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Summary: Xander's visit to the zoo ends in a different way.

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JCHattenFR1846111,24420227252,66627 Dec 0922 Apr 13No

Chapter One (Vers. 1.1, 30.10.2011)

1. Chapter One - In the beginning

By JCHatten
Beta: Hawklan, Darth Payne

Disclaimer: I do not own anything or so I claim, except a strange sense of humor.
BTVS belongs to Joss Whedon.

Note: A special thank you to Darth Payne who has made this story even better to read.

Note: A big thank you to Oxnate who has fixed this up even more, than what Darth Payne and myself (Hawklan) had done before.


Chapter 1

"Look he is so cute," the female voice said as she was looking down on the scene she could see in the mirror.

It was the scene of a newborn baby resting in his mother’s arms, sleeping soundly somewhere on earth.

A larger male frowned a bit but nodded, "Yes, quite cute for a human."

He frowned a bit. "I think the parents are alcoholics, what a waste," he frowned as he studied his sister she was up to something. That could often be bad, just like juggling with nitroglycerin.

The female nodded absently still making cow eyes towards the image of the baby. "I like him. He is going to be my new Avatar on earth, Bishamon."

The male, Bishamon, blinked before talking in an exaggeratedly calm and clear voice. "He is a child. You can’t make a CHILD into your avatar and he is NOT from one of our beliefs, Kishijoten."

The female, Kishijoten, now looked quite put out. "I don't care. Don't be a stick in the mud and if I get in trouble you help me right? Right?"

Sniff sniff. "Right, big brother. Please I really, really want him as my Avatar. Don't you love me anymore?" Sniff.

Bishamon sighed, "Sure, I love you and I'll help you." He groaned to himself, there will be so much trouble in the future.

Kishijoten grinned and giggled happily. She had her Avatar ‘Alexander LaVelle Harris’. The goddess of Luck (good and bad), beauty and the protector of song and dance smiled into the mirror, watching the new born Xander as he slept happily. She just knew that he would live an interesting life filled with luck, good and bad.
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