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Opening Moves of White Pawns and Black Queens

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This story is No. 2 in the series "An Ode to a City". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Being the First Part of our Heroine's Adventures in a Wicked Place

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DC Universe > Batman > Drusilla-CenteredbatzulgerFR132214,264105426,84828 Dec 0929 Jan 10Yes

Rites and Passages.

I danced across the rooftops waving at the moon. The stars above smiled down and told me in their secret language, that the one I was seeking was just ahead. I leapt across the last alley and peered down at the battle below.

The Slayer was engaged with a G'naatar demon. It had grabbed her with one of its pincers and was trying to bite her head off. She had a length of metal rod which she was jamming in its mouth. Her movements were slightly unpracticed, but far smoother than any human could normally hope to achieve without countless hours of training. The G'naatar was obviously getting exceedingly frustrated at her efforts to keep herself from becoming a meal, as its death plumes were fully unfurled and ablaze with color. I watched for a moment more as the Slayer continued her struggles to free herself from the G'naatar's ferocious grip, before dropping down beside them.

"Don't mind me, I'm watching the moon bugs, " I pirouetted in front of the pair.

"What you here for half-breed? " the G'naatar looked decidedly annoyed, but he had loosened his grasp oh so slightly enabling the Slayer to begin catching her breath.

"Simply to walk in the night, meeting interesting sorts of people. Are you terribly interesting? " I said sounding as bored as possible, and batting my eyes, causing interesting hues to ripple up and down his plumes.

"Huh! You so small. I break you easy, " He flexed and I knew I had him. The Slayer had brought the iron rod close to her body and was apparently preparing to slide it between the two sides of the pincer holding her captive. I caught her eye and nodded slightly before flashing another smile at the G'naatar.

"That is true. You are probably so large that I should fear for my health and life...but I'm sure you're also well skilled..? The sky tells me that you are, and you should...Be in me, " I caught his eye and then I had him bent to my will. The Slayer obviously felt his grip go slack and using the rod as a lever, pried herself free.

"Come along poppet, before he recognizes that he has been be-spelled. Even the clouds flee the wind, " I took her by the hand, and began leading her away at all haste.

"Who are you? What is he? Why do you feel so wrong? What's happened to me?"

"All fine queries, I must honestly say. But all the proper answers are not so easy to give. Follow and follow me poppet, and all your Whys, Whos, and Whats will be solved, but first we must avoid ogres or those much like them. Do you understand my darling-o?"

"N-n-no, not really. Who are you? And what's happening to me?"

"At least those are the easiest ones poppet. You may call me Drusilla, and I dearly wish we may become the most marvelous friends. And you my dear have been called as the Slayer. The Chosen One. The one girl in all the world destined to fight the evils of the night and granted the strength and skill to defeat the demons; the vampires, " by this time we had rounded several corners from the G'naatar, "So poppet, what may I call you?"

"Emma, Emma Lasker uh...Drusilla?"

"That's right poppet. I am so terribly sorry...I mean't Miss Emma, " I curtsied, "It is a true pleasure to make your acquaintance, " I smiled broadly and she gasped at the sight of my fangs.
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