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Summary: Xander's visit to the zoo ends in a different way.

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Chapter 45

Note: My thanks again to Oxnate and Hawklan for all their help. By the way… you really should check out their author pages. Both have quite a few fics of their own you should check out.

Chapter 45

(Sunnydale, Earth. Alternate dimension)

Giles wasn’t a happy Watcher. No… indeed he was a pissed off, angry and sad Watcher and it was all Angel's fault. He growled, "I won’t let this happen."

Angel nodded. "I agree. But what can we do? The prophecy is clear, the master will rise and… and she will die."

Giles, for the second time in his life, sent a book flying with all his might. The book flew across the room only to be captured by Uraki. The big African Witch doctor and Watcher carefully put the book down. His eyes glowed green as he drew upon the primal animal spirit of the crocodile inside of him. "I’m sure you're over reacting Rupert."

Giles growled. "She's like my own child, even before I started to date her mother. So don’t tell me that I’m overreacting."

Uraki growled himself. "Never has there been a Slayer with a vampire like Angel protecting her, a vampire that loves her like a sister. Never before had a Slayer two witches, Willow and Janna, protecting her and never before had a slayer two watchers, one a Witchdoctor and one a former demon summoner. And Rupert… Never before has a slayer dated a god, the war god like Bishamon. So excuse me if I'm telling you that you are overreacting."

Giles took a moment to calm himself down. "You’re right, but the Codex is never wrong."

Uraki nodded. "I know. But if we combine our resources I'm sure we can find a way around it."

Angel started to grin. "I'd like to see that."

Giles nodded. "Let’s get Janna and Willow over here. We should have a war council."



Buffy walked inside the library, she had been on a date with Bissy only to find her home empty and a note asking them to come to the library. Bishamon grumbled a bit over that nick name. The other war gods were already teasing him over it. "Hi guys, your note said you wanted to talk with us."

Bishamon looked around. "Some grim information I take it?"

Giles held up a small book. "Have you seen this before?"

Bishamon frowned. "I've heard about it. It's the Codex. Why?" At this moment he wished he had paid more attention to western prophecy.

"Yes, we have to stop one of the prophecies inside of it," Giles said.

Buffy frowned and asked, "Why, is it bad?"

"Oh yes. It… it said the Master will rise and… and you die," Willow stuttered.

Bishamon frowned. "Let me read that," he said in a tone that froze the air around him.

Buffy shivered. "Hey, warm up. I'm freezing," she said. The others nodded. It was quite cold inside. Even the coffee no longer felt warm in their hands.

Bishamon nodded taking control of his fury. "Sorry. Let me see." He grabbed the book and started to read in full god speed and three seconds later he gave it back to Giles. He wasn’t a happy war-god and somewhere on Earth a civil war started when the oppressed suddenly got so fucking angry that they wanted freedom and they ignored the power of the military.

Bishamon groaned. "Alright I think I can save Buffy from being dead, but the slayer will die that night."

"Huuu. Whaa…," was Buffy’s reaction to that.

"But… but Buffy is the slayer. What…," Willow mumbled.

Giles cleared his glasses. "Could you explain this more precisely?"

"I can't stop the prophecy. A slayer dies that night. But I see options. First I remove the slayer spirit and give it to a female willing to die in her place."

"No no no no…," Buffy said to stop her mother or somebody else from dying in her place.

Bishamon nodded. "I know Buffy. The second way is I restore Buffy’s life after she has died. But if I do that she will not have the power of the slayer anymore and there will be a price for that help."

Buffy sighed. "So I die and you restore me to life, but another girl become the slayer?"

Bishamon nodded and simply replied, "Yes."

"Crap, I don't want to die," Buffy said.

"Are there any other options?" Giles wanted to know.

"Yes, CPR. If Buffy dies the right way that normal human lifesaving method can revive her," Bishamon said.

"But if you revive her she will still be Buffy?" Giles asked.

"Yes, her spirit will not even have the time to go to paradise. I just revive her, but remember it comes with a price," Bishamon said.

Buffy frowned and asked. "What price?"

"You’ll become one of my chosen warriors," Bishamon replied.

"What’s the downside with being one of yours?" Uraki asked.

Bishamon blushed. "Well, she will be the first female fighter. Other gods of war will not help her. And there may be times when I might have to forbid her to do things and she will have to obey."

Buffy frowned and looking at her boyfriend she asked, "What kind of things?"

"I'm a wargod, sometimes if a war is started none of my chosen fighters may try to stop that war. Only help the war to end faster by fighting for one of the sides," Bishamon explained.

"That all?" Buffy said in surprise.

Bishamon nodded. "Yes, if you like I can limit the time she serves as one of my chosen to a decade. After that she is free and her destiny is her own."

Buffy looked at her boyfriend. "I accept that but only for a decade. After that we see if I stay another decade," she said grinning.

Bishamon smiled. "Good."

"A chosen warrior should he or she not be put to work doing missions that would please the god?" Uraki asked.

Bishamon groaned. "You are right, but you forgot one thing. Buffy being happy and among the living would please this god."

Buffy grinned she had the greatest boyfriend/godfriend in the whole world. Maybe she could do a Geisha role-play with him later.

Willow frowned a bit. "What if one of us follows her and gives her first aid? You said it might work."

Bishamon nodded. "It would and if you did that Buffy would probably still have her slayer powers. But most likely anyone following he would be killed. Unless they have extreme luck."

Giles frowned a bit. "We are forgetting something. Even if Buffy is revived the Master would be free. How are we going to fight him?"

Bishamon looked at the book. "Hidden and unseen without magic is a prophecy that tells how the Master might be defeated."

"Wait… Might be defeated? You said the prophecy in that book always come true Giles," Willow said.

Bishamon interrupted. "Willow, a prophecy always has at least two options. The good guy wins or the bad guys win. The prophecy of Buffy says the slayer dies, according to both versions she dies."

"But the master version?" Angel said in a questioning tone.

"It said the Master will be fighting the fatherly Watcher, the vampire with a soul and the weeping witch and their allies and be destroyed by their might," Bishamon explained.

"Huh? I get Giles and Angel, but the weeping witch, who is she? And who are our allies?" Buffy asked a bit confused.

"Bad version of my name. They are thinking Weeping Willow right?" Willow said.

Giles nodded. "Yes... The other side says what?"

"That you all die trying to stop him raise hell on Earth. But the prophecy is much less precise," Bishamon replied.

"So... we choose our allies right and we will win. Choose wrong and?" Giles muttered.

"We will lose," Uraki finished Giles last sentence.

"This sucks," Buffy said.

"I wish I could help you fight. But as a god I can’t directly help you," Bishamon said sadly.

Uraki stopped and looked at a book of magic. "You can’t help directly, right?"

Bishamon nodded. "Yes. Why?"

Uraki grinned. "And Xander and Dawn are forever banned to stop Glory from finding them." He looked around and then continued. "What if you ask Xander if one or more of his Wizard friends would like to visit us and help us before going back to their world?"

"I'm sorry, but they said Dawn and Xander were banned from returning. So that’s not possible," Giles said.

Surprising Buffy said, "No… he said friends of Xander and Dawn. They are not banned."

Uraki nodded.

Bishamon frowned. "I… I… I think I could do that. But according to the laws of us gods I have some limits. And they have to freely choose to come and help."

The Scooby gang grinned.
"And then I might get an answer why my wand will not work," Willow said with a smile.

Bishamon sighed she wouldn’t be a happy witch once she found out that she was almost powerless in Wand magic.


(London, The world of Wizards)

The papers were buzzing with writings and comments.

And the gang was sitting in the Summer’s home in the basement reading.

-The Prophet- (Wizard version of Times everybody reads it) The Boy who lived. Hero or villain? By Rita Skeeter.

-The Quibbler- (where the most crazy things are published) Harry Potter - Merlin of a new age, by Barry Servill, Young Champions, by Editor Mr. Lovegood.

-TeenWitches.- (A teen Witch magazine) The boy who lived. Sexy teen love angel or dragon of lust? By Marry Wiswood.

-Duel monthly- (A Wizarding dueling magazine) Potter battle royal. An analysis of the spells and curses, by Retired Auror Rob Clark and former five times international Duel champion.

-Spells monthly- (A magic and spell magazine about effective spells and when to use them. Description of the fight at the Ministry, by corresponded Marry Wiswood. History of Animagi and a short interview about Animorfs, by Professor Severus Snape and Xander Harris.

-House Witches- (A magazine mostly read by older home wives) Harry Potter a young hero, by Annabel Margrets.

-Wizards of History- (A history magazine for the intellectuals) The Dark mirror explanation of the boy who lived and you know who, by Alan Podjursky. Merlin - the life and death, by Tenwick Rudrick.

-Magic of gold.- (A economic magazine written by goblins and Wizard reporters) The Financial result of the struggle, by Greadylook.

-Quidditch monthly- (Biggest sport magazine in the wizard world.) Harry Potter - Seeker of the century, by Alison Wood.

-Wizard’s of the service- (A pro military magazine mostly from USA) Harry Potter finally kicking butt the American way and the Order of the Dragon, by Sgt Vladimir Impervikus.

-Wizard’s Supremacy- (An illegally printed political paper mostly read by Pureblood and Pro Death-Eaters) Potter, the madness of Mudbloods, by Tomas Riddle.

-Norrbottens Magiska Dagstidning- (A Swedish newspaper, sadly nobody knew what is said.) Harry Potter hjälte eller skurk, by John Trollis.

-Wizard Familarus.- (A pet magazine) The Catamount Animagus Wizard. Professor Xander Harris age 16, by Cathy Sparrow.

-The magical eye.- (A political magazine) Champions of a new age or criminal madwizards? By Marrian Darink. An article about Harry, Ron, Ginny, Hermione, Neville, Luna, Xander and Dawn.

-Playwizard- (Wizards version of Playboy, but with moving pictures) Harry Potter and his girlfriends, by Finn NaLaren.

Xander glared at the magazines. "I can’t believe the only paper that focused only on me was Wizard Familarus."

Ginny glared. "Hey according to Playwizard my boyfriend is sleeping with just about every witch in Hogwarts."

Harry sighed. "It said probably. Besides they include you as well."

Ginny glared at him and sure wasn’t a happy girlfriend.

"I'm going to find the ***** that made those nude pictures of us and I'm going to string them up alive,” Ron grumbled.

"I think they took them during our Wiccan ritual, even if I don’t know how," Xander said.

"Well it was a good picture of you Ginny,” Harry said with a smile.

"My picture is so bad. You barely see me and I keep hiding behind the…" Dawn said and then stopped as she noticed the others were staring at her. "Not that I want others to see me nude, but I have my pride."

"I see," Hermione said in a tone that belied that.

Dawn nodded. "Yes. If they are going to see me nude I want it to be a great picture."

Hermione sighed and said, "Let’s see what ‘Duel monthly’ says."

"Wait there was a good one from Japan," Dawn said.

"Hmm yes, but it only was a short notice about me being a ninja. Nothing much," Xander said thoughtfully.

"That's good, right?" Dawn asked.

"Yes, but I wonder what the Swedish newspaper said," Xander said while he already was planning on using some of the addresses in the Japanese magazine. They might hook him up with some more Japanese spells.

"Maybe you can ask one of the Japanese in the paper if they have some cool rope spells," Dawn asked blushing.

"Rope spells?" Hermione wanted to know.

"I believe Dawn and Xander are playing with bondage… right?" Luna said.

"No we’re not," Dawn said blushing even more. "Really we are not doing anything like that... Promise."

"I… I see...," Hermione said while giving Xander a dirty look.

Xander sighed and blushed. He knew Dawn’s idea of fun 'games' would bite him in the ass. Just then the door to the basement opened and Hank Summer walked down. "Hi kids. Having fun?" he said looking at the huge pile of newspapers.

The kids nodded.

Hank grinned. "Well you better clean up. We are going to have Christmas dinner and Petunia wouldn’t like us to look dirty."

They all nodded again.

"And I need help to carry the food over," Hank then added. After he and Vernon had invited so many to the Christmas dinner it was only fair that they helped preparing some food or rather than asking Dobby the house elf to help them.
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