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All Donations Greatly Received

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Summary: Just a little ditty that jumped out at me while reading Experimenting!

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All Donations Greatly Received
Author: David A. Knapton


Archived: GilmoreGirlSlash as well as here, anyone else if you want but it is polite to let the author know you are doing so.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. The characters belong to the owners of Gilmore Girls

Spoiler: None, but sort of a follow up to Experimenting by DadStock, who gave me the okay to post this, you may wish to read that story at first

Pairing: Lorelai/Rachel

Summery: Just a little ditty that jumped out at me while reading Experimenting!

Notes: None

Thanks so much to my great beta Sarah.

Feedback: If you wish


Lorelai and Rachel walked side by side towards Luke’s, Rachel kept wringing her hands, “He’s gonna know, last time we were this late going to the diner was when we told him about us. He’s gonna know!”

Lorelai stopped walking and captured Rachel’s hands in hers, “Calm down Rach, of course he’ll know we want something,” she smirked, “He’s just not gonna guess what we want.” She became serious for a moment, “If you want we can forget the whole idea!”

Rachel looked deep into her lover’s eyes shaking her head, “No Lor, it was my idea and we both agreed we wanted this, god I so want this, and we both agreed with Rory that it had to be Luke, well in the end anyway. No I can do this,” she said dropping one of Lorelai’s hands and started pulling her towards the diner.

They arrived at the diner at exactly 10.30 am. Luke looked up a frown appearing on his face, “I told you he’d know,” whispered Rachel.

“He doesn’t know,” Lorelai whispered back as they sat down.

“Lorelai, Rachel, morning, you’re late today?” said Luke looking at them suspiciously as he placed two cups of coffee down in front of them.

“Told you,” said Rachel looking at Lorelai.

“Told you what?” asked Luke looking at them his frown deepened.

“Nothing, just that being late this morning that, you know! You’d notice,” said Lorelai smiling weakly.

“Uh huh, right. What do you want?” he asked.

Rachel looked around; the last of the morning diners was just leaving. She looked up at her former boyfriend, “Rory, Lor and I, talked about it and after several votes and recounts...”

“It got really complicated when we decided to list our top ten candidates,” added Lorelai.

Rachel frowned at Lorelai, “I still can’t believe Kirk got a vote? Did you list him?”

“Hey, we agreed it was going to stay a secret ballot,” said Lorelai.

“What do you want!” asked Luke angrily.

Lorelai and Rachel jumped, “Some of your sperm,” squeaked Rachel, “We want to get pregnant.”

The End

You have reached the end of "All Donations Greatly Received". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking