock had been destroyed hours earlier when they’d started their “Fun”. Finally just as Faith was nodding off to sleep Xander spoke, “Just thinking about the night that decided I wasn’t enough of a freak.”

Faith was wide awake now cuddling up with the pillows figuring this would be a long story.

(Three years previous October 31)

Xander swore as he kicked the vending machine. Even as he realized if he wanted punch he’d have to use his Halloween fund. Deciding he needed the soda more than the stupid gun he slid the dollar in only to drink deep the caffeine rich soda a few seconds later.

Even as he wandered away from the cafeteria he tried to think of what he could do for Halloween, especially with the troll forcing him to walk the kids. As he walked he noticed the Jonathan swearing up quite a bit. Walking over to the “nerd” he said, “Yo Jo what’s up?”

Jonathan looked at Xander sighing, “I had the most awesome costume idea, but then the idiots at party town screwed up my order, look I was going to go as Gambit from "X-Men", but the contacts are made of a material I’m allergic too, and they cost just too damn much.”

Suddenly an idea hit Xander even as he said, “Well Jono, since your costume fell through what do you say to trading mine for yours, I’ll take that Gambit stuff off your hands and you can have some old fatigues I have and you can go as a sergeant or Punisher during Nam.”

The short nerd nodded, “Wow Xander thanks, all of the army costumes looked fake at Party town I owe you big time.”

Xander smiled, “No big buddy, not big at all, what do you say you bring the stuff here, and we’ll trade?”

Jonathan nodded heading home to grab the stuff even as Xander did the same.

(Three hours later)

Xander looked at himself in the mirror and nodded, despite his hair being a bit darker he pulled the look off easily enough. A black shirt left over from his Hyena days, the worn brown coat, black skin tight gloves only his middle two fingers completely covered, black jeans, and the combat boots he’d been planning to wear spray painted black, the red and black eye “contacts” the hero was infamous for. Even as he was preparing to leave he realized he’d forgotten the most important part.

The six blocks from the school to Ethan’s costume shop was neither a fun nor an easy run, but Xander just made it. Running inside he all but ran over to the rack filled with sunglasses. Grabbing a pair he liked black frames red lenses. Nodding to himself he slipped them on and gave the cashier the money before heading out.

Xander thanked the cashier some British guy before he headed out going to pick up Buffy and the others.

Unknown to any of the “Actors” the “Scene” of that night worked out how it always would have. However Ethan’s spell did something no one not even the proprietor of Chaos could have imagined.

Xander awoke the day after Halloween with a splitting headache. Almost subconsciously his hand reached out opening a drawer he slid his glasses onto his face. Standing up Xander felt as if he was gagging, his stomach hurt begging to be filled. Stumbling down the stairs he put the pan on the stove and lit it, digging around for some eggs.

Now had Xander Harris been in his right mind he’d have known the smell of cooking would piss his hungover parent’s off. He’d also know they were very likely to react violently. However Xander didn’t care, or even acknowledge his parents as he waited for the pan to heat up.

Suddenly Xander heard a noise and almost as if it was dumb lucky his left hand shot back grabbing the bottle by the base even as he turned throwing the spoon he’d been stirring the eggs with as if it were a missile it flew straight and true into Tony Harris’s eye. Said man almost immediately went unconscious from the force of the thrown implement impacting his temple. As Xander turned around he realized he truly hadn’t even had to think to do what he’d just done. Immediately a fear gripped him as he saw his mother looking at him eyes wide in fear and a dull glimmer of recognition as he said, “Mom watch these for me, I'll be right back.”

Xander then ran showing off a scary feat of grace as he turned around his mother and was up the stairs before she reached the eggs. As Xander reached the bathroom he looked at himself and felt his eyes widen, staring back at him was perfection. His body looked like a Greek or Roman sculpture his muscles were well defined. Almost fearing what he’ll see Xander reaches for the glasses as he looked at his eyes and sees a pair of red and black orbs looking back at him he says simply the first two words that pop into his mind, “Oh putain”


Yeah, I know the first chapter was a bit weak. But I wanted to get all the normal has to be done stuff out of the way. Next chapter we’ll get to see quite a bit of fun.

Also, I don’t speak French, but according to the translator I found putain means the same as the English word fuck. If anyone speaks “Gambit” they're welcome to help me out with his dialogue a bit.

Also Disclaimer, I don’t own Gambit nor do I own "X-Men", those who own it make money off of it not me, I also don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer....
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