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Faster to be furious

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Fast and Furious Slayer". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Torettos team up to bring down Braga. What will happen now that Faith is in the Fast and Furious world? How will things change and what will stay the same?

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Author's Note : I've given up on fleshing out this story. I tried. I really did. But I can't. If you're interested in reading a full fledged Fast and Furious cross, I suggest you mosey on over and check out my Hide Me story. It's fun, it has eleven recs so far and is also Faith centered. A word of warning though, it has slashy elements. its' not done yet, but I promise that I will finish that one. I think I just exhausted myself with this universe.

I wanted to give all my characters here a decent epilogue, tie everything together. It always bugs me not to see what actually happened, but all I can offer you is the final epilogue. This is for the people tracking the story and reviewing it.

Also, if any of you are reading Hide Me concurrently- did you recognize something from this chapter?

Final warning: Part one is full of smut. If you want to skip that, go straight to part two. You won't miss much, just stress relieving sex but it definitely ties in with Faith and Han's story.

Pairings : Main pairing is of course Han/Faith. Mentions of: Dom/Letty, Leon/Dawn, Xander/Buffy, Spike/Mia.


Faith stood in the middle of their room. She was blindfolded, black silk tied over her eyes.

Her arms were tied above her head, double knot to completely stifle her movements. The rope was one of their favorites, strong enough to restrain a slayer. One of her legs was tied at the ankle with the rope going into the metal hook up in the ceiling. Her leg was held away from her body at approximately one hundred degrees. She shivered.

You know the rules of the game.

She was naked.

Faith could feel the breeze caressing her skin, she tried to sense any disturbance in the air to signal where he’d be coming from. Try as she might, she couldn’t hear Han. Or smell his usual cool aftershave.

The air shifted to the right of her and she tensed as she felt his long limbed frame slip behind her. He just stood behind her naked body, not moving, not doing anything. Faith licked her lips.

And then his long fingers moved on her skin. Ghosting over expanses of golden flesh, igniting a thousand nerve receptors. He fucking touched her and she could feel herself getting wet. Han chuckled as he smelled her arousal, heady in the air.

She stayed silent.

I only fuck you if you ask me to.

He cupped her jaw and inhaled at the nape of her neck, breath hot as he trailed with his tongue to her ear.

She shivered.

His left hand skimmed her nipple and she twitched minutely. She had to fight against leaning into his embrace, feeling the pressure on her nipple.

Han stepped away from her. She could no longer feel his presence anywhere. It was more a shock to hear his voice this way.

“Ask me,” and the smirk playing on his lips was audible.

“No,” Faith rasped.

“You’re so stubborn Faith,” he chuckled, “we both know you’re going to be begging me to fuck you in about an hour.”

Faith stayed stubbornly silent. Even if the bastard was right, that didn’t give him the right to gloat.

She tried getting out of her ropes, twisting and swaying experimentally as she felt his work hold her securely in place.

“I had them double the spells on the rope, no fun if you break out before the end,” Han told her conversationally.

Her hands were of no use to her, tied above her head so that her tits stood erect and perky at Han’s ministrations. Or to be more accurate, the lack of them. Her feet were useless too, one tied up diagonally to her body while the other was a cruel reminder of freedom.

She gasped as she felt his hot mouth enclose over one of her nipples, tongue swilling gentle over the tip as she began to pant. Faith’s body began swaying towards him in an effort to gain some kind of friction. She could feel her juices dripping down her thigh.

It was amazingly fucked up how the loss of control turned her on. What was even more surprising was that she had finally found the one person she trusted with her body. Not to mention her heart.

His teeth grazed her nipple and she hissed as she felt him clamp down around the sensitive skin. Faith could feel the light sheen of sweat covering her body, her skin felt like it was burning. Begging to be touched.

She was still silent.

She felt something cool and silky slither it’s way down the nape of her neck, between her breasts and down to her pussy. This was new. Unexpected. Han could be counted on to surprise her, that was true enough after three years together.

She felt the silky length settle between her thighs, a light unobtrusive presence stilled about two centimeters lower than she wanted it to. She rocked into it, trying to do something. Anything to break Han’s discipline.

His tongue was sucking her earlobe, teeth grazing over the thousand nerves screaming at her to just beg. To say please. Han whispered “you want me to fuck you yet?”

Faith stayed silent.

“You know what this is?” Han asked her in conversation. As if his fiancée wasn’t currently strung up naked in front of him, panting with desire and dripping with evidence of her need.

Faith bit her lip to stop herself from screaming.

“This is that silk scarf that you got for your birthday, the red one that makes you look even more beautiful than usual,” he talked but her focus was completely on the silk scarf inching its way to her core. She rocked into it, desperate to get herself off. She was literally throbbing with need.

He stopped the scarf before it could touch her skin and Faith keened, a low moaning sound as she tried to rock into it. It kept ghosting over the overheated flesh and she felt it soak through with her desire.

“You’re mine,” Han whispered and the possessive tone in his voice made her spine stiffen with pure unadulterated lust, “you’re completely mine and no one besides me will ever fucking see you like this.”

Faith’s head lolled back and landed on his shoulder. She whimpered as he claimed her lips in a savage kiss, mouth staking his territory, teeth biting at her lower lip, tongue hot and needy in her mouth as she moaned and it was almost a fucking scream.

“Who do you belong to?” he asked as he pulled away.

Faith’s voice cracked, husky and low as she answered without hesitation “You.”

“Good girl,” he kissed her again and this time his kiss was almost gentle. Not as deliriously rough and animalistically passionate.

He stepped away from her and she cried out “no!” at the loss of contact. Her skin was on fire, she could feel the heat emanating from her and in her mind’s eye she could see Han’s eyes almost black with desire as he watched her from the shadows of their room.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” he asked calmly and Faith hung her head forward. She had lost this round too. But did she really expect otherwise? Wasn’t this the whole point to their games? That Faith, who was so strong and so confident out in the world could surrender herself completely to Han behind closed doors.

His lips began trailing a series of wet kisses across her shoulder blades and she shivered as she gasped for breath. Han licked the soft patch of skin behind her ear, where her star tattoo marked its place. A black H was hidden within it’s pattern and he growled as he bit her neck.

Faith sobbed out “Fuck me, please fuck me.”

He stepped away and this time she could feel him as he stood in front of her. He emanated so much heat too and Faith’s breath hitched as he murmured “that’s my girl” as his cock finally slid into her. She felt like she couldn’t breathe from the overload of sensations as he sheathed himself completely, reaching down to her core. Her spine felt like it was about to snap if the pressure within her wasn’t released soon and she arched into him deeper as he began to pound away at her. She felt so fucking close, so needy and desperately hot that she thought she’d stop breathing.

And then Hat lifted her other leg off the ground and swung it on his shoulder. He slid into her meticulously, slowly inching his impressive length into her hot canal. She was beginning to throb with the beginning of her orgasm and he tilted her slightly backward as he angled his hips. Faith came screaming, thousands of electrical currents of pleasure shooting their ways across her overwrought nerve endings as she convulsed with pleasure.


Han opened his left eye to the morning sun. It shone through their drapes and he rolled away from it. His right eye popped open as he saw the empty expanse of bedding on Faith’s side. He shook his head to wake up and rubbed at his face to clear the last vestiges of sleep.

He slipped on his pajama bottoms and padded past yesterday’s hanging ropes, evidence of Faith’s mounting stress. In the last year, since Braga’s incarceration she had needed their little domination games less and less. But he guessed that with next month’s events looming on their horizon, Faith was feeling more stressed than usual.

He walked into their kitchen and sure enough, his beautiful girl was sitting at the table. A large mug of coffee in front of her as she concentrated furiously on the various papers strewn around the table.

Han leaned down and captured her lips in a soft kiss as he asked “Hey babe, what’s going on?”

Faith frowned at the chart in her hands “Tying up some last minute details,” she turned to him and complained petulantly “how is it that a wedding with fifty people becomes a circus? Wasn’t the point of keeping it small that it actually be small ?”

Han shrugged as he dug in the fridge for the OJ, “you know I’d be alright with just going down to City Hall.”

Faith sniffed, “nice try bub, but we’ve already sent the invitations out. And the caterer’s non-refundable,” she dug in her pile of papers for another one.

Han smirked as he poured cereal into bowls for him and Faith. He knew that she’d most likely sat in the kitchen without eating. “Isn’t your sister catering?”

“Yes,” Faith answered tetchily, eyes still glued to the paper “and if you think I’m going to ask Mia for a refund- then you’ve got another think coming.”

She grabbed a pen and began scribbling furiously, scratching out things as she went along “Besides. There’s a dress. People have to see the dress to appreciate it.”

Han stayed quiet, shooting amused looks at his fiancée from time to time as he ate. She absentmindedly shoveled the cereal into her mouth, but was still working on something or other as she ate. He would never have thought it, but the big bad Dark Slayer was something of a bridezilla. She wouldn’t let him help with anything, claiming that he was going to screw up and that she had a vision of their wedding.

“What’re you working on? Maybe I can help,” he offered.

Faith growled and ran a hand through her brunette locks, “it’s the fricking seating charts. I’m trying to figure out how old the kids have to be in order to get their own table,” she closed her eyes.

Han took the paper away from her hands and looked back at Faith as some of the names on the list registered in his mind, “you got Pablo sitting by himself?”

Faith raised her eyebrow “and?”

Han cleared his throat, “Pablo- your one year old nephew?”

Faith frowned “What’s the issue here?”

Her fiancée wisely decided not to answer but instead work on the list himself. He muttered as he worked “I still can’t believe Dom named his kid Pablo.”

“It was our uncle’s name,” Faith scowled “it’s a good name.”

“Dude,” Han set aside the paper, “he might as well have called his son Escobar, if he was trying to buy into the stereotype.”

“Oh really?” Faith crossed her arms. “And what stereotype is that?”

Han eyed her abrupt shift in mood and braced himself for the mercurial storm that was Faith a month before the wedding. He explained “I’m just saying, the kid’s going to have a hard enough time without a name like Pablo Toretto.”

The scowl grew bigger “And tell me, snookums, why is my nephew going to have a hard time according to you?”

“Because,” Han sighed and rubbed at the back of his neck, “anyone coming from our background will. We all have police records, shit- Dom’s still on probation. He’d be going back to jail if it wasn’t for the Council. I just want the kids to have an easier time than any of us did.”

“Oh,” Faith’s eyes softened. She understood him. She knew how badly he was affected by his family’s refusal to come to their wedding. She knew how badly Han had it on the streets before his illustrious carjacking career. Faith understood that he didn’t want his past for any of their kids. Whether it was his and Faith’s, or Dom’s and Letty’s.

She changed the subject, understanding that Han didn’t want to wallow about the mistakes of his past. “So what would you want to call our kids?”

Han fidgeted with his hands and a flush began working its way up his neck. Faith stared. She never actually considered that he might have wanted to call their kids any specific names. But he apparently did.

“So what are the names?” she prompted. Faith was actually kind of curious.

He coughed “there’s just one name actually.”

Faith quirked her eyebrow.

“Kiana,” Han looked away.

A feeling of white hot jealousy stole into her gut and she had to sit on her hands so that he wouldn’t see the balled up fists. Fuck, she knew that he wasn’t exactly a saint before her. And god only knew that she’d been around the block before him. But any mention of Han with somebody else and she felt like she was dying a little inside.

“Was she a girlfriend of yours?” Faith inquired in faked nonchalance.

Han looked at her. He started grinning at the jealousy clearly written on her features. He leaned forward and kissed her slowly. He pulled away “No. She was an old lady that took me in for six months when I was seventeen. Fed me, clothed me, tried to get me back in school.”

“Oh,” Faith breathed out. She was almost ashamed at how relieved she felt “what happened to her?”

“I left,” Han shrugged “I thought I was such a big bad thug. I left but kept coming back over the years and she was always one of the most supportive people in my life.”

“Babe,” Faith began feverishly leafing through the papers “she’s coming to the wedding right?”

Han looked at her. She was searching through their list, trying to locate a Kiana. He took her hand, “Faith, she’s dead.”

“Well shit,” she looked upset “that sucks ass.”

Han smiled as he felt his heart constrict with all the love he felt for the woman sitting next to him. She was willing to invite a complete stranger to her wedding because he told her of something she did for him twelve years ago.

“You know I love you right?” he asked and watched as her eyes sparkled with emotion “you’re the only one for me. You are my family.”

She was silent as she cupped his jaw and leaned in for a soul stealing kiss.

Han licked his lips as she went back to her cereal. He smirked “besides, we’re already at the limit for guests. You would have had to disinvite somebody.”

Faith winked “it was going to be Leon and Dawn.”

Han choked on his coffee “why them?”

“Well,” his fiancée drawled as she sipped on her own caffeine, “those two idiots didn’t invite us when they eloped, plus we see them almost every day- they would have survived.”

“Faith,” Han snorted “they didn’t invite anyone to their elopement, that was the whole point.”

Faith blew her tongue at him in a wet raspberry, “I don’t care. I wanted to see Dawn get married. For that matter, Buffy was practically frothing at the mouth that her little sister eloped instead of the wedding they had planned.”

“Eh,” Han shrugged “Buffy’s fine with it now.”

“Yeah, cause she’s too busy chasing her and Boytoy’s rugrat around,” Faith shook her head “I still can’t believe that Rowan’s their kid. He’s just too cool to be related to those two geeks.”

“Be nice,” Han admonished and picked up her cup with his own as he stacked them in the dishwasher “are they still flying in?”

“Nah, B said that she can’t fly. They’re driving in,” Faith told him.

They each did their thing in silence and then Han piped up “you think she’s knocked up again?”

“Well sheiit,” Faith drawled “she probably is. She didn’t fly with Rowan either.” She chuckled as she thought of her sister slayer’s first pregnancy, Buffy had been terrified that anything should befall her baby and it was completely understandable. As slayers- they were already prime targets for all the demons in vicinity. As pregnant slayers- the demand for their blood practically tripled. Buffy and Xander had moved into Headquarters for Buffy’s pregnancy, a slayer squad was always with the pregnant blonde. The last time they had actually counted, the number of attempts to kill her/ drain her/ cut out her child had been thirty nine. And that wasn’t counting the random fledges that would follow Buffy’s scent for miles, desperate at the chance to drain a slayer and her child’s life.

Faith frowned. She didn’t like thinking about the last two years. With Vi’s coma, Buffy’s extremely dangerous pregnancy, Mia’s almost drowning at the hands of Phoenix- it was laden with dangers.

She cleared her throat and turned to Han, “I’m going to go change for work. You mind looking over the final thank you notes?”

He rolled his eyes “you’re so surprisingly bougie sometimes,” but began looking for the thank you cards. They had decided on having small, mini albums with their pictures as keepsakes to give away at the wedding. That way, everybody would go away with something from Faith and Han.

“Yeah, yeah- laugh it up chuckles,” Faith muttered as he went into their bedroom. She began looking through her closet, trying to find the leather pants she wanted. After getting dressed, she quickly pulled her hair into a low bun and grabbed her black messenger bag off the floor. She gave Han a kiss as she passed him. He followed her into the hallway and watched as she patted on some lip balm and grabbed the car keys.

Faith pointed a finger at him “don’t be late from the garage tonight. Spike and Mia are coming over for dinner.”

“Egh,” he groaned, “I hate seeing Spike eat.” Han shuddered.

Faith chuckled “Yeah, you’d think the PTB’s would take away his liking for blood, but apparently being a living vampire and human hybrid means that blondie bear still has a hankering for the O Neg.”

Han smiled and kissed her at the door “yeah, I’m just thankful that your sister’s enough of a supportive girlfriend that she picks up his blood.”

Faith smirked “dude, she used to pick up his blood even before they were dating. I don’t think she’d stop now that they’re bumping uglies.”

Han gave her a dirty look “you’re a horrible woman. I’m going to spend the whole day thinking of Spike’s blindingly white uglies now.” He shook his head in disgust.

Faith laughed and gave him a wave as she loped towards her car. Han watched her drive away as usual and her heart felt light at the love and devotion she was used to receiving from her fiancée. He was a good man, a man that loved her- bad and good. He knew her worst sides, he knew her weaknesses and Han still stuck around.

Faith smiled as she drove towards the LA Council House. Kiana sounded like a really good name.

The End

You have reached the end of "Faster to be furious". This story is complete.

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