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Opening Moves of White Pawns and Black Queens

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This story is No. 2 in the series "An Ode to a City". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Being the First Part of our Heroine's Adventures in a Wicked Place

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DC Universe > Batman > Drusilla-CenteredbatzulgerFR132214,264105426,87328 Dec 0929 Jan 10Yes

Sharing Fizzy Drinks and Good Conversation.

She didn't run away screaming, which gave me some hope. In fact, she followed me to the all night café and ordered a root beer float. We talked about my past history and I actually managed to stay on path for much of it, then we talked about her.

Emma was sixteen years old and lived with her mother and her sister in a small apartment off some locale named Crime Alley. Her mother worked at night for a cleaning service and her older sister was a bartender, so she had had plenty of time to go roam around fighting the things that go bump in the night. Apparently in late May a vision of a white-haired woman had appeared to her in the middle of class and asked her if she wanted to be strong? Emma had replied in the affirmative and quick as Bob's your uncle, she had gained the abilities of the Slayer.

I asked, what had told her to go out and slay demons? So she told me her dreams had commanded her so ferociously she couldn't sleep.

I sipped my lemonade and thought for a moment. If a Slayer's visions were anything like mine they would cause great strain on the unsuspecting and unprepared. I actually might be able to help this poor girl. My beast howled for her blood, which couldn't help but make me smile as I refused its call.

"All right Miss Emma. I happen to know more than a bit about visions and how to mind them. I'll be happy to assist you in taming your sight, but you also will be needing to learn how to defend yourself properly against hooligans such as that G'naatar or that Crocodilian gentleman. If my William were here he would be the perfect one to ask, but as he is not, I will take it upon myself to find you a proper tutor."

"Uh, Drusilla are you sure you can help me?"

"Oh most assuredly Miss Emma. I've been seeing the things inside for over a hundred and sixty years, " I rose from the table, "It's close to dawn, so I must go. I will see you tonight, the moths will tell me where to find you." With that I curtsied again and took my leave.
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