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Headaches Throughout Time

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Summary: Some headaches are caused by pain others are caused by visions. Now Doyle must become the champion he never wanted to be and partner with a demon that is his worst nightmare to save a few not so innocent souls.

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Television > AndromedaziliFR1533,342032,1612 Nov 039 Nov 03No

The Powers That Be- a pain in my ass

Title: Headaches Throughout Time

Author: Zili

Rating: 15

Category: AtS/Andromeda

Pairing: None as of yet

Disclaimer: So do not own the characters from Angel nor Andromeda, need I say more.

A/N: This takes place in the andromeda universe for the most part. Doyle has not yet

died. In andromeda time it is just a little before Beka, Dylan, and Harper go to

retrieve Bobby’s not so dead body. Sometimes even the greatest captain in the

universe needs a little help.

Chapter 1: The Powers That Be- a pain in my ass!

“Doyle, wake up!” Cordelia pushed at Doyle one last time before going to the sink to get a glass of water. She attempted to wake him up again but her

only reply was a snore. Cordelia sighed before dumping the entire glass of water onto Doyle’s head. At first there was no response but then Doyle lifted his

head with his hands and groaned. Cordelia put another glass of water in front of him with two pills of aspirin.

“Thanks princess.” Doyle swallowed the small pills. “You have got to stop coming in here drunk look at this mess you made.” Cordelia scolded him. Doyle

looked around their small office to see just his shoes and coat in the middle of the floor. Doyle smirked and went to stand up when a mind-splitting headache

hit him.

“Ahhhhh!” Doyle fell to the floor as the pain racked through his body. Cordelia gasped and tried to keep Doyle’s hands from squeezing his head.

“What’s happening?” Angel asked running in from his office as soon as he heard the scream. He held Doyle still as the last of the tremors of pain shook his

body. “Doyle what did you see?” Angel asked. Doyle shook his head to try and clear the last of the pain which was not the best of ideas he realized as he saw

the room spin.

“Cordy get him something for the pain.” Angel commanded helping Doyle into a chair. Cordelia nodded and went to get the bottle of aspirin from the where

she had left it. Doyle stood up wobbly and started to walk to the door. “Hey,” Angel said stopping Doyle, “Where are you going?”

Doyle sidestepped Angel leaving a paper in his boss’s hands. Doyle stopped before closing the door behind him, “To see some royal pains in my ass.” Angel

looked to see what was written on the paper just as Cordelia walked back into the room. She looked around confused, “Where’s Doyle?” Angel handed her

Doyle’s note. She read it aloud, “Come back to us seer.” She looked back at Angel confusion written all over her face.

“The Powers That Be.” Angel said looking once at the door before sulking back into his office.

*******the dimension where the powers that be dwell*******

“You sent for me.” Doyle bowed his head. “A very powerful seer” said one of the powers completely ignoring Doyle. “Yes we were quite right when we

picked him.” Said the other as it began to circle Doyle. Doyle uneasily shifted from foot to foot as the other power began to circle him as well. A third power

came from out of the shadows.

“Stop playing with him.” This power was much older looking and taller than the other two powers. “You are needed else where seer.”

Doyle looked up at the third power, “You sending me to a different champion?” the third looked at him and laughed, then continued to speak to Doyle with its

mind. *No seer, it is time for you to be champion.* Doyle opened his mouth to speak but was silenced as the power held up its hand. *Do not fret seer, you

will return to the souled vampire as soon as you complete this task we have set ahead of you.* Doyle tried to speak once more but was quieted again.

“No time for questions nor their answers. Now go.” All three powers waved a hand at Doyle and he vanished in a flash of light.

*******Aboard the Andromeda*******

Trance Gemini was sitting in her garden speaking softly to the flowers when a man suddenly appeared. Trance jumped back away from the stranger.

Suddenly Andromeda’s intruder alert alarm went off making Trance jump again. She looked at the man and felt no ill will from him.

Doyle looked up to see a demon that had haunted his dreams for years. “Anything but a draefarie.” He whispered trembling with fear. The avatar of

Andromeda entered the room just as Doyle was forced to his knees by another skull-numbing vision. Images flew through his mind faster than normal and

just before he passed out he said, “Bobby is not dead yet.”
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