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Star Wars KOTR Tales of the White Knight

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Summary: Xander ends up in a Galaxy Far Far Away in a time of War

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Star Wars > Xander-CenteredFreddyfrmelmstFR1814,1301123,83328 Dec 0928 Dec 09No
Tales of the White Knight

By Freddyfrmelmst

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy or Star Wars they belong to Joss and
the Genius of George Lucas.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

Tales of the White Knight.

Now is a time of great uncertainty for the Knights of the Jedi Order

The Mandalorian Wars have ended but of all the Knights that left only
a handful have returned. Most of the Jedi that left with Revan and
Malak have chosen to go off in search of the Mandalorians. Most of
the Jedi that have returned only because of One Knight. Jedi Knight
Alexander Harris.

Knight Harris, a young man that appears to be ageless that appeared
in the Jedi Enclave on Dantoonie a scant 2 years before the outbreak
of the War. Knight Harris a Hero second only to Revan and Malak
themselves. A Knight that is lost in Time and Space that while
seeking a way home. Has yet to face his Destiny that soon will begin
to unfold.

Xander stood as Sergeant at Arms. He stood watching his friend Juno
Duron standing before the council. Ready to accept there judgment of

"You are Exiled. A Jedi no more. Surrender your Lightsaber." Master
Vrook told Juno.

As Juno drew her Lightsaber to stab it into the Center Stone in the
Council Chamber Xander spoke.

"Juno don't. You be exiled but your better then that." Xander walked
over to her and rested his hand on her shoulder.

"It doesn't matter that you are not a Jedi. I am and always shall be
your friend. And as always I'll be there for you even if it means
saving you from yourself." Xander smiled at her.

Juno gave Xander a sad smile. "Thank you brother." Deactivating her
saber. Juno handed it to Xander.

"May the Force be with you sister."

Xander turned to the Council as Juno walked out her head high.

"Alexander step Forward." Master Kavar motioned for him.

"It is because of you that many of the returning Jedi are coming
back." Master Atris informed him.

"You managed to keep the ways of Jedi alive even in the face of War.
You came before us and asked to allow you to follow Revan not to
fight the Mandalorians but to keep the Jedi that followed Revan from
falling to the Darkside." Explained Master Zez-Kai Ell.

"For that Reason we named you a Jedi Sentinel." Smiled Master Lona

"It is also the reason on this day we grant you the Rank of Jedi
Master." Master Vrook spoke proudly.

Xander bowed. "Thank you Masters I am honored you feel I am worthy of

"Do you have a preference as to an assignment?" Asked Master Atris.

"Yes Masters. I would like to go to the Jedi Enclave on Dantoonie. I
want to teach the Younglings and Padawans about the Dangers of War
and help them understand that while sometime fighting and killing
maybe unavoidable. It should never be acceptable. I also wish for
them to know of Juno, Revan, and Malak. Each one of them had the best
of intentions when they left. But the road to the Darkside can be
paved with good intentions."

"A lessons not everyone remembers Alexander." Master Vrook agreed.

Xander smiled as the group of Younglings as they gathered in a
classroom in the Enclave.

"Master Xander." A boy raised his hand.

"Yes Edmond you have a question?"

"I heard that you just appeared on Dantoonie just before the War is
that true?"

"Yes Edmond it's true."

A girl shot her hand up.

"Jade you have a question?" Xander asked.

"Where did you come from Master?"

"I came from a planet called Earth. From a place called the
Hellmouth. It was I place where I fought alongside Heroes to Protect
people from Monsters that roamed the night." Xander answered in a
staged whisper. Drawing his students in to the story.

"How did you get here then?" asked Edmond.

"I made a mistake Edmond there was a girl I was in love with and we
were courting. She began to feel that I was neglecting her for
helping the Heroes I mentioned. In a fit of Anger she made a Wish and
a Monster that granted wishes that would hurt people. Made it come
true. She was angry with me and she wished that I would go far away
from her. So I appeared here on a world in a galaxy unknown to the
people of home world. All I had with me was my clothes the items in
my pockets and a Scroll from the monster telling my why I was here
and who sent me here."

"Do you miss your world?"

"Every minute of every day Jade." Xander gave the Younglings a sad

"I was lost here. But thanks to the Jedi and my Master Master Vandar,
I was able to build a new life here." Xander told his Younglings.

"Now Younglings it is time for you to have free play enjoy

Xander smiled as the younglings all ran from the room.

"You are a good teacher Xander." A voice came from the door.

Xander turned and smiled. "Thank you Master Vandar. I know there is a
War on with the Sith but they are still children they need to hold on
to that for as long as Possible."

"Very true Dark Times lay ahead. They should enjoy there childhood
while they can."

"What can I do for you Master?" asked Xander.

"You Know about the Capture of Revan?"

"Yes but he was injured in the capture by Malak's betrayal."

"A plan the Council has to reprogram Revan with a new Identity. He
will be sent on Bastilla Shan's next mission. The Council would like
you to go as well. You knew Revan the best out of anyone left in the

"You want me to keep on an eye on Revan to make sure the
reprogramming took."

"Yes Xander plus we feel Bastilla is too arrogant for her own good.
While she has the power of Battle Meditation a rarity among Jedi. We
feel she is not yet ready to lead yet. So we would like you along as
to watch over them both."

"I'll do it Master. When do I leave?"

"The Republic Ship the Endar Spire will be here tomorrow to pick up
Bastilla and her team of Jedi. You can join them."

"Yes Master I better go pack."

"Indeed Xander. May the Force be with you."

Xander was startled from his meditation. As a laser blast hit the
ship. His roommate bolted upright out of his bed.

The door to there quarters opened and in rush Ensign Trask Urgo of
the Republic Navy.

"Master Jedi we are under attack. It's Malak and the Leviathan
Bastilla needs you on the bridge."

"Alright Trask. Let's go." Looking over his shoulder Xander saw the
soldier he and Trask were bunking with arm himself.

"I'll cover you Master Jedi." Smiled the Soldier as primed his Rifle.

Xander smiled. " Glad to have you at my back Drax."

As the trio started to head to the bridge. The Comm. system came

"This is Carth Onasi in forward command. All hands to the escape
pods. Repeat all hands to the Escape pods. Be careful the ship has be
boarded by Sith."

"And the hits keep on coming." Muttered Xander as they entered one of
the main halls of the ship.

The halls of the ship were a war zone as the republic crew fought
valiantly to try and escape from the Sith.

Xander's Lightsaber activated the Silver twin blades deflecting
energy blast after energy blast back at the Sith Troopers as he led
Trask and Drax thru the ship heading for Carth and the escape pods.

The ship shaking as power conduits exploded as they were hit from
weapons fire.

"ARRRRRRRR" Screamed Trask as a conduit exploded next to him killing
him instantly.

"Trask." Screamed Drax.

"Drax he's dead I'm sorry we gotta go or we die with him. We'll see
he gets Justice. But we can't do that if we're dead too." Xander
tried to reason with the Soldier.

Xander pulled the Soldier along. They needed to keep moving at the
ship was falling down around them.

As Drax regained his composure the pair ran down toward the escape

As the reached the door to the pod bay the door opened and there
stood in all his evil Glory Darth Bandon Malak's new Apprentice.

"Oh Shit" gasped Xander.

"You said it." Smirked the Sith Lord.

The Blood Red Saber of the Sith Clashing with the Silver blade of the
Jedi Master.

"I remember you. Malak's little Gofer during the war." Xander's gaze
blazing into the Soul of the Sith in front of him.

"You're Alexander." The voice of the Sith Lord trembling.

"And you're Fucked." Smiled Drax as he shot the Sith Lord.

Bandon spun around as the blast took him off his feet.

Ripping his saber from the fallen Sith's hand Xander and Drax
sprinted into the hanger area and to the Escape pod bay.

"You made it." Smiled Carth as the door opened to the pod bay.

"Let's blow this juma stand cause this ship is gonna blow." Drax told
them as he headed for the pods.

"We're the last ones on the ship so let's go." Carth agreed as he
followed Drax into the pod.

"Let's go fellas this party is over and the last one left around here
gets stuck with the check." Xander joked as he closed the hatch to
the pod.

"What?" asked Carth and Drax. But the roar of the engines and the
sudden jerk of the pod drown out any reply Xander could've make.

Xander grunted as he carried Drax over his shoulder.

"Carth this place better be close by." Grumbled Xander as he shoulder
the knocked out Soldier on his shoulder.

"It's just up here." Carth nodded with a small smile.

"Fine but if he gets clocked again you're playing bantha not me."
Griped Xander.

Carth just chuckled.

Xander watched Drax as he trashed about. `He is remember the Fight
with Bastilla. But he is not Seeing thru his own eyes. Interesting.'

Drax bolted upright in the bed.

"Easy easy Drax you're ok." Xander calmed him down.

As Drax calmed down. Carth eyed them.

"You can speak your mind Carth I know you have questions." Xander
told him not turning around.

"Why is the Jedi so interested in Drax. They requested a lot of
Strange stuff before we left. Him coming along being one of them,
Being one example. What's the deal?" Carth demanded to know.

Xander let out a breath.

"Truth be told we asked for him to come with us because. Some how he
has formed a Force link with Bastilla. He is quite strong in the
Force but Drax has no training in the Force and the Council felt
that Drax maybe able to taught to be a Jedi. If he is able to become
one. He and Bastilla could use there Force Link to Amplify the Power
of Bastilla's Battle Meditation. To a level that is completely
unheard over."

"What?" asked Drax.

Xander sat down next to Drax and face both him and Carth.

"We requested you for this mission to see if your Force potential
could be drawn out due to close proximity to Bastilla. It seemed the
Council was right. That dream you had was a Force Vision." Xander

"So I could be a Jedi?" Drax asked.

"It's very Possible." You have the potential to be one just not the

"This link could it be used to help us find Bastilla?" asked Carth.

"We can try." Drax answered for Xander.
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic: Tales of the White Knight
By Freddyfrmelmst@...
Disclaimer:See Part 1

Chapter 2

Carth was preparing a meal as Xander walked Drax thru clearing his
mind and trying to grasp the Force enough to follow the Force Bond to

"I never realized how much work it took to learn the Force." Carth
mused as he watched Drax his face scrunched up in concentration.

Xander smiled at him. "The Force is like training a muscle memory
Carth. Once you get it seems easy. But it takes a lot of hard work to
get there."

Carth nodded basic training Jedi style.

"So what are we gonna do?"

"Once we eat I'm gonna make a trip to the old Jedi Tower Ruins. There
was an Artifact that was sealed in the base of the Tower at the end
of the Great Sith War and when the Tower fell during the Mandalorian
War it was left behind. I can't let it fall into Sith hands."

Carth eyes widened. "What artifact?"

"A pair of Holocrons. One the Sith Holocron of Exar-Kun. The Second
was the Holocron of Grand Master of the Jedi Order Nomi Sunrider."

"I can see why you wouldn't want the Sith to have them." Carth told
him stunned at what he was told.

"Can you imagine Malak know the secrets of the Sith that died with

Carth shuttered at the thought.

"Bastilla." Whispered Drax.

Xander and Carth's almost snapped their necks with the speed they
turned there heads.

"Drax what are you feeling?" Xander asked he new student.

"She is alive she is a prisoner of one of the gangs in the
undercity." Drax answered as he opened his eyes. "They have a neural
inhibitor on her she can barely access the Force but she is learning
to over come it." Drax told them.

"Ok change in plans. We have to find a way into the undercity. After
it gets dark we'll go out and try to find and rescue Bastilla."

"Why after dark Master?" Drax asked.

Xander smiled. "Less patrols and the Sith are less likely to want to
wander down in the Undercity with out proper back up."

"He's right Drax we are alone, out numbered and out gunned in enemy

"I know Carth it's just to feel her and not be able to help it's not
easy to deal with."

Xander rested his hand on Drax's shoulder. "Welcome to my world Drax.
Being a Jedi often means feeling the pain of many but knowing you can
only do so much to help. But you never stop trying to help."

"Thank you." Xander nodded.

"Not a problem Drax." Xander smiled.

Xander smiled as he Carth and Drax entered the Elevator to the

"I thought Jedi were monks and the like. How the hell did you drink
that much Tarisian Ale and still be sober as a droid?" Carth asked

Xander smiled. "You saw my Juma chaser right?"

Carth and Drax nodded.

"The Bottle of Juma was empty." Smirked Xander.

"You never drunk the ale you spit it into the empty Juma bottle."
Drax laughed as he caught on.

"Hey I had to do something to make it look good. You talked our way
into a few invites to that Sith party. With that lady soldier that
was warm for your form Drax."

"You sneaky Xander. I may end up liking you after all." Smiled Carth.
Now lets get to the under city so we can lose this Armor. I hate
looking like a Sith."

"Don't knock the look too bad Carth it got us passed the Sentries at
the elevator." Drax smiled.

The Elevator reached the Undercity. The trio quickly stripped off
their Sith Armor less they be taken for a real Sith patrol and under
dead at the hands of one of the Swoop gangs.

"Ok we are in the undercity where to now?" asked Drax.

"The local Cantina is a good place to start."

"Good call Carth." Smiled Xander.

The trio walked into the Cantina there eyes moving around the room
for any trace of Sith.

Xander's eyes fell on a Mandalorian who had his back to him.

"Shit" mumbled Xander as he spun around and started toward a shadowed

Carth and Drax quickly followed.

"What's wrong Xander?" asked Carth worried about what could've
provoked that reaction from Xander.

"The Mandalorian by the bar his name is Canderous. If you noticed the
scar on his face? I gave it to him." Xander whispered as he sat deep
the shadows.

Carth and Drax blanched not just at that Mandalorian but that they
were all in real danger.

"You're going to have to do this on your own guys. I'm gonna go to
the Jedi Tower and get those Holocrons. And then I'll wait for you
back at the Apartment. I'm too much of a Danger to us all down here."

"I don't like this but your right Master." Drax told him

"I agree with Drax I don't like this but you're more of a danger then
a help down here. Just watch you six up the Xander. You're the first
Jedi I've considered liking so do get killed yet." Smiled Carth.

"Hey where's the fun in that." Smiled Xander as moved out of the
Shadows and out the door of the Cantina.

Xander made his way back to the surface of Taris. Canderous had made
things too dangerous for him in the undercity.

But since he was alone now it was time to go the Jedi Tower.

Darkness shrouded the Tower Xander felt a shiver down his back as he
reached the site of the Padawan Massacre of Taris. A group of Jedi
Masters believing one of their students would become the next Sith
Lord killed all of there students save one.

The arrogance of those Masters hurt Xander. While he himself had
killed to protect others. He prayed to the Creator that he would
never believe himself to know the future well enough to kill an
innocent because he fore saw what they may become.

The former Scooby moved quickly thru the ruins which since the War
had become a haven for the criminal Elements of Taris. The stories of
the ghost of the Padawans haunting the tower kept most others away.

Xander moved quietly among the rubble of the Tower. He focused his
senses on the rubble itself trying to locate the Holocrons thru the
Force. He needed to find the Holocrons without activating them
otherwise they would act like a flare and bring Malak down on him and
the others like Willow on top of a new computer system.

A small stone fell behind him Xander spun around and found a faint
blue glow. The glow seemed to be coming from behind a wall.

"It can't be that easy." Muttered Xander as he moved the rumble
aside. As he got closer the blue shifted to a blood red as a fearsome
figure burst forth.

"Exar Kun." Xander gasped as he activated his Lightsaber to block the
twin bladed saber of the Sith Lord.

"So wish my Holocron boy. You must defeat me to claim it." Snarled
Exar as he stepped back and motioned for Xander to attack him.

The silver glow of Xander's saber showed his face to be a mask of no
feelings as he held his ground.

The ghost of the dead Sith Lord in front of him snarled. "No Jedi can
take my Holocron." Bellowed Exar as he charged Xander.

Xander smiled as he parried the blow with easy.

"Your anger makes you weak Kun." Xander his voice devoid of emotions.
As stepped back and awaited the next attack.

"I'll show you anger boy." Raged Exar Kun as he let loose a torrent
of Force Lightning.

Xander stood firm stretching out his palm gathering the arching
lightning into a ball of energy.

"That Lightning Trick is old news Sith Lord." Xander smiled to him as
he sent the Darkside energy back into the Force illusion before him.

"ARRRRRRRRRH." Screamed Exar as the Force Lightning arched over his
body. Falling to his knees.

climbed to his feet and charged Force leaped at Xander intending to
cleave Xander in half.

Xander leaped up into the air and met Exar in mid leap driving his
saber into the heart of the illusion.

Xander landed on the ground with the grace of a cat. As Exar Kun
slammed into the Ground mortally wounded.

"You have fought well boy. You have proven yourself worth of claiming
my Holocron." Smiled Exar as he faded away.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic: Tales of the White Knight Chapter 3

Xander moved quietly thru the shadows. In his robes he carried two very important artifacts. One the Holocron of Nomi Sunrider, the recently passed Grand Master of the Jedi Order. The Second was a Sith Holocron of the Sith Lord Exar Kun a former Jedi that almost destroyed the Jedi Order. He was killed almost 40 years before Xander arrived in this universe.

Reaching the apartment that was serving as there base of operations.

“Guess they’re not back yet.” Xander guessed as he found the apartment empty. Take a seat of the floor. Xander closed his eyes and opened himself up to the Force hoping to track down Drax.

Xander smiled as he felt the former Sith Lord refusing to back down from an undercity healer to enter into a pen of people infected with a disease that would mutate them into monsters. As

Revan’s heart was open again and Drax was growing powerful because of it. Xander was glad to see he was rediscovering the true power of the Light side of the Force.
Plus he could sense that Carth was beginning to like Drax despite his own baggage.

“Xander.” A ghostly voice broke thru his mental shields.

Xander’s eyes snapped open. “Willow?”

Xander slammed his eyes closed and focused with all his might to try and track where his best friend’s voice had come from. But he could not find her. A pain of sadness shot thru him. It had been so long since he had heard that voice but he had never forgotten it.

He often wondered what became of his friends. Willow and Oz did they got the distance were they married with kids maybe a boy named after him? Was Buffy still alive did she beat the odds and get the normal life she so richly deserved? Was Giles still around still helping others fight the good fight against the darkness? What happened to Cordelia did she still hate him?

He often wondered about them over the past 15 yrs.

Shaking himself out of his dark mood Xander brought out the Holocron of Nomi Sunrider and set it in front of him and activated it.

“Greeting Fellow Jedi I am Nomi Sunrider may I ask your name?” the Hologram asked.

“Greeting I am Xander Harris.” Xander answered back.

“What can I help you with this day?” asked Nomi.

“The Sith have risen again. We are in the middle of a civil war. The republic is divided between the Jedi and the Republic and the Sith and their new Empire. I am hoping you could help me learn anything that could aid me in hiding from the Sith as we are trapped on Taris which the Sith Control. Or anything that will let me defend my student and those that travel with us.” Xander told her.

“So you seek Power to defend your friends?”

“No Master I seek knowledge to aid in protecting others. I also wish to help them learn to protect themselves.”

Nomi smiled. “Very good Xander.”

That night was spent with Xander with learning as much as he could. Nomi had taught him much in the way of using the Force for unexpected means including cloaking himself with the Force and Battle Meditation and even the most devastating Light side power she knew the ability to sever someone’s connection to the Force.

As the Night Finished Xander thanked Nomi for her teachings and made her a promise to see the Holocron to her daughter Vilma and to visit the tomb on Ren Var to visit the spirit of her Love Ulic Qel-Droma.

As the Holocron deactivated the door to the apartment opened.

Xander opened his eyes and smiled as Drax Carth arrived with Bastilla and a Wookee and Twil’lek

“Welcome back Padawan I see you mission was a successful one.” Xander smiled as he stood.

“Thank you Master Xander.” Smiled Drax.

“Master Xander I am glad to see you are here.” Bastilla bowed.

“I am glad to see you as well Bastilla.” Xander bowed in return. “I’d also like to welcome your new friends.” Xander bowed at The Wookiee and the Twil’lek.

The Twil’lek girl smile. “I’m Mission Vao and the big is Zalbar.”

“Welcome to our little band of adventurers. I am Jedi Master Xander Harris.”

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please email the author or leave a private review.

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