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Opening Moves of White Pawns and Black Queens

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This story is No. 2 in the series "An Ode to a City". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Being the First Part of our Heroine's Adventures in a Wicked Place

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Providing Succor and Scholarship Part the Second.

We walked side by side towards the center of the city. Several times street toughs tried to interfere with our passage, so I used them as practical examples on how to incapacitate humans without killing. By the time we arrived at a locale where a taxi would actually stop to pick up a fare, Miss Emma had gained a great appreciation of her strength and speed as compared to a normal human.

"Drusilla, you know we've been followed?"

I clapped my hands in glee, as she showed she had been paying attention to our surroundings, "Oh that is excellent! Of course we have my dear. It's the bright-clad boy and the quiet girl. They're curious about us naturally, and are following to gain more grist for their decisions. We really should invite them to come with us."

My Slayer looked shocked for a brief moment, then grinned in agreement. As one we turned, looked up at the rooftop where our watchers were lurking and cheerily waved. I then beckoned them to come down to the street.

Not surprisingly, they did not respond to my invitation, so I pouted till a taxi arrived.

We soon arrived at "The Iceberg", the Fat Man's club. The gentlemen at the door were quite insistent on seeing proper identification until I told them nicely that we had already presented it and they had approved. With that slight bit of business out of the way we entered into the great den of inequity.

The Fat Man was holding court in his private booth as always and I surreptitiously pointed him out to Miss Emma. She gasped, "This is the Penguin's place?!?" and clutched hold of my arm.

"Be calm my dear. You are far stronger and faster than most of his guards, and easily smarter than the rest. Besides, I'm with you and if someone wishes to harm you before your training is sufficient...well they must first take their chances with me, " I patted her reassuringly on her hand and we proceeded further into the club.

A little further in I felt her grip tighten, "That man over there. He feels a lot like you, but not really!"

"Very good Miss Emma, that is indeed a vampire and one of low breeding no less. You can easily tell by the pallor and poor clothing choices. See, he has found some prey, " I slightly gestured at a peacock wearing far too much make-up to be quality, "Watch his plan so that you may recognize the signs."

"So how will I kill him?"

"A stake through the heart here, " I pointed between my breasts, "Fire, decapitation, sunlight, or a large quantity of holy water will all accomplish the task. Here is a stake, " I produced the named object from inside my jacket, "Let us follow him and stop him before he succeeds in his fell goal."

We moved closer so my sensitive little mouse ears and my Slayer's sharp hunter's hearing, could listen to the hunter baiting his prey. When he had her well and caught with his web of words and gestures, we followed the pair as they made their way to a service exit and out into the night.

I stood back as Miss Emma made her approach, "Hey Mister you got the time?" The vampire recoiled as if struck. He had obviously been about to feast, and my Slayer had severely interrupted his meal. I couldn't help but giggle at his oh so non-plussed expression. He recovered quickly enough though and glowered at her, his meal temporarily forgotten.

"Little girl, I could use an appetizer..." with that he swung, obviously attempting to grab and restrain her. Miss Emma skipped away and stuck her tongue out at him.

That did it, I could feel all thoughts of his previous choice of meal fleeing his enraged mind. I stepped over to the peacock and suggested that she would rather be inside and she had never been just outside. Her eyes glazed, she nodded, and re-entered the club

Miss Emma was simply dodging all the attacks that her prey was sending at her. Obviously, the warming up that we had performed on the varied thugs had been sufficient. Occasionally she would slap him across one cheek then the other simply, I believe, to keep him agitated and clumsy with fury. After a minute or so of this I cleared my throat slightly and caught her eye. She nodded and began to strike and kick with great effect. After two such barrages her prey was laying flat upon the ground, and a moment later was naught but dust as a stake found his heart.

As the dust settled, I gave her polite applause and she bowed towards me. I felt so proud of her, and couldn't help from smiling at her success. I then turned to face our concealed audience, "So can you help train her in combat?"

The faceless woman stepped from the concealing shadows, and even without features I could feel her surprise.
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