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Bones of the Past

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Bones of the Past 'verse". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Imagine how the events of the movie would change if an old friend of Bones got involved. A tiny blonde whose been saving Earth for two hundred years. Reaper!Bones/Buffy

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Star Trek > Star Trek 2009
Games > Horror > Doom / Quake
hellbellsFR1589,24744535,04328 Dec 0917 Aug 10Yes

Not fair and cheating

A/N : To people who are unsure about something For the sake of this fic Bones is old, very old. He has been a soldier in the past and now is living life through a microscope instead of a sniper scope.

Delta Vega

Kirk had struggled out of the pod only to curse his luck. Jim Kirk was no quitter; even so, the odds did not look so great against this creature.

“Duck,” the distinctly feminine voice demanded.

Her weapon discharged stunning the beast, giving her the chance to jump on its back. Kirk watched in amazement as the small woman vaulted into the air and landed on the creatures back. He dismissed the strange sword appearing in her hand as a trick by his frozen addled brain.

Buffy had indeed somersaulted on the creatures back; she was unsure how to kill it. She remembered Giles advice, ‘when in doubt, few creatures can survive missing their heads’. Buffy was grateful for the magical scythe as the creature seemed to have a thick hide nevertheless, the blade slit the creatures throat with ease. Her next problem was how to navigate the falling creature, she went with the ‘hold on and ride the fall’ method. Buffy could not help the quip of ‘timber’ falling from her lips; it was as natural as breathing for her.

Kirk found himself being hauled to his feet, he could not see all the woman‘s face but he could tell she was attractive. Kirk recovered some of his legendary charm, “Are you dragging me to your cave to have your wicked way with me?”

Buffy no longer blushed at innuendoes, “Sorry. I hate to break it to you but I’m rescuing you so we can save Earth. Then I’m going to chase R… McCoy until he gives in.”

If Kirk hadn’t have been so cold he would have asked her about how she knew Bones instead, he settled on asking, “Where are we going?”

He caught the bright smile despite her hood being up, “To the cave up ahead to meet an older green-blooded hobgoblin who knows what’s going on.”

They entered the ice cave and followed the light source to find the older Vulcan. The old Spock was astounded, “James T Kirk. How did you find me?”

Kirk looked disbelieving, “Excuse me. How do you know me?”

“I have always and always will be your friend.”

Buffy couldn’t help but snicker as she tool off her hood, “Yeah maybe before but the younger you hates him.”

The old Spock was glad to see his old friend, admittedly, she still looked like this over a hundred years later, and “It’s good to see you Buffy.”

Jim was seriously confused, “What the hell is going on? You’re the cute blonde that Bones knows.” Kirk noticed what could only have been a smug smile on the old Vulcan’s face.

Buffy would not be intimidated, “Well we will be heading back to the Enterprise and if my hunch is right then, Mr Spock here has the plan.”

The elder Vulcan wasn’t surprised that she seemed to know what was going on. He knew the McCoy’s secret in the future but he doubted it was known now. He settled on, “It’s a pleasure to see you looking so well. We need to find Lt Commander Scott.”
Kirk frowned trying to think how he knew that name. Buffy though had to wipe tears from her eyes, “This is where Uncle Johnny sent him?”


Kirk would admit to being a tad overwhelmed but found himself being dragged along by the gorgeous blonde. She distracted him the whole way to the out post by telling him the story of Uncle John’s prized beagle or asking about his and McCoy’s adventures.

As they entered the outpost, all took a moment to enjoy the warmer surrounding. Even though the cold couldn’t ever kill Buffy, it didn’t mean she ever relished it. They could hear the ranting Scot, “Look I know what’s going on. Punishment! I’m dyin’ for some real food. I mean six months is a wee bit harsh.”

Buffy fluffed her hair out, “Well Scotty we’re goin’ for a little ship hopping. Fancy taggin along.”
Scotty turned to the familiar voice, “Buffy me bonny lass. It’s a good to see ya. Ten years and ya still look as fresh as a daisy.”

Kirk watched the interaction between the infamous commander and the others. Everyone at the academy had heard stories about the commander; she was the one to teach hand-to-hand combat to the stronger races. Only the very highest admirals at Starfleet knew her true secrets, what was clear though was that she handled any serious threat against the federation. One cadet had argued that she was the one sent to deal with the augments. Kirk thought that one must be rumour though the augment wars were over sixty years ago.

Lt Scott or Scotty seemed friendly and maybe a little star struck. The older Spock seemed to be watching the discussion with an expression that could only be described as affection. Did Vulcan’s show affection?

As the ambassador started to write something Buffy, Scotty and Kirk started to talk about the Enterprise.
Scotty couldn’t help letting his admiration for the Enterprise show, “She’s a beautiful ship. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on her ample nacelles.”

The way the engineer spoke about the ship was how others spoke about their significant others. Buffy clapped an arm around his shoulder, “We really need to find you a girl.”

Kirk was becoming fast friends with Buffy, “I’m sure we can find a female engineer obsessed with engines. In fact Buffy, I think I know just the right girl.”

Scotty was starting to blush so tried to change the subject, “What’s he doing?”

Buffy asked, “What’s the stitch Spock?”

She may be over 270 years old but she still hadn’t lost some of her strange speech patterns. Kirk and Scotty did not understand what she was saying, amazingly though Spock did, “It’s Lt Commander Scott’s formula for trans-warp beaming.

Kirk turned to the engineer to see him do a passable impression of a goldfish, “I think I would have remembered that.”

Buffy smirked, “Yeah but the ambassador is cheating. Time travel is definitely cheating.”

The Vulcan was definitely amused, “I hardly think it is fair of you to lecture about cheating commander.”
Buffy pouted but shrugged her shoulders, “Fair point. Make wit’ the splainin; I have a good track and keeping Earth safe.”

A lot of this conversation was going over the heads of Scotty and Kirk. Ambassador Spock bowed his head, “You, Jim and Scotty need to beam onto the Enterprise and take control.”

Kirk wasn’t amused, “How over your dead body.”
“Preferably not.”

Buffy gave him a long stare, “There’s more isn’t there?” It had always been hard to pull one over on Buffy. Having been alive for as long as she had meant she had become very astute at reading people.

“How aware are you of the original timeline?”

Buffy sucked in a breath, “Oh Goddess, He’s created an alternate timeline.”

Scotty was becoming more and more confused, “What in the blazing hell is goin’ on?”

Spock ever patient, “The person responsible is from my timeline roughly 130 years in your future. By destroying Vulcan and other key events, he has altered the timeline.

Kirk was catching up, “What needs to be corrected.”

Buffy smirked and beat Spock to the explanation, “You mean apart from you as captain or about the infamous three-way friendship between you, Bones and Spock.”

“That is correct.”

Buffy watched as Jim now did an astoundingly accurate impression of a goldfish.


An hour later

Scotty was almost finished with the alterations, “Even if I believed all this craziness and that is a big if. The notion of transwarp beaming is like trying to hit a bullet with a smaller bullet, whilst wearing a blindfold, while riding a horse.”

“It’s doable.” Scotty heard the absolute certainty in her voice.

Kirk though wanted to know something, “Why aren’t you coming? You could just explain everything to your younger self.”

Spock stood before the assembled group, “Alas it is not my destiny. You will need to emotionally challenge me”

Buffy couldn’t help but notice that conversations with Spock seemed to mirror those with Giles. Scotty frowned and asked Jim, “What’s that mean in English?”

Buffy sighed, “First part was a low blow appeal to me. Second thing was, he want us to piss off younger him.”

Scotty was bemused, “Vulcan’s repress their emotions.”

Buffy was preparing herself, “Well I’ll take it as a challenge. Oh and once I’ve pissed him off stay back.”

Scotty used to love watching the exhibition matches where she would face off against the stronger races. He was a little concerned, “You won’t hurt him will you Elizabeth.”

Buffy huffed, “Why am I Buffy normally and Elizabeth when people think I’m about to cause issues.”
Kirk smirked, “It’s to make it seem more serious. My second name always comes out at that time.”

Scotty just gleefully clapped his hands together, “Well let’s get movin’ shall we.”

A/N I know in the movie Spock doesn’t know who was at the outpost but for my purpose, he needs to. Thank god, I’m writing an AU.
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