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Headaches Throughout Time

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Summary: Some headaches are caused by pain others are caused by visions. Now Doyle must become the champion he never wanted to be and partner with a demon that is his worst nightmare to save a few not so innocent souls.

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Television > AndromedaziliFR1533,342032,1612 Nov 039 Nov 03No

Talking to the Draefa- um Trance

Note: Trance is going to be a little mean in this chapter but she’s been mean before so I

don’t think this would be OOC for Trance. (Thanks for the tip about the spelling

Marcus and for being my first reviewer)

Chapter 3: Talking to the Draefa- um Trance

“Hello half-breed, my name is Trance.” Trance smirked and walked slowly to the door of Doyle’s cell. “I told you to stay away from me draefarie.” Doyle

said backing into the corner of the cell as far away from Trance as he could. Trance typed the password so that the cell door opened. She stepped inside the

cell then shut the door with her tail. Doyle trembled ever so slightly as the purple tail came close to his face. Trance saw this and smiled quite evilly.

“So you know what a draefarie is half-breed?” Trance took a few steps closer to Doyle effectively trapping him in the corner. Doyle put his hands up as if to

protect himself from a blow to the head, “Hey, now, there’s no need for name calling.” Trance suddenly sat down next to Doyle but she kept her tail near his

face so he would not go anywhere not that he could. She sighed, “I suppose you’re right. Tell you what I’ll stop calling you half-breed if you stop calling me

draefarie.” Doyle nodded keeping his eyes on the purple tail that was only inches from his face.

“How much do know about my kind, Doyle?” Trance paused to settle her tail very close to Doyle’s knee, “You obviously know about my tail which means

you know what will happen if you do something to displease me.” Doyle gulped and then nodded, “Yea I know.”

“Good.” Trance smiled, “So tell me how you know about my kind, was it stories or something else?” Doyle looked at Trance in the face for the first time

and said, “Um it would be something else.” She looked at him expectantly, “Well?” Doyle almost sighed but stopped, as Trance looked him directly in the

eyes. “I I’ve been to Draeifth.” He stammered.

Trance’s hand shot out to grab Doyle’s left shoulder and whispered, “Don’t move.” Doyle sat still staring intensely at the wall next to her face. Trance

moved his several layers of shirts to reveal his shoulder. There was a burn mark in the shape of the end of a draefarie’s tail and two letters beneath it. Doyle

flinched as Trance measured the burnt tail mark against her on tail. Trance laughed as she let go of Doyle’s shoulder, “So you were a slave that make’s this

much easier. I only have one more question. Whom do you belong to? I think I know but I want to be sure.”

Doyle bit his lip before answering, “It’s none of your business!” Trance frowned. She brought her tail in front of his face and made sure he was watching as

her tail became so hot that he could feel the heat radiating off it. “Care to change your answer?” Trance waved her tail back and forth in front of his face even

closer than before. “Fine,” Doyle growled just a bit, “Adian Gem but his full name was Radiance Gemini.” Once again, Trance giggled and brought her tail to

Doyle’s cheek and just before she patted it, the heat left her tail. Doyle sighed in relief he had been almost positive that she was going to burn him.

“You were my twin’s favorite clairvoyant demon half-breed.” Trance stood to stretch her tail, “Taken back by the Powers That Be to be a seer for one of

their champions.” Doyle wished she would stop talking he hated even thinking about his past. He had not told Angel and Cordelia about his past and they were

his best friends.

Trance had been reading his thoughts since he was just staring off into space. She smiled gently. She did not have to worry about him divulging any of her

secrets since he was a slave. The boy knew how to keep his mouth shut, she thought. Therefore, she would no longer plague him about his past. Besides, she

planned to go bother Adian later anyway.

Doyle felt slightly better now he could see her non-evil smile out of the corner of his eye plus she was on the other side of the cell now. Then the vision

began pounding to the front of his mind again making him scream in pain. Trance grabbed him saving him from smacking his head against the wall. Andromeda

appeared next to Trance, “What’s happening?”

“This happens to his kind a lot. It’ll pass.” Trance said her fingers lightly touching Doyle’s throat to stop his screaming. Since Doyle could not express his pain

through yelling tears began streaming down his cheeks. Andromeda angled her head to get a better look at Doyle, “Are you sure Trance?” Trance looked at

Andromeda, “Of course I’m sure.” Andromeda nodded and then disappeared.

Trance looked back at Doyle shaking from the pain. Finally the last of the images had past through his mind. Doyle waited, until Trance let him speak again

by breathing on his throat, to get up. Trance stayed on her knees staring at him and wondering when he would speak. Doyle paced a few tight steps before

sliding back down to the floor, “I am going to have to get out of here if I am to help them. So are you going to help me get out of here and onto the, oh what

was it called oh right, the Eureka Maru?” Trance nodded.

“But first tell me of the images, of what you foresee.” Trance looked at him expectantly.

“Okay, here goes.” Doyle paused to take a breath, “I see a guy who looks like more machine than human, I think his name’s Bobby. He is tying the girl,

Beka to a bed. She’s yelling at him and chiding him and there is another girl there as well. Then Beka’s on the floor bleeding all over and the other girl is dead.

Hunt’s in some kind of cage in the floor and then he’s screaming and he stops breathing. That kid, the one who’s got a smart mouth, he chained to some type

of post bleeding from all sort of cuts and has bruises around his neck like some one was strangling him. The last image I see before they start to repeat is

Bobby standing on the bridge of the Andromeda Ascendant commanding the ship and the crew.”

Trance gasped, “Beka is going to go retrieve his body. She thinks he’s dead.” Trance stood and opened the door after typing in the password with her tail.

She knew that Beka, Dylan, and Harper were already on the Eureka Maru and far away from the Andromeda. “Come on we have to hurry!” Trance gestured at

Doyle. Doyle nodded and followed her out of the cell.

“But won’t the ship know I’m out of my cell?” Doyle asked stepping back. “Yes but not for another hour, so hurry up.” Trance reached to take his hand and

pull him. But he took another step back into the cell, “They are not on this ship any more, so how are we going to get there?” Trance groaned, “I’m going to

transport us there.”

“Oh no I don’t think so, last time I was transported it hurt like hell.” Doyle went fully back into the cell and sat down. Trance went back in to grab him

around the shoulders, “That is because the Powers That Be can’t transport any one properly and are to arrogant to ask for help.” And with that Trance

transported herself and Doyle to the Eureka Maru.


“Of course it could be that you just suck at being transported.” Trance looked at Doyle as he fell in pain on the floor of the cargo hold in the Eureka Maru. A

soft ha ha came from Doyle just before the ship pitched forward.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Headaches Throughout Time" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Nov 03.

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