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Opening Moves of White Pawns and Black Queens

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This story is No. 2 in the series "An Ode to a City". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Being the First Part of our Heroine's Adventures in a Wicked Place

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DC Universe > Batman > Drusilla-CenteredbatzulgerFR132214,264105426,87328 Dec 0929 Jan 10Yes

A Change of Season. Part the Third.

I raced cross the roofs carrying my precious cargo, leaping over whatever gaps I came across. As I ran I could feel the Slayer slowly regaining her faculties. I could see the glow of her, starting to warm and blossom.

We were just adjacent to the Wayne Memorial Clinic so I decided to drop down to the street. One of my grocers worked there, and sometimes was able to supply me with past-expiration date food. This time I entered through the front. "Excuse me? Someone has played too cruelly with her and I think she needs a toymaker."

An old women, with wire spectacles and a grim expression, rushed over to see the poor child. The label on her white coat's pocket said Thompkins, and her eyes and heart said no nonsense would be taken kindly. "What happened to her?"

"She decided to dance with an unfortunate choice of partners. He was a bully and misbehaved far too roughly with her, so I removed her from him until he learns how to be with nice things. That nice faceless woman was entertaining him while I made my way here. I hope she has time for tea later?"

The old woman blinked, then making a decision, gestured for me to follow her back to a bright clean room filled with sparkle and white. "Lay her on the table Miss...?" she peered at me expectantly.

"My name is Drusilla. My parents told me to always be polite and give your name when asked. Only my lovely William and that nasty Angelus ever called me Dru though. You have a cloak of darkness protecting you. Did you know that?"

She glanced at me again with concern in her eyes, not fear or disdain, and I knew I could trust her. "This girl is special. She will mend quickly. Far more quickly than you can imagine." I placed the Slayer on the table, the woman's eyes tightened as she saw the gouge in my abdomen. I peered down and playfully poked my rib. "Don't worry silly. I will be right as rain soon enough. But could you perform a small favour for me?" I smiled.

"What is it?"

"When she wakes fully, tell her that I would like to show her how to play properly, and also how to deal with those that wish to play unfairly."

"How can she find you?"

"Don't worry yourself about that, and have a pleasant evening, the night wind is quite refreshing you know."

With that I whirled out of the clinic and returned home. It was a glorious night in the spring.
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