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Doctor Who Girl?

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Summary: inspired by a Mitch Benn song by the same name... Andrew makes a slightly silly wish by accident...

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Other BtVS/Ats CharactersAdrastaSangFR1521,657011,05726 Dec 0926 Dec 09Yes

Not what I meant...

Still not a slave owner, or TV producer.

Andrew looked around in shock, but the strange room was nothing compared to the surprise he got when he looked down, at himself... or where himself used to be, now it was rather more.... her shaped...

"Everything I need to know, I learned from watching my TV,
But I'm afraid that it has had a serious effect on me.
My head's stuck in the seventies,
I can't be fashionable or hip,
And it has influenced what I look for
In all of my relationships."

The song was playing over hidden speakers, taunting her as she struggled to her feet, she was still getting used to the new body, she stumbled over to the mirror nearby, it looked like she was in a giant wardrobe...

"Can't handle independent women with their modern ways,
I need a woman like the ones I saw on Saturdays."

The Doctor rushed around the TARDIS controls, trying to figure out where the music was coming from. Martha and Jack looked around wildly, after the year of hell they were on edge enough without phantom music. He wasn't sure that it wasn't just a glitch caused by the paradox machine until he saw one particular display.

"There's an intruder on board? Rear right section of the wardrobe." The Doctor set off, Jack and Martha behind him.

"Be my Doctor Who girl,
With a trusting face,
Patient and understanding
As I drag you through time and space."

This song was getting eerie... Doctor Who? The song was about him, it wasn't just a random passenger turning up like before, he could feel it, whoever it was was here for him...

"My beautiful assistant,
To flash your eyes and toss your curls,
And tell me that I'm brilliant,
Be my Doctor Who girl."

Andrew held up various clothes in front of herself, the stripped flannel pajamas and cosy dark blue dressing gown and slippers she had arrived in were disappointingly covering and loose on what as far as she could tell was an attractive body, Andrew's already feminine features looked better with a slightly thinner nose and loose blonde curls trailing down past her shoulders.

"Saturday afternoon - what excitement, what a rush,
Between the end of Final Score and the start of Basil Brush.
I loved the show, I loved the tune,
I loved the scarf, I loved the hat,
I loved the girls, I told myself
One day I'd have a girl like that.
Behind my sofa there's a special place that we can hide;
You'll find my love is bigger on the inside than the outside."

It sounded like a load of twaddle but at the same time there were too many hints that were close to home for it to be a coincidence, meanwhile Martha was fuming as she trailed at the back of the group, Jack being closer behind the Doctor, the song was making out that she was some kind of sidekick, and maybe she was but she had just saved the world damn it, she deserved more respect. They slowed as they entered the wardrobe, but the Doctor's shoe squeaked on the floor and the blonde turned around with shock on her face, blue eyes wide.


"Who are you?"

"And... er... Andrea..." Martha almost burst out laughing at the outfit the blonde was holding in front of her, a brightly coloured peasant top and a pair of black hot pants... who would have even guessed the Doctor had this big a women's section? And was the girl in Pajamas? Jack raised an eyebrow as he looked the girl up and down, he may have leered but he kept the gun out, pointed low.

"Be my Doctor Who girl,
We'll make a real good team,
I'll do all the thinking,
You'll look good in shorts and scream.
Give me someone to rescue,
Get changed and give us all a twirl,
Keep quiet and never argue,
Be my Doctor Who girl."

Martha struggled not to growl at the last bit, Andrew blushed deeply... not quite sure he wanted to comment... the Doctor just seemed amused, but still cautious.

"Er... Hi?"

"What are you doing here?"

"I know you won't believe me... but a wish gone wrong?"

"Be my Doctor Who girl,
Follow me a lot,
Ask me heaps of questions,
So I can explain the plot.
Say you'll stand beside me,
Say you'll help me save the world,
Fall and twist your ankle,
Be my Doctor Who girl."

"And who wrote that song?" Martha demanded.

"Erm... Mitch Benn... it's meant to be funny..." It really didn't seem funny in the face of that glare, the Doctor felt a little sorry for the blonde to be honest.

"Right, so you made a wish and ended up here... sounds a bit odd, but I've heard worse. What was the wish?"

"I'd rather not say..." Andrew mumbled. "So if all three of you are here... and I assume we're inside the TARDIS?" He took the shocked faces as agreement. "So this would have to be near the end of series 3 episode 13 of the new series... just after the year that never was..." Andrew descended into geek babble, unaware of the worried glances he was now getting. "Have you burnt the master on the pyre yet?"

"Who are you and how do you know so much about us?"

"Oh... well I'm kind of not from this dimension... you're... well... you're TV characters where I come from, I've watched every episode so far, I'm a huge fan!" The doctor felt the adoration behind those Sapphire eyes... it was very flattering, if slightly scary.

"Oh please, you're not going to believe her are you?"

"Well generally things tend to have attacked me by this point if they plan to, especially if they already know who I am..." The Doctor replied thoughtfully. Jack holstered his gun and stepped forward past the Doctor, closing the distance he held his hand out.

"Captain Jack Harkness, pleasure to make your acquaintance." Andrew shook his hand, trying to hide that he had gone weak in the knees, at Jack's charming smile though he couldn't help but blush and look away. Martha rolled her eyes.

"I'm really happy to meet you too, but I wish I didn't know you flirt with everyone... it would be more special that way..." Andrew murmured, soft enough that the Doctor had to strain to hear it and Martha didn't hear at all, Jack just shrugged guiltily.

"Is it my fault it's always a pleasure to meet an attractive young woman? Would it help if I said it was an especial pleasure to meet an especially attractive young woman?" He tried, a twinkle in his eye, and Andrew couldn't help but smile, maybe it was just Jack's way to be charming, but she'd still enjoy it while she could before he got distracted by someone else.

"Well from the way you've told it I assume you already know I'm the Doctor and this is Marsha Jones." The Doctor moved forward to introduce himself, and save the young lady somewhat from Jack's overzealous attentions.

"I'm glad to meet you, you know it may be a controversial choice for someone that's seen all the classic episodes as well, but I think you're my favourite Doctor." The Doctor looked puzzled. "Instead of your previous versions... The Third and Fourth Doctors were quite good too of course."

"Uh... thanks?" He'd never really thought there'd be someone who'd see all of his regenerations, and have a favourite one... but here he was...

The End

You have reached the end of "Doctor Who Girl?". This story is complete.

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