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Opening Moves of White Pawns and Black Queens

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This story is No. 2 in the series "An Ode to a City". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Being the First Part of our Heroine's Adventures in a Wicked Place

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Providing Succor and Scholarship Part the Third.

"Who are you and what just happened? " The woman dressed in a well-made blue suit walked forward. There were traces of a whitish vapor swirling round her slim form, "That is the question..."

"That's the woman that helped save me the other night isn't it?"

"It is indeed my dear, and I can see that she will be of great assistance in the future to the both of us, " I curtsied to the new arrival, "My name is Drusilla, and this is my protege, Miss Emma. She is a Slayer and I am assisting her as best as I am able."

"I see..." the faceless woman rubbed her chin then straightened, "...and what happened to the gentleman, " she gestured vaguely towards the fragments of dust that swirled lightly in the evening breeze, "was his job, designated slayee?"

"Pardon? That term is unfamiliar, " fortunately my Slayer spoke up, "You're the Question aren't you?"

The faceless woman nodded.

"Well he was the designated slayee, as I'm the designated vampire slayer."

"Vampires? " I had a distinct impression of eyebrows lifting in disbelief, "You mean like Dracula?"

I sighed at that, "He is a terrible bore, overly flamboyant, and I believe he still owes my William a small sum of money."

"Who? Dracula? You know him Drusilla? He's Real?" the pair of them were now peppering me with queries. I raised my hand to still them both, "Calm children, calm. We have things we must discuss, and here is not a proper locale for such conversation. Come along you two, before the rats start their pesky gossiping, " I began to walk away and smiled my hidden smile as the pair began following me.

I led them to a small park and seated myself on a bench to hold court.

"First Madame Question, we vampires are real, " I released my secret face for a brief moment then locked it away again, "The demonic portion of my essence has been on this lovely planet since before you can possibly imagine. Long, long ago a group of very unpleasant humans became quite upset about my kind's predation, so they created, by unknown means, a weapon to destroy all demons that still roamed the earth after the great exodus."

"Miss Emma, " I nodded at my protege, "Is the latest in a long line of warriors against the dark. There is always one girl in her teenage years, always gifted with great strength, speed, and healing and the ability to perceive the threats she must destroy. Slayers are not indestructible however. My William killed two, and even I killed one several years ago."

I raised my hand to silence the impending clamor before it began, "And Miss Emma here has been called, so another one must have failed in their task. As to why I, a murderous half-breed demon, am helping one who would destroy my kind and in addition, freely telling you both about my history. I can only offer that I am as totally mad as Mister Carroll's Hatter."

" killed someone like me?"

"Yes my dear. Her name was Kendra I believe. She was very beautiful, strong, and quick, but far too overconfident to be a truly capable warrior. I bound her mind, trapped her body, and slew her as she stood unmoving. Sadly, my beast still gloats about that."

"Your beast?"

"Yes Madame Question, the demon that lays trapped within this body and mind. It is very displeased with my recent actions, so it is locked in the darkest cellar I could create."

"So you're basically possessed?"

"I am, strictly speaking, a possessed corpse. Though I do not show my age at all, " I stood and twirled before them, "See?"

"So what's keeping your 'beast' from breaking free and killing both Emma and myself and don't you need to drink blood?"

"So many do deserve your nom de guerre. Firstly my mental aberration is its jailer, and no it is not the cruel lunacy of the painted one. Secondly I do need to consume blood, but it need not be human. I have several grocers that can acquire the freshest of various animal bloods for my tea and supper. So, if you wish to destroy me I will understand, but know that by young Miss Emma being chosen, she has become a strange attractor to all forms of demons and creatures of the night. I have told her that I will assist in teaching her how to hunt the evils and mind her visions, but she will also need someone to train her body and to make sure that I do not lead her astray."

I turned to face the Question directly, " So Miss Montoya, will you help?"
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