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Bear Necessitites

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Never Fear Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Padma is ready for things to move forward, but Greg still can’t understand why she likes him at all.

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings > RomanceechoFR1311,706192,57825 Dec 0925 Dec 09Yes
disclaimer: JK Rowling's creations here.
AN: for mama_terra
AN2: Contains boy!Tracey Davis. This is set in the IHNFYF universe.


Blaise and Draco both had wide-eyed looks of surprise as Padma Patil caught the bouquet Ginny Malfoy had just thrown. Mainly because the normally sedate and reserved Ravenclaw was jumping about and making a very undignified squealing noise. Obviously she was excited about her victory.

“Bloody hell, Goyle. Someone’s ready to marry you, dearest,” Tracey remarked, smoothing his dress robes a bit.

Blaise studied. “She’s rather loud. Does she make that noise in the bedroom as well? We know she’s vocal, she’s said so herself, but is that the sound?”

Greg grabbed for Blaise and Draco stepped between them. “Not at my wedding, thank you.”

“Sorry, Princess.” Blaise spotted something in the distance. “There’s Mr. and Mrs. Longbottom. Must say hello.”

Blaise sprinted off towards Neville and Hannah. He never missed an opportunity to make Hannah blush.

Tracey’s latest plaything was motioning him over. “I’m being beckoned. Must be off. Cheers, darlings.”

Greg looked at Draco. “Should I?”

“Bloody hell, Greg. Should you what? Use your words.”

“Marry her.”

“Do you want to?”

“I believe I do.”

“Well, she doesn’t seem opposed to the idea, given all the rather undignified jumping and squealing we just witnessed. Perhaps you should just ask her then. Now if you’ll excuse me, I would like to dance with my wife. Her brothers do not look pinched enough just now. I think some inappropriate hand placement while waltzing could cure that.”

Draco bee-lined for Ginny, and Greg had to smirk at that.

“Well, what have you said to run everyone off then?”

Greg jumped and looked at his girlfriend. Padma was looking especially lovely in her green and black sari. Her long hair was down and without embellishments – because that was the way he liked it. She was twirling the captured bouquet in her hands. Greg could not help stare at it with something akin to panic. Sure, he now carried a little black velvet box containing something that had belonged to his mother that no one knew he carried. In fact, he’d been toting this ring around for months now, but Greg was not brave. Not with Padma. She scared him to death. He was terribly afraid of what her answer would be if he asked her the question that preceded his opening that box to her.

Suddenly his chin had been grabbed in a vice-like grip.

“Gregory Galen Goyle, this means nothing. You do not have to do anything you do not want to do. Do you understand me?”

“But what do you want?”

She glared at him. They almost always did what she wanted, but Padma knew they could not in this matter. It had to be his choice; else he might come to resent her. She could not have that - though she would not pretend that it would not make her very happy. Even Neville had found the courage to ask Hannah, and now that Draco had finally, at long last, made Ginny his wife, Padma would like Greg to do the same.

But she wouldn’t force the issue.

“Greg, as always, I want you. The rest, my bear, must be up to you.”

Greg frowned. He did not find that particularly helpful. Padma had always asked him things, decided things. She was the one who’d started all of this by asking him to the Winter Ball in their seventh year. She had been the one to initiate the snuggling that had led to other things in the astronomy tower. She had been the one to suggest they move in together. The only time he asked things was when she tricked him.

“Do you want me to ask you to marry me?”

Padma gave him a look that would have made a basilisk shudder.

“If I thought for one second I could actually give you a sound thrashing, then I would. I love you. I have for years. I fail to understand why you still cast yourself in the role of the thug or the henchman. It was never who you were, and it certainly is not who you are now. I want to marry you. I most certainly do, but you aren’t ready.”

She shoved the bouquet of flowers into his chest and stormed off.

Greg groaned and rolled his eyes skyward.

“What have you done now?”

Greg sighed and looked at Blaise. “I think Padma wants me to ask her to marry me, but I needed to be certain, so I asked her if that was what she wanted.”

Blaise reached around and slapped the back of Greg’s head. Greg grabbed Blaise by the throat. He didn’t get the chance to apply any pressure because a pale and delicate hand closed around his wrist. Greg followed the arm up to the serene face of Luna Zabini. She was holding her daughter on her hip with one arm supporting the toddler – who was a lovely child. She blinked at him owlishly and waited for him to remove his hand from Blaise’s throat before releasing his wrist. Luna was the great defuser among them.

“Gregory, please do not dispose of the father of my child - no matter how obnoxious he’s being.”

“Reg,” Soelle said reaching for Greg.

She still could not manage his name. Greg sighed and took Soelle Zabini in his arms. Blaise would not dare do anything to him while Greg was holding his daughter. She was one of the two things in the world Blaise loved more than himself – Luna being the other one. They had married right after she left Hogwarts, and they rest, as they say, was history. Not to say they didn’t have tiffs that resulted in Blaise spending the night at Draco’s or Luna running home to her father or to stay with the Longbottoms, but mostly it seemed good to Greg’s eyes.

“Now,” Luna said matter-of-factly. “Why are the two of you having a tiff at Draco and Ginny’s wedding? Poor form, gentlemen. Someone just lost his spanking privileges.”

“Bloody hell,” Blaise muttered, looking much like a child who’d had his favorite toy taken away.

“Don’t curse around the child.” She looked at Greg. “Now he’s going to sulk, you know. What seems to be the trouble here?”

That question was met with silence, even though Luna had very obviously been speaking to Greg.

“Padma wants him to ask her to marry him, but he’s being a f-f-f-” Blaise was looking at his daughter who was staring at him intently. “Flipping moron about it, as per usual.”

Blaise rolled his eyes at having to censor himself, but Luna hadn’t spoken to him for well over a week when his daughter had taken to greeting everyone with a glare and saying ‘wanking git’.

“Greg isn’t a moron, love. Don’t be so cruel about one of Soelle’s uncles.” Then she looked at Greg harshly. “Do you want to marry her?”

“Well, yes.”

“Then you ask. My goodness, Greg. Padma loves you very much. You just look at her and say ‘Padma Patil, will you marry me’. It’s not that difficult. If Blaise can insist upon marrying me and letting me have his children, then you can certainly marry Padma.”

“We only have one child,” Blaise snapped.

Luna looked at him and raised a brow. “Do we now?”

His eyes went wide. He looked at her face, then to her belly, then to her face once more.

“I… I…”

Luna took her daughter from Greg. “Go find her and mend it. Blaise and I have things to discuss if he can stop sputtering in shock.”

“You… you… you…”

“Are pregnant again. Yes. Yes, I am. You’re a very virile manwhore. Come along, my love. Let us leave Greg to the task at hand.”

Greg just shook his head as he watched Luna lead Blaise off. She was a little scary at times. She had this habit of announcing major things to him in crowded rooms - or at the very least in the company of others. Luna said it was so everyone could enjoy him opening and closing his mouth like a codfish.

He scanned the room and saw Padma slip out onto the terrace. Greg smoothed his robes down and moved to follow. He could do this, would do this. After all, it would be fitting. Draco had asked Ginny to marry him at Blaise and Luna’s wedding reception.

Padma tried to catch her breath. She would not cry. She needed to recall that Slytherins were like no other people. After years of being around the lot of them, she should be able to remember that when Greg reacted in ways she did not understand. He loved her. She was mostly sure of that. It seemed the next logical step, but Greg never took steps, so she had to wonder if she was just convenient.

Suddenly the bouquet was held out to her from behind the column she was leaned against.

“You left this.”

Greg peeked around the corner.

Padma smiled sadly. She couldn’t stay angry with him. He really was a simple man. Not mind-wise, but he needed what he needed and nothing more. She just wanted him to need her.

“I’m sorry I upset you. I do want to ask you to marry me, Padma, but I’m not really sure how. I even carry this around just in case.”

Padma blinked as the black velvet box was opened and revealed an antique ring of silver filigree and onyx. It was very Slytherin.

“Luna said I should just say, ‘Padma Patil, will you marry me’.”



“Very well, I accept.”

“What? I didn’t…”

Greg’s brow furrowed. She had tricked him again, but when he saw Padma holding out her left hand for him to put the ring on he had to smile. Her eyes were over bright and she looked happier than he had seen her in a long time.

As he moved to place the ring on, she moved her hand.

“I know you didn’t mean to ask just then, so you don’t have to-“

“Oh no,” he replied, grabbing her hand gently to slide the ring on. “You accepted. No take-backs.”

Padma actually giggled at that.

The End

You have reached the end of "Bear Necessitites". This story is complete.

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