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Xander's Ghoul

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Summary: What happens when Xander on an exchange setup up with the Hellsing organization is left alone during the Valentine attack?

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Anime > HellsingTTrunksFR1811,211165,49625 Dec 0925 Dec 09Yes
Hello again all, another quick one-shot. One of these days I’ll get around to actually posting a Buffy/Hellsing cross, but there are so many done by so many writers better than myself that I feel bad trying to hold a candle to them.

Anyway here’s a nice little one-shot I figured WtH and decided to type up after reading an acquaintance Lord Admiral belisarius’s Harry Potter Fanfic project crossover Harry Potter and Hellsing.

Declaimer, I own not Buffy or Hellsing, or any of the characters within.


Xander swore, well okay Xander Harris had been swearing since he’d arrived at the Hellsing manor. However as he stared down a literal army of ghouls he really wished he was a vampire for the first time in his life. Running as the creatures fired at him he lobbed a “pineapple” grenade into their mass. As he heard the muted explosion he pulled his modified Tommy gun bringing it up to his shoulder he opened fire. The high caliber gun loaded with a drum magazine did massive damage despite the riot shields and armor. Mentally he made a note to thank Alfred for the explosive rounds.

As Xander ducked behind the cover the wall provided he chucked a second grenade after pulling the grenade and counting three seconds. Xander ran across in front of the ghouls pulling the mine from his pack he slid it under the rug, even as he moved ejecting the now spent drum magazine and slamming a new one home. Rounding a corner he BARELY kept his head form being blown off by a 9mm round knocking the helmet from his head as he went to duck down. However as Xander hit the ground mentally swearing at his loss of the machine gun while going down he pulled his sidearm mentally preying to anyone he hadn’t pissed off “Upstairs” he held the powerful desert eagle loaded with 44. Rounds, double stacked clips, he aimed low and pulled the trigger. Hearing the sound of his earlier placed mine going off he knew he had to move now. Even as the ghouls went to rip him apart with their decrepit teeth. Xander threw the empty gun away deciding he’d rather die like a Scooby then die like a bitch he pulled the K-bar, and the small dagger throwing the knife into the first ones eye even as he felt blood filling his now useless eye socket he felt a sudden burning driving rage that DEMANDED he rise.

In a flash Xander was up using one of the Ghoul's own guns against them a damaged Riot shield keeping them at least somewhat back before he felt the machine gun click dry. Again Xander swore mentally even as he dove grabbing his side arm he ejected the empty clip jamming a fresh one in he opened fire grabbing his back pack and pulling it back on he raised the shield his head bleeding from the force of the helmet hitting his skull from the bullet’s impact. He growled letting the Ghouls nearly overwhelm him before suddenly turning and running even as he grabbed an incendiary grenade. As Xander pulled the red grenades pin he tossed it, using the shield as protection as the volatile chemicals inside of it mixed and then detonated in a shower of flame.

Xander knew the ghouls wouldn’t be slowed down much as he ran using the barely useful riot shield to keep the ghouls from scoring a lucky shot. Xander really wished he’d kept a hold of his Tommy gun only to curse at his own forgetfulness. Opening the bag he pulled out the M 60, known as the SAW, or Pig sticker. He knew this particular guns biggest weakness was the barrel over heating and that said gun barrel could be switched out as he held one tightly between his teeth even as he put the other under his arm. Adjusting the belt fed high caliber weapon with his right arm and making sure the mag would feed properly he heard the disgusting grunt only a ghoul could make. Deciding to try his best to blow them down Xander took an incendiary grenade, pulling the Pin he slid in a piece of wire, tying it tightly to a table across from it after duck taping it down he set up a claymore hoping the set up would pay off. In a perfect world the Ghouls would be finally filled with fire behind them metal blasting into their fronts and from below, but he doubted it would work that was as he moved on. As he rounded the corner he saw the Ghouls stomp into his trap.

Xander tried not to feel joy as the flesh devouring sons a bitches rode an express train to hell. Taking a moment to steel his nerves Xander headed down the hall wincing at what he saw, eight to ten Hellsing Soldiers some partially devoured, and others just dead. Pulling his traditional side arm a gift from his girls he checked the cylinder before giving each a single silver blessed metal bullet to the brain. The half devoured ones he jammed his blessed K-bar into their hearts as well.

The first team he’d come across he’d had a hard time doing this, after the fiftieth he really didn’t care anymore. If he looked in a mirror he’d notice a few tears running from his eyes and he’d take a bit of comfort to know he DID still care. Going over the Hellsing bodies he took grenades, and any ammo that he could use. Xander was so focused on his task he almost didn’t hear the sound of the ghouls sneaking up on him from behind. Almost because ghouls could be incredibly quiet when they needed too. However Xander Harris wasn’t the same doofy kid he’d been so long ago and he had his own innate sense of danger.

Xander’s danger sense proved better than the ghouls “Evolution” of hunting because literally seconds before the ghouls would be on him, Xander turned still crouched he placed the back of the SAW against his hip and pressed the trigger. The gun’s accuracy was nearly nonexistent but with the amount of enemies and their tight grouping it didn’t matter. The riot shield were no use to the fifty caliber modified SAW.

Xander smirked as the majority of the ghouls went down he pulled out an incendiary grenade and said, “For these men you flesh eating monsters.”

Xander tossed the red grenade into the mess of limbs and walked away slightly enjoying the smell of burning flesh and painful cries more than he should. He was a bit surprised when he saw a group of slightly burned Ghouls shuffling along towards him. Briefly he wondered how many groups there were as he gritted his teeth and raised the massive machine gun pulling the trigger again not aiming at specific points relying on the gun’s power to break the bones in the Ghoul’s hands, ounce there was so much damage they’d drop the shields Xander grabbed the nearest one with his foot even as he tossed in an incendiary grenade. Picking up the mostly undamaged at least not on the inside Riot shield he moved forward.

The End

You have reached the end of "Xander's Ghoul". This story is complete.

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