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Faster to be furious

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Fast and Furious Slayer". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Torettos team up to bring down Braga. What will happen now that Faith is in the Fast and Furious world? How will things change and what will stay the same?

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Movies > Fast and the Furious, TheShulikFR151325,77956623,10827 Dec 0926 Mar 10Yes


Disclaimer: Universal Pictures and Rob Cohen own the Fast and Furious franchise.
Whedon and Kuzui Enterprises are responsible for the Buffyverse which includes the lovely Faith.

Please don't forget to review! Me likes it, and it keeps me in the bunnies.

Han watched Faith move in between the cars. Ever since coming back to Cali from East Asia, he had known that he would eventually seek out the younger Torettos. He wondered briefly whether it was a genetic thing for them that everyone who met them wanted to follow them. Dominic was like that, a solid presence that signaled a new coming. You wanted to be him, you wanted to follow him. He was security, safety and a challenge all rolled up into one.

Faith was like that and she wasn’t. Except where Dom was like earth, like rocks- immovable, solid, present- Faith was fire. She burned bright, a candle lit at both ends and you feared what would happened when the flame would inevitably meet in the middle. She had always been wild but ever since Japan, as Mia confided to him one night- Faith had been become almost reckless. Her sister had cried as Han tried to figure out what changed, Mia was scared about what would happen if Faith kept going down this path.

The second night when he had been bunking down in Vince’s old room, the door opened and Faith stepped inside.

Han had been as shocked as anyone, what happened in Japan seemed like a one time thing but apparently she had decided to continue.

When he asked her why she was doing this, she had only answered him with “every girl’s gotta lose her illusions sometime.”

Both of them knew that it wasn’t about feelings, it was certainly not love- it was comfort. A bit of screwing between two friends who knew what the other liked in bed and took solace in each other’s quirks.


Han quirked an inscrutable eyebrow as he took in all the saliva dripping from the racers’ mouths as Faith slinked her way to her cherry red Mazda Rx-seven.

She oozed sex from every pore, an expression of anticipation in her eyes as she lined up her bets for the next bet. She wore more than most bunnies, the usual tank top exchanged for a tight fitting corset over the usual leather pants.

He watched the proceedings silently. It was her first race without Dom’s presence taking the brunt of the spotlight and both he and Mia could see that she was nervous. In the edginess of her gaze, in the exaggerated languidness of her moves- she was having a silent freak out.

Ro was racing against Faith in the preliminary lap, the big man’s dreadlocks bounced as he placed his cash with Edwin. Ro, real name Rodriguez, a huge mocha colored guy with some real talent with blades and a yen for speed. Han really didn’t want Faith racing against him in her first race without Dom looking after her. The dude had a penchant for violence and there had been rumors about him not taking a no for an answer from the fairer sex.

But he guessed that was the reason why the big man had the talk with him before he left.



Han was packing his shit into a large suitcase, the new passports had just come through- and he was leaving to go back to the States.

There was a knock on the door.

“Yeah,” Han called out.

Dom walked in, running a hand through his head in a gesture that had come to mean that that he was thinking hard about something.

“You know where you’re going yet?” his voice was as growly as ever.

Han nodded.

“New York first, then maybe Cali- we’ll see how it goes,” he shrugged.

“You going to look up my girls?” Dom intoned.

Han braved a swift look at the guy, Dom didn’t look pissed off, just resigned and a little wary?

“Maybe, we’ll see if I get out to LA,” he murmured as he zipped up the last of the bags.

“If you go to them, promise me that you’ll look out for them. They’re by themselves, I don’t want them to be alone,” Dom met Han’s startled gaze straight on.

Han raised an eyebrow, “you think they’re going to want my help?”

Dom snorted and shook his head, “they’re not going to want anything. They’re going to *need* your help.”

Han straightened up as did Dom. The bigger man held out his hand, “promise me.”

There was a pause, “alright,” Han shook his hand.

End flashback_______________

The cars revved as the drivers exchanged ‘pleasantries’ between themselves. Han watched Faith blow a kiss to Ro, a smirk playing firmly on her lips.

The signal was given and then everyone took off, smoke trailing after the speed of everyone’s leaving.

“She’s going to be fine,” Han murmured to Mia who was clutching his arm, worried eyes tracking the progress of her twin sister.

She nodded but still watched Faith’s car zoom off into the distance.

Faith held her breath as she took in Ro’s taunting face in the car next to her, she gave a loud cackle of mirth as she pushed the NOS button as everything sped up. Faith knew that she didn’t have the years of racing experience that Dom did, but hopefully her slayer reflexes would stop her before she hit anything.

The finish line loomed on the horizon, she flew past it and slowed her car down. Faith sat inside for the first five seconds as the cheers of the crowd erupted in front of her. She won, she came first- this was real. Mia’s laughing face as she ran towards her, Han’s small smirk as he stood with his arms crossed near an array of cars, Ro’s scowl as he said goodbye to his wad of cash- this was all real.

She got out of the car slowly, a shit eating grin spread across her face and she winked at Edwin who was counting out her winnings.

“Woo baby, now I know the talent’s in your blood, big bro would have been proud,” Edwin crowed as he slapped the cash into her hand.

“Thanks sugar,” Faith purred in Ro’s ear as she slinked her way to her sister and a smiling Han.

The smell of car oil, alcohol, sweat, perfume and sex all mixed into the air to create a heady atmosphere for anyone with above average senses. It felt like home to Faith, a place just for her- a place of belonging and finally victory.
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