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Opening Moves of White Pawns and Black Queens

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This story is No. 2 in the series "An Ode to a City". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Being the First Part of our Heroine's Adventures in a Wicked Place

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DC Universe > Batman > Drusilla-CenteredbatzulgerFR132214,264105426,84128 Dec 0929 Jan 10Yes

On the Town in Satin and Lace. Part the Second.

Finding my Slayer is simple. I blink and I find myself standing in front of an alley doorway with a slight bit of smoke roiling of my skin, and no clear memories on how I had gotten there. Through the door the door I hear the sound of impacts and low shouts. I turn the doorknob and enter.

The interior in plain and worn, but impeccably clean. The majority of the floor is covered with woven matting and large pads are laid over that. In the corners are various training dummies and such.

There is a class in session. Ten or so students practicing holds while an old Chinese woman with a short staff stares at them with gimlet eyes. She glances up at me and stiffens. I raise my hands in a symbol of peace. She nods, then flicks her gaze to a door in the back, never ceasing her commentary on the failures of a particularly unfortunate student's.

Making myself unnoticeable to the class, I proceed to the door and slip in. Inside I find my Slayer and Miss Montoya, now wearing her face, sparring. The difference's are quite apparent in both looks and fighting style. Miss Montoya is not much taller than I, with dusky skin, dark hair in a pony tail, and hazel eyes. She is muscular and lean in build, and moves with the skill of superb confidence and excellent training.

Miss Emma is tall and thin, easily as tall as my William. Her blond hair is cut short and spikes out like the quills of an agitated hedgehog, and with her gray eyes and pale nordic skin she looks almost like a fey creature. She fights with the raw power, speed, and innate ability of a Slayer. No real trained skill is apparent, but against a poor or average fighter of her equal strength and quickness, she would most likely prevail.

I allow the two to notice my entrance and they immediately cease their mock battle.

"Drusilla!" I smile at my Slayer as she rushes over to me, "Renee has been showing me how to move properly!"

"I saw my dear, and might I say that you show great potential from what you demonstrated."


"Yes Miss Renee?"

"Just Renee please, Emma's insanely strong, ridiculously fast, and picks up moves as quickly as I can show them to her. Plus she can take a hit that would drop some metas. That said she needs to work on what moves to use when and her confidence. She's good right now, but she could be fantastic."

"So then...Renee, will you be able to help her? Train her?"

"Sure, I need to find more people to go against that can stretch me to my limits. I don't go up against metas as much as some, so any practice I can get against augmented humans is terrific. We'll both end up learning from this. As a matter of fact, I'll be happy to train you too if you want."

I was surprised at that statement. I have never considered myself a fighter, that was always left up to Angelus and William when carnage was necessary. The idea though was tantalizing.

"Really, me?"

"Yes you, Emma's going to need to be able to go all out against someone like you that doesn't break easily."

"Please Drusilla..."

"Well, alright then since both of you requested so nicely. My William would be so amused if he saw me now."

"Who is William?

"Well Miss Emma, he was my beau for a great many years. We traveled the world together with Daddy and Grandmum and had lots of adventures until Daddy got his soul put back in him. Then it was just William and I, until we met a Slayer. But that's all old things and I haven't seen William for years, but he was a poet, and a exceedingly brave and marvelous fighter, and he could always make me smile and laugh."

"Was your Daddy the vampire you were talking about, was he your real father?"

"Oh heavens no!" I laughed, "He was the vampire that sired me. His name was Angelus, until he got his soul back, and then he was simply Angel. Grandmum Darla sired him, and I sired William. We were a family you see. My real father died before I was turned."

"Well Dru, It sounds like you miss William very much."

"Well not as much as I used to. Especially after he fell for that Slayer. I tried to bring him back to me, but the pixies said he was gone, and I saw that was the truth. I was sad, but as I said, it has been years. You know Renee, he always called me Dru."

"I won't do it again then."

"Oh no! You may. I quite like the name. You both may. Please?"

"No problem. Well, we're about done here so it's time to hit the showers, and then get ready for dinner. Is the invitation still valid?"

"Of course Renee. Do I appear to be one of those lying Feckaw spirits?"

"Uhhh no?"

"You're quite right I'm not. Indeed!" I produced the two garment bags and the parcel and presented them to my Slayer.

"These are for you, I have reservations at Chez Martine for tonight at seven."

"Chez Martine!?!" the two of them were stunned by my pronouncement.

My Slayer was first to recover, "That's the most expensive restaurant in the city!"

Renee responded with, "Expensive hell, Kate says you have to be a Wayne or a Kane to get reservations with less than a month's notice."

"I, never have any difficulties securing reservations, ever, " I replied smugly, "I will see you there at seven then?"

The pair nodded and I took my leave, returning to my mousehole to prepare for the evening.
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