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X-man and the X-Men Redux

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Summary: When the primal spirit jump starts Xander's mutation, the only choice is for him to leave Sunnydale and try to learn to control the primal part of his brain. Where better to go than a-a school? Crap.... XanderXHarem slight noncon and kink inside

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-CenteredTTrunksFR21921,38544231,37727 Dec 0929 Sep 11No

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Boy meets girl?

Hello all, this is my first Xander/"X-Men" cross I can’t wait to hear what you think.

I do not own Xander or "X-Men"; they belong to Joss Whedon and Stan Lee respectively.

Warning, this will also be a harem, I promise it will make sense though and not be just a random stupid type one. I’m currently thinking Xander/Rahne/Rogue maybe Storm, but probably not.

Also, Rahne is the female in "X-Men: Evolution" character who thanks to you all I know who she is. Thanks a lot for all the reviews telling me and giving me a site with information.

Xander Harris was in shock. A few weeks ago he’d been a normal human, now he was a nine foot tall Hyena man. His arms went down to his knees; his legs were crooked and bending outwards. Razor sharp claws came from his hands and feet, his body was covered in dark fur, black dots all over the fur and his snout was almost a foot long.

The worst part was without a doubt the primal brain, telling him to take what he wanted, to rip anyone who stood in his way apart.

Looking at his form in the mirror Xander focused on the shape his body used to take, as he felt bones shorten, twist, and finally shifting back to normal. His eyes were still yellow and slanted and his eyesight was so sharp he had no doubt he could see someone a few blocks away. He pulled on a pair of baggy pants, a tight top, and his leather jacket and finally some driving gloves that were fingerless after the second knuckle.

He knew deep inside that he was stronger and faster since the primal possession had jump started his own X-gene, or at least that’s what he figured. He could turn into a seven foot long, eight to nine hundred pound wolf and hyena hybrid, or the half form he’d just turned into. Loading a duffel bag with his important things, he knew he had to get out of town. He jumped from his window, landing with an ease that even a Slayer would envy and headed to the bus depot.

A month later and Xander Harris was finally at the school he’d heard about. Walking up the open driveway he knocked not to lightly on the door, he was staring and the pack mind was ordering him to find a mate and a feast. The worst part of the human form change was the razor sharp teeth, the eyes were easy to hide and he had them hidden right now behind black glasses, but the teeth and grow able claws were not as easily hidden.

As the door opened a sharp thought from the pack brain had him shifting to the eight foot something wolf hyena which growled at the large, but not overly so, wolf across from him.

Rahne wasn’t sure why she’d triggered her mutation the way she had, she thought she had better control over her primal brain, but as she growled at this person she realized her animal form wanted to lay down and offer herself to it. As she took in its size she knew that was a bad idea but she knew her blood was begging her to submit before it killed her. When faced with the options of kill or be killed Rahne was never a runner.

Xander had to admire the girls will, he knew when he had his teeth barred like this he was a monster, he slowly forced himself to relax and fight down the feelings of challenge the woman made him feel.

Rahne saw the man shifting back into a human form, and slowly allowed herself to shift back as well. Rahne saw how young and awkward the boy looked and could only smile. She knew her skin tight latex looking suit wasn’t helping. She also knew that the fact she’d just gotten out of a danger room session and was sweating and putting off enough pheromones to drive even herself crazy wasn't hurting either. It was nice not to be the only one who could smell them or was affected by them.

Xander was blushing slightly as he took in her form, but he smirked cockily as he noticed certain parts of her showed she smelled the same thing from him that he was from her. Letting his eyes flash over what his primal was telling him was too long for a quick glance, but not so long as to come across as a pervert he said, “I assume this is the Xavier School for the Gifted; unless your some kind of Were-Puppy.”

Rahne growled, how dare this pup treat her like that, she was a beta around here, well okay no she wasn’t, Storm was the Beta prime, and Jean was the beta below her, and she was a pretty low level beta, BUT he still didn’t have the right to treat her like some pup. His next comment just made her want to throw him down even harder

“So beta, can I speak to an Alpha, or what?” said Xander cockily.

Rahne growled jumping at him and transforming in the distance between them, however Xander had brought his arm up so that his coat was taking most of the bite even as he rolled on top of the angry transformed girl, putting his razor sharp teeth into her neck.

Rahne realizing she’d fallen for his trap hook line and sinker transformed back, though he didn’t remove his teeth and she felt something VERY hard grinding into her crotch. She realized what he was going to do and even before she’d realized what she was doing, she'd spread her legs.

Xander smirked at her submission, growling as he dry humped her hard, “Hm, you seem to want it badly don’t you?”

Rayne was panting now as she moaned and begged, “Don’t tease me, please just make me yours.”

Suddenly a VERY dangerous scent filled both their noses as a certain short, but still dangerous individual said, “Am I interrupting something?”

Both Xander and Rahne looked up, eyes wide, as a man some called Logan, others called James, one particular individual called Jimmy, but to the world at large was known only as Wolverine, stared down at both of them and he obviously wasn’t impressed.
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