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Bones of the Past

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Bones of the Past 'verse". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Imagine how the events of the movie would change if an old friend of Bones got involved. A tiny blonde whose been saving Earth for two hundred years. Reaper!Bones/Buffy

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Star Trek > Star Trek 2009
Games > Horror > Doom / Quake
hellbellsFR1589,24744535,05228 Dec 0917 Aug 10Yes

So it begins

Before we begin: In this story, Buffy and Giles have survived and due to complications are both immortal. As such they are apart of Starfleet’s upper echelons and there are many rumours and legends surrouding them. Both Grimm’s are still alive and infected with C24. If you haven’t watched DOOM, then the brief point is that Karl Urban played a Soldier/ Marine who through the course of the movie becomes infected with a synthetic chromosome making him super fast, strong, and smart and has amazing healing powers. Sound familiar?

Disclaimer: As always, I own nothing of Doom, Star Trek 2009 or Buffy.

Chapter One: So it begins

Academy bar
Month before the Vulcan disaster

Jim was dancing with Gailia when he saw Bones. He couldn’t help the speed in which his eyebrows shot up; Bones was talking animatedly with a gorgeous blonde. Uhura who was herself dancing noticed the cocky cadet’s surprise and was curious, “What’s got you surprised?”

Uhura followed the line of Kirk’s sight; she knew that the doctor was his best friend. She smirked knowing who the woman was, “Wow the Doctor has friends in high places.”

Jim was forever curious, when he asked his best friend the only answer he got was, “Buffy’s an old friend of mine.”

If only Jim knew how old.


Star Trek Enterprise
Set just after the conversation between McCoy and Spock on the bridge

Dr Leonard McCoy was surprised to receive a personal message from Starfleet. He’d dealt with the patients from the initial Romulan attack; the message surprised him more because it was addressed to Dr McCoy Acting CMO.

He activated the console to be greeted with a sunny blonde’s face, “Imagine my surprise when I have my latest slayer dream and you and your buddy are in it.”

Bones rubbed his tired face, “Yes well our green blooded hobgoblin Captain stranded Jim on Delta Vega.”

Buffy had been friends with McCoy for nearly a century so she knew what his expression meant. Buffy quickly moved to reassure him, “Relax John, Reaper doesn’t have to come out to play. My dream even pointed me in the direction of help.” Bones knew that he wasn’t going to like what was coming next especially, when her face twisted into an evil smirk. She explained to Bones, “Luckily he seems also to be on Delta Vega after being stranded by Nero.”


He saw the smirk widen and knew he wasn’t going to like the answer, “An older green blooded hobgoblin friend.”

Bones like Buffy knew that if they could do the unlikely and save Earth then their secrets would have to be shared with a few people. Still if anyone knew how to save Earth then it was Buffy. Despite himself he was enjoying the almost normal conversation, “So is Giles looking after my sister.”
Buffy openly laughed now, “I don’t care how scary Reaper is, Ripper is scarier.”

Bones knew he couldn’t really argue about her assessment of her adoptive father. He noticed that she seemed to be distracted, “I’m approaching Delta Vega. I‘ll bring your playmate home soon”

He couldn’t help the burst of laughter that escaped his lips. The laughter made the infirmary fall silent. Chapel didn’t know who had commed the Doctor but over the course of the conversation the Doctor seemed to becoming less gruff. The laugh was so out of character to what she had known, she moved closer to the door. She overheard the last bit of, “Yeah thanks Buffy you’ll have to have a drink with us.”

Next up: Buffy saves Kirk’s ass, meets Spock Prime and they escape the Ice Planet

A/N: I finally got to watch this DVD and as I am obsessed with it, Doom and Buffy. This is what my muse has started. Please let me know what you think. Like?Love?Hate?Ideas?
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