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Summary: Xander's Back and he is pissed

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Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy Stargate or any other characters used here I am righting for fun not profit.

A Quantum Leap of Faith

Xander Harris sat in the Locker room preparing his bags of what he was going to need. He had been selected to be the one to go back and make a difference. The Zeppo was going to make things right.

He dressed in out of date military fatigues so they could piggyback there spell onto Ethan’s Halloween spell.

Using the toy gun he bought at Ethan’s as a locator for the spell. He was going back to Sunnydale.

Once he had triple checked his gear Xander let out a sigh. It was time.

Xander walked thru the halls of SGC all was quiet as every man woman and child that he passed saluted him.

He was the only living Hero in humanity’s last Strong Hold against the Ori.

The last Survivor of SG-1 and he was going back to save them.

The blast door to the gate room opened and Xander stepped in.

Tara Maclay, Amy Madison, Paige Matthews, Phoebe Halliwell, Piper Halliwell, Sabrina Spellman and Sarah Bailey all smiled at him as they took there places around the Star Gate


The Seven began chanting each directing there magic at the Star Gate. All Seven Witches pushing there power into the crystals of the Gate.

As the Vortex began to open Xander looked at the control room. He looked over the Faces of all those who were looking down on him with hope in there eyes.

“I Will not Fail. I Swear on the souls of my girls. I will make sure this never comes to pass again.” Xander told them. Making the most solemn vow he could swear.

The vow made Xander turned toward the Gate and with a Primal scream charged headlong into the maelstrom of magic inside the ring of the Star Gate.

A thunderclap of Magic exploded forth from the body of Xander Harris as the Teen Vampire Hunter and the Future incarnation of Alexander Lavelle Harris merged.

Opening his eyes for the first time since Caleb. The Newly joined Xander Harris looked over his bedroom.


Xander smiled. It had been a very long time since had seen this room and despite the fact it was an almighty shit hole he was very glad to see it.

He was back before the Ori had ever learned about this universe. He was very happy to be back,

but there would be time for this later. Right now it was Halloween and he had a bone to pick with one pain in the ass Brit and Ethan Rayne too.


The whole of Sunnydale high had turned out for the Trick or Treat program. Many under the threats of Troll of Sunnydale High better know as Principal Snyder.

Snyder snarled as he saw Xander Harris come strolling up to the School 10 minutes late. The entire program held up by one miscreant that would never amount to anything.

“Harris You better have a good reason for being late we’ve.......”

Was as far the Troll of a Human Being got as he was sent flying to ground by a rather vicious right hook?

“Fuck you and the Bitch that cursed Humanity with you Troll.” spoke Xander never breaking his stride into the School.

The Cheers from the Student Body echoed thru the halls as Xander moved toward the library.

Rupert Giles sighed as he eased himself into his chair. A cup of proper tea steaming on his desk.

Some freshly baked cookies from Joyce on a plate well within his reach and leather bound copy of Chaucer ready for reading. A quiet night of simple pleasures.

But then again this is the Hellmouth. The door. To his office flew open causing him to jump in Surprise.

“Xander I say what’s going on?”

“A shitstorm of monstrous proportions G-Man.” Xander answered in a dead tone.

“But first your old Mate Ethan Rayne is in town Ripper ole Boy.”

Giles paled at the mention of Ethan’s name.

“Ethan’s here? How do you know about him?” asked Giles as he sat down to calm his nerves.

“You wouldn’t believe be if I told you right now get your coat we’ll deal with the asshole and then I’ll explain everything as best as I can Giles.”

Rupert could only nod as he reached for his coat.

As the pair walked to Giles’ Car he thought this not could not get any more out there.

“Harris how dare you....”

“Fuck you Asshole.”

For the second time that night Xander had laid low the beast that was the Sunnydale high Principal.

Once Giles and Xander had left the Troll behind Giles ask the only question that came to mind.

“Xander what the Bloody hell is going on?”

“Like I said you won’t believe me until I show a few things first. Let’s deal with Ethan then go back to Library where I stashed proof of everything I’m going to tell you. fair enough?” Xander asked.

“Alright fine but you bloody well better have some damn amazing claims.”

“Yes Ripper I do. I guess Ethan really bring him back to the surface.”

“Damn right.”

Xander smiled... It had been a very long time since he last saw Giles and he was enjoying it.


Ethan smiled. “it’s party time.”

As he was about to speak the words to begin. Ethan found himself unable to breath. As a knee had materialized into his back and a cord around his neck.

“Naughty naughty Mr. Rayne. Messing with children on Halloween.” came a voice from behind him.

Ethan gasped as he saw his old friend standing in front of him.

“Rupert a little help here please.” gasped Ethan as the pressure on his throat eased.

Giles was shocked as the joke of his Slayer’s little group was acting like one of the Council’s wet works agents.

“Giles break the bust of Janus. It’s what will empower the spell.” Xander told him as he pulled Ethan toward a chair.

Giles nodded and picked up the bust and hurled it to the ground with all his might. Turning back to his former friend and current ally he found Xander tying Ethan up.

“Ok Giles now that this putz is taken care of. Let’s take him back to the Library. I’ll explain everything.” Xander told Giles Solemnly.

“Quite right Xander.” Giles nodded.


Giles sat in his chair in the Library as Xander seemed to be mummifying Ethan to a chair with Duct Tape.

Buffy and Willow had come to the library to tear Xander a new on after they had heard about

Xander’s now legendary slaying of the Troll.

How Xander ignored Buffy and Willow’s yelling was beyond Giles.

Once Ethan was tied down tight Xander turn to the Girls.

“Will both of you shut up.” yelled Xander.

The girls froze.

Xander walked over to the stacks and pulled 2 duffel bags and a bag pack from the stacks and dropped them on the table.

“Alright Campers Uncle Xander is gonna tell you a tale you’re never gonna believe. so that’s why I have visual aids here.” he gestured to the bags.

“I am Alexander Harris from the year 2008. And I’ve come back from the Future to prevent the enslavement of Earth by a group of beings known as the Ori. I am also here to make sure that you all survive past the next 6 years.”

Xander reached into the top of the first duffel bag and pulled out an odd blue S shaped object and a file folder. Pushing the folder down to the Scoobies.

Buffy’s hand shook as she opened the File and saw a picture of a grave stone

it read.

Here Lies Elizabeth Buffy Summers Died May 22, 2001. She saved the World A lot.

Near tears she passed the folder to Giles.

Giles paled as he saw the first picture then he moved to the next page.

A photo of Willow’s tomb stone.

Willow Rosenberg. Her Pain is gone now. Died May 21, 2002

a ball of acid built in his stomach as he looked at the final picture.

In Loving Memory of Rupert Giles. Watcher Librarian Teacher Father Hero. Died September 12, 2007 Never will there be another like him.

Giles was white as the sheet Willow had been wearing earlier in the evening as he past the pictures to her.

Willow broke into tears as she saw the three pictures.

“I’m the last. I’m here to make sure that the grave stay empty for a long time to come.”

Xander Explains it All

“What happened to us?” whispered Buffy.

“Buffy you took a swan dive off a tower to close a portal that a Hell Goddess opened. You made a one point landing on the pavement.” Xander’s dead voice told her.

“Willow you got into black magic to try and compensate for Buffy being gone. When some one you really cared about was killed you went nuts. You went on a rampage and killed the man responsible. You nearly killed Giles when he tried to help you. You felt that there was too much pain in the world and you tried to end the World using an abandon dark Temple on Kinsmen

Bluff, I tried to talk you down too. You wouldn’t listen in the end to save the World I had to kill you.” Xander told her as tears welled up in his eyes at the memory of that event.

“And me?” Giles asked as he walked to desk and returned with a Bottle of Scotch and glass.

“You Giles you died protecting a little girl from a squad of Ori Soldiers. They were invading the earth trying to convert the planet to there religion called Origin. A little girl told them that Origin was not real that there was only one true God.”

Giles blanched as he started pouring himself a drink.

“The Soldiers were so incensed that this little brat dared to quest there Gods the Ori they tried to kill her. You were near by you used your magic to protect her from your weapons and you called for help. The Ori fought you hard and hurt you bad but you near gave an inch. You held them off till I got there with a group from the resistance. You saved the girl but were too badly hurt to survive. You died a Hero Rupert.” Xander told him as he laid his hand on Giles shoulder.

“Xander who or what are the Ori?” asked Willow?

Xander pinched his nose as he braced himself for some serious bad memories.

“The Ori are a Race of Ascended Being that have shed there physical bodies and exist as pure energy. Then gain power thru people worshiping them as Gods.”

“And this has what to do with you?” asked Buffy as she seemed to regain her composure after looking at her grave stone.

“I was a member of the U.S. Air Force team that first encountered them and I was one of the leaders of the resistance against them.” Xander told her as he his grip tightened on the metal object in his hand.

As the others heard a foot step Xander turned and the object in his hand came to life and shot a blast of energy back into the stacks.

A pained grunt followed and the sound of someone hitting the floor hard...

Buffy bolted into the stacks and a Cry of “ANGEL” came out.

“Xander why did you do that?” demanded Willow.

“General Principle.” smiled Xander.

“WHAT?” shrieked Buffy? As she came out of the stacks pulling the unconscious Vampire to the main table.

“I said General Principle Buffy. That thing is a waste of space. It is a magical by product of a gypsy with a revenge fetish.” Xander told her point blank.

“How dare you?” snarled the pissed off Slayer.

“He’s a fucking pedophile Summers.” Xander yelled back.

“How dare you.” Challenged Buffy.

“Listen Buffy that Thing is not human and no matter what think or wish it, It will only cause you pain. You weren’t able to kill him when you broke the Soul Curse in the last time line. Because you only saw your Angel and not the monster that was there. Jenny Calendar, Cordelia Chase and 48 other people died by his hands.” Xander told her his voice so cold Willow and Giles were almost sure Buffy would be sporting a bad case of frost bite.

“How does Angelus get free?” asked Giles hoping to defuse the situation.

Xander walked over to the book cage where Giles keep the Watcher Diaries.

“A moment of pure happiness. That’s all it takes to free him.”

Giles eyes widened

“His soul will move on if he has a moment of pure happiness?” Willow asked.

Xander smiled at her.

“That’s right Wills. The Vampire gets a happy we have a psycho who knows all about us that has

Access to Buffy’s house. He also like to play with his prey by killing there families. “

Xander turned to Buffy.

“Are you willing to put your mother at risk just so you can play Romeo and Juliet with that?”

Buffy’s eyes grew wide at Xander’s comment. The only thought running thru her head was how dare he.

“Bullshit. You just saying this because you’re jealous that Angel is my soul mate and you want me.” Buffy countered.

“Oh get over yourself. Fine you want to see for yourself take a seat.” Xander ordered them as he went into the duffel bag he pulled his weapon out off.

Pulling out a small box Xander turned to the Scoobies.

“In this box is a set of devices that will let you see my memories. I’ll show you what will happen if Angelus ever gets loose.”

“How?” asked Willow.

Opening the box Xander held up a small disc.

“This attaches itself to the side of you head and lets you see the memories of someone who is also wearing one. I’ll show you my memories of Angel and Angelus to show you why you can’t trust him.” Xander told them as he put the memory device on the side of his head.

Willow seemed to appear at his side her head tilted to have a device put on.

Xander chuckled a bit at her eagerness.

Giles walked over as well. Finally Buffy relented and after making sure that Angel was still out walked over and let Xander put one of the devices on her.

Buffy’s eyes snapped open after viewing the memories Xander had shown them.

Looking at Giles she could see the memories had affected him badly especially the memories of what Angelus had did to him to get the Secret of Acatha.

Willow had bolted to a waste basket and emptying her stomach into the pail.

Xander just took off the device on his head and looked right into her eyes.

“Now you know why I hate him.” Xander told them simply. Buffy Giles and Willow all looked at Xander then to the prone form of Angel on the ground and back to Xander. Silently all three knew Xander had very good reasons to hate the Vampire.

Taking the devices off of them and replacing them in his duffel. Xander sat back down.

The groan of the awakening Angel halted any further discussion.

Xander packed the devices up and brought his bags together as he got ready to leave.

“Xander where are you going?” asked Willow as she tried to shake off the affects of what she had seen.

“Egypt.” Smiled Xander as he headed for the door.

“You all need time to absorb what I’ve shown you and I’ve got things that need to be done. I don’t have time to just wait for you to deal with things so I’m going to make sure that certain things from the other timeline don’t happen.”

Willow could only nodded as Xander left the Scoobies to figure out what they have seen and what it means for there future.

Xander hated flying commercially but at present it was the quickest option to get to Egypt. Because there was the closest working Space craft that would suit his needs. Plus he could fly the Goa’uld ship.

“Can I get you anything sir?” asked a flight attendant.

Xander smiled. “A soda and a bag of peanuts would be great.”

“I’d be happy too.” Smiled the Young woman.

“So why are you heading to Egypt?” asked the lady next to him.

“I’m a courier I’m delivery some artifacts from a museum in the States to an Archeologist on a dig.” Xander smile politely.

“Good job?”

“Pay’s ok but I get to travel a lot.”

Ok thought Xander maybe this flight won’t be so bad.

As Xander stepped off the plane he had the phone number of the Flight attendant in one pocket and in the other a phone number and a Polaroid for the girl in the seat next to him who inducted him into the Mile High Club.

“Ok maybe there is something to flying commercial.” Mused Xander as he headed toward luggage claim to get his bags.

Xander downed the water from his canteen as he drove thru the desert sand heading for the dig site and the Ship Osiris used to escape from Earth.

With a little luck in 5 minutes he would be at the temple and ready to get the ball rolling for real.

The Land Rover pulled up to the dig site. The smile on Xander’s face seemed to take a wolfish or rather a hyenaish quality.

Xander looked around. All was quiet and that was good. Pulling out his Zat Xander began to slowly make his way to the Vault in the temple.

Moving with great care checking to make sure he was really alone there. Because as experience had taught every person that ever served on a SG team when everything was all quiet it most times meant things were about to go to shit.

Once he cleared the ruins Xander unlocked the vault he smiled as he pulled out the Ribbon device and slid it on to his hand.

His Ancient Gene activating the device. Xander laughed.

“Armed and Dangerous.”

Gathering his supplies from the Jeep Xander walked to the center of the temple and set down his supplies.

Once again his eyes darted around to make sure he was alone.

“Beam me up Scotty.”

Quest for Excalibur.

Xander hit the blue gem on top of the Ribbon device and the Transport Rings came alive and transported him into the Goa’uld Transport ship.

“Oh yeah this is what I’m talking about.”

Powering up the systems of the ship readying it for flight only one thought crossed Xander’s mind.

Willow and Giles are gonna freak.

The ship began to rise up from the sands of Egypt and then the cloak engaged removing it from sight. If one person could see it they would see it turn and head west toward the Atlantic and toward the USA.

Rupert Giles was worried it had been 4 days since Xander had left the Library after show them his memories and they were worried about what he do.

The phone began ringing and Giles began to pray that it was Xander as he really needed to speak to the young man.

“Sunnydale High School Library. Dr. Giles Speaking.”

“Hey G-man it’s me.”

“Xander where are you?”

“About a mile straight up and 200 miles east heading your way.”

Xander smiled as Giles sputtered.

“Look get the girls and be on the roof of the Library in 30mins. I’m gonna show you something that will rock your world.”

“Xander I don’t think you have anything to show me that could possibly rock my world after the things I’ve seen on the Hellmouth.” Giles smiled a bit smugly thinking that the Hellmouth had hardened him against such things.

“Ok Giles if your not interested in Visiting the Treasure hoard of Merlin the Magician I’ll understand.”

“30 minutes we’ll be there if I have force Buffy and Willow there at Gunpoint.” Xander answered.

Xander smiled as he disconnected the call. Mention proof of the existence of Arthur Merlin and Camelot to a Brit especially one that ran a museum and they come running.

Xander was having a bit of fun hot dogging the Ship thru the sky heading for Sunnydale. The little things in life he treasured as the helped to keep him sane after all the things he had seen and done.

“So where’s Xander?” Bitched Buffy. She while now understanding of his hatred of Angel still refused to believe that Angel was capable of doing what she had seen.

“He said 30 minutes Buffy. It’s only been 25 since he called.” Willow told her as she wanted to make sure Xander was alright

As Giles came out of the roof access door. The girls were amazed as Giles looked like he just stepped out of an Indiana Jones movie.

Rupert Giles was Giddy as a School Boy to steal a term at the thought of finally have concrete proof that King Arthur and Merlin the Magician and even Great Camelot was real.

As Giles dropped his pack in front of his charge and her friend a light flashed above them and a set of rings dropped around them.

As the trio appeared inside the ship a door opened and in walked Xander Harris.

“Hello Alices I am your white rabbit for this trip into Wonderland. Please follow me.” Laughed

Xander as he walked back out the door.


Giles numbly followed Xander to thru the doors to find Xander sitting in a Chair looking out a window as the world flew by in front of them.

“Where are we?” asked Giles as he steadied himself against the back of Xander’s chair.

Xander smiled at Giles. “We are in a space ship I took from it’s hiding place in Egypt. We are on a heading for England so I can access Merlin’s Treasure Hoard.”

“And why did you decide to bring us along?” asked Giles as he moved into the co-pilot’s seat.

“I need help moving all the stuff I’m gonna take plus there are a few books and Artifacts I figured you might like.”

“Xander Giles I need your help.” came Willow’s voice from the Transport room.

Xander and Giles walked into the Ring room where they found Willow slapping Buffy.

Buffy seemed to be wide eyed and only speaking in vowels.

Xander laughed as he pulled a candy bar out of his pocket and pulled the wrapper down and began waving it under Buffy’s nose.

Buffy snapped at the Candy bar the way a wolf snaps at a piece of meat.

“geez Buffy try to leave me my fingers.” muttered Xander as Buffy inhaled the bar.

“Ok now that Buffy is back to normal. Well normal for her.”

“Hey” cried Buffy as she lick the chocolate off the wrapper.

“We are at present heading for England. There is some things I want to pick up from Merlin’s Hoard. And there are some books there that the G-man will like. I am telling you both this right now. Don’t touch anything.” Looking right at Willow and Buffy. “There are a series of Tests you have to pass in order to get to the treasure.”

“What kind of tests?” asked Willow as she finally looked around the room?

“We have to Prove our Wealth of Knowledge and Truth of Spirit.” Xander smiled at them as he turned and walked back to the cockpit.

Xander laughed as he took the pilot’s chair. He had missed his friends. But the smile faded rather quickly as he remembered those that he had lost but not reconnected with yet. His Soulmate Faith, Daniel a brother very much the same way that Jesse had been. Sam his brainy Sister and best friend. Teal’c Friend and mentor and even Jack the Favorite Uncle. Cam Vala Cassandra the other Family he had yet to find again.

They had all pasted before him in the Ori Wars. The Only reason he survived was Adria that Bitch of an Ori decided he was to be her Husband and her new Doci. Xander growled as he thought about he and her twist love for him and all that died to pursue it. If he ever got his hands on her he would strangle the bitch.

“Bad memories?” asked Willow as she slid into the seat next to him.

“Some good some not so good.” Xander told her as he turned to face her.

“If I ask you a question will you answer me honestly?” Willow asked her face scrunched up. Showing that she wasn’t happy about the question she was going to ask.

“Maybe depends on the question.” Xander told her honestly.

“In the future was there anyone special in your life?”

Xander gave a sad smile. “Her name was Faith.”

Tears formed in Willow’s eyes “did she make you happy?”

Xander choked a bit at the sadness in Willow’s eyes.

“Every day I spent with her was an adventure Willow. Even during the darkest nights of the war she never failed to make me smile.” Xander told her as his memories of Faith washed over him.

Willow bit her lip damn near drawing blood at the answer on the one hand she was glad that her best friend had found someone to love after she was gone. But still a part of her was enraged that someone else had made Xander happy and he wasn’t a complete loss with out her.

“I’m glad she made you happy.” Willow whispered as she went to find Buffy.

Xander could only nod as Willow left the cockpit. He loved her but not in the way she wanted and he was sad he hurt like that but it just wasn’t meant to be.


Buffy sat against the wall as she tried to take in everything. Giles as laying against the opposite wall taking a power nap as he wanted to be ready to see Merlin’s hoard. Buffy’s attempt to block out she was flying in a UFO came to a sudden halt as Willow came into the room crying.

“Willow what’s wrong?” asked Buffy as Willow fell down next to her.

“Xander’s in love with a someone else.” Willow whispered

Buffy was shocked she thought Willow and Xander would end up together. Then was when the horrific truth came to mind.

“Willow sweetie I can’t believe I am saying this but you have to remember Xander comes from a place where he had to kill you to save the world. After something like that he would’ve needed someone and you couldn’t be there. He moved on from you. Just like he moved on from me.”

Buffy whispered as he thought to some of the flashes of memories she caught from Xander.

“What?” Willow whispered.

“Remember the pictures Xander showed us. We didn’t survive as long as he did. He was alone for a while I guess it was only Natural that he would find someone to share things with since we were gone.” Buffy shuttered at the memories of the pictures she had scene.


Xander smiled as they reached the Glastonbury Tor.

He flipped on the comm. to the transport room.

“This is your Captain speaking we have arrived at location of Glastonbury Tor and will be descending into the Merlin’s Hoard in just a moment. If you please get ready for transport. I will be there in just a moment. Xander secured the ship’s flight systems and attached the ring controls on to the Ribbon Device on his hand and headed to the ring room.

As he enter he saw Willow and Buffy touching up Willow’s face as he knew she had been crying and he saw Giles almost hoping from the bounce in his step.

“Everybody in the middle of the Rings and we are out of here.” smiled Xander. The smile not quite reaching his eyes.

The group stood in the middle of the rings and with a push of a button they descended into Avalon.


Buffy shivered as the reappeared in the caves under the Tor. “I’m never gonna get use to that.” Whined Buffy.

Giles’ heart was pounding further up in the room a light shined on a stone pedestal and on the pedestal was a sword.

Giles and the girls gasped as a hologram of Merlin Activated.

“Welcome. Ye Knights of the Round Table. Men of honor. Followers of the path of righteousness. Only those with wealth of knowledge and truth of spirit shall be given access to the underworld, the storehouse of riches of Ambrosias Coriolanus. Prove ye worthy and all shall be revealed.”

Giles looked ready to faint as Merlin faded away.

“Ambrosias was Arthur. My God I’d never have believed it.” Giles gasped as he dropped his pack and whipped out a pad and pencil and began taking notes.

“Just wait for when all is revealed.” Smiled Xander as he flipped on a flash light.

Xander waved his hand and headed to a pair of tunnels that were opposite the sword.

“You can stay here and wait for me here or you can follow me. Either way don’t touch anything.” Xander told them as he headed down the first path.

Giles made a move to the Road Runner to follow Xander as Willow and Buffy chose to sit next to the Sword in the Stone.

Once Giles had reached Xander he stopped the young man.

“Xander I have to pry what happened to Willow that made her cry?” Giles asked the young man.

“I told her the Truth when she asked if I had anyone special in the future.” Xander told him. He voice even and still as if he was forcing the emotion from his voice afraid of what it would give away.

“Ah and her being in love with you isn’t taking it well.” Giles guessed.

“Willow’s had a fantasy of us living happily ever after for years Giles. And for me to tell her that not only did that not happen but I found someone else hurt her. “

“And you my boy hate hurting your friends I believe I understand.”

Xander nodded and continued down the tunnel.

Giles was in awe as they reached the end of the tunnel and jumped back as torches in the floor lit with a loud bang sound lighting up a platform with 2 pots on it.

Xander smiled as he blew some dust out of the writing on the table top. Giles peaked over his shoulder.

“I’ve never seen writing like that. What language is that Xander?”

“It’s Ancient Giles it is the language if the oldest race in this galaxy.” Xander smile.

Xander pulled out a small flask and handed it to Giles who stood bug eyed at the writing in front of him.

Giles took the offered drink and took a shot.

“Merciful God what is the stuff?” asked Giles as his eyes watered and his throat burned as if he was a drag about to let loose with a stream of fire.

“It’s called Jaffa Ale. Long story. “Xander smiled.

“If you can get me a case or two of that for the next time I have to deal with the council I would be eternally grateful.” Giles laughed.

Xander smiled as he looked down at the writing.

“Ok two pots. Let’s see this one says. The Universe is infinite.”

“What does the other one say?” Giles asked as he sketched the writing and the translation on his pad.

“The treasure is in this pot.” Xander smiled as Giles just turned and glared at him.

“I’m serious it’s a test of knowledge. An Ancient’s proverb A Universe Truth is The Universe is infinite. So if that is a truth then.”

“Then the Treasure is in this pot is a lie.” Giles said as he caught on.

“You’re getting it.”

Giles laughed as Xander opened the pot and pulled out a gold coin.

Xander dropped the coin back in the pot and nodded for Giles to Follow.

“Xander what would’ve happened if we had chosen the wrong pot?”

“The Door would’ve sealed the chamber and the ceiling would’ve dropped down until it crushed us into paste.” Xander told him matter of a factly.

“I say Xander can I have that flask again.”

Xander smiled and tossed Giles the flask as he headed back to the main chamber.

Giles took another hit then headed back after Xander.

Buffy looked on as Xander came out of the tunnel.

“One down two to go then you’re gonna see something you’ll never believe.” Xander winked at them before heading down the other tunnel.

Buffy watched in amazement as Giles came out of the tunnel with a flask in his hand and the scent of a very very strong Booze wafting from it that that her enhanced nose picked up as he

followed Xander down the other tunnel.

Buffy and Willow waited half a heart beat before following after them. Buffy was worried because Giles was drinking and Xander had promised him something that would rock his world.

The pair of frightened Scoobies followed there male friends as the reached the next chamber they heard Xander telling Giles

“Reflect on the Eight-fold path.”

“Ok let me see. “ Giles said as he looked over the table.

Buffy and Willow looked over the table and saw eight puzzle pieces and a line of writing they had never seen before.

Xander began arranging the pieces in a line

“Can anyone hear guess what the puzzle is and keep it simple?”

Willow’s hand shot up as she saw the pieces.

“Yes Willow.” Smiled Xander sounding like a teacher.

“The pieces are 1 thru 8 and their reflections.”

Giles laughed. “It’s so simple yet for most people it would take forever to figure that out.”

Xander winked at them.

“Now everyone please follow me to the final test.”

Xander smirked as started backing out of the room the Scoobies following with an odd look on there faces.

“And we’re walking.” as he motioned them to follow before bolting off laughing.

The Scoobies realized they had just been played took off after Xander.


Xander smiled as he reached the sword.

Giles Buffy and Willow came close behind him. The Scoobies were in Awe as they saw Xander pull the Sword from the stone.

They were equally surprise to see a Knight in shining Armor appear next to him.

Xander saluted the Knight and the Knight returned the salute and the battle began.


Xander smiled as he swung the sword up ready to attack. He moved slowly his eyes never leaving the Knight.

Buffy moved to attack when she felt Giles hand on her shoulder.

“Don’t Buffy it’s the final test.” Giles told her firmly as he watched Xander move to attack.

The battle was swift and furious. Xander fought well Buffy had to be held back as the battle drew on but in the end Xander’s skill was proven as he decapitated the Knight.

The Scoobies were astonished by Xander’s skill. He was slowly but surely showing them that the young man they knew wasn’t the same anymore.

“Guys come on up here to the platform.” The Scoobies surrounded Xander as he out the sword back into the stone.

A flash of white surrounded them and they found themselves surrounded by a fortune in gold and jewels.

“Cha-Chink.” Gasped Buffy.

“So worth it.” Willow whistled.

Giles fainted.

Xander just sat there with a smile on his face. Phase One complete. He had funding. Next stop was the planet the Harry Maybourne retired too. He needed the time ship. After all it was the fastest way to a ZPM. Was to Steal the one from Ra on Abydos. During the first mission.

Xander helped the girls right Giles as he began digging for a book hidden among the gold.

Giles and the girls were busy loading up gold and jewels into bags.

Xander gave a sad smile he was giving them this as a parting gift. Because they couldn’t come with him where he was going.

Giles was in heaven as he held so may relics from Arthur’s time.

Buffy was trying on jewels

Willow was just being Willow studying the platform trying to find where the Holograms had come from.

Xander smiled as he finally found the book. This was gonna blow Daniel’s mind when he gave it to him.

Xander told the Scoobies to wrap it up. They needed to get back to the Dale before they were missed.

Giles sat in the store room with the treasure going thru the bags trying to find the one piece

Xander was letting him keep right now.

The rest Xander was going to catalog and send to him a bit at a time just in cast there was anything unknown among them.

Buffy sat next to him in the co-pilot seat complaining about Xander not showing her how to fly.

“Why can’t I fly the ship?” whined Buffy.

“Because you can’t drive a car doing 50 Buffy. I am not going to let you fly a space ship doing 5000.” Xander told her.

Buffy just pouted.

Willow rolled her eyes at Buffy as read Giles notes on what they found.

As the group reached Sunnydale Xander told them all to go to the ring room.

As the Scoobies prepared to go home Xander was priming the ship’s Hyperdrive for a fast escape.

“What were you doing Xander?” asked Willow as he joined them in the Ring room.

“Scanning for a place I can hid this ship Willow I don’t want to leave the cloak up 24-7 I found a place outside of town near the Desert where there is a canyon in side a mountain that I can hid this thing.” Xander lied.

“Oh Ok. You’ve watched too much Airwolf Xander” laughed Willow

“I’m gonna drop you guys off at the School then I’m gonna head over there and see if I can hide the ship there.”

The Scoobies stood in the center of the rings ready to be send back down when Xander said something that freaked out Giles.

“Be seeing you” Xander told them Solemnly as he activated the rings

With the Scoobies safe at the School or rather as safe as one can be on the Hellmouth. Xander flew the Ship upward out of the Atmosphere and heading toward. The Time Jumper. He had a plan and if it worked the Earth his friends and his family would be safe.

Once Xander reached Orbit he engaged the Hyperdrive and flew with best possible Speed toward The nearest planet with a Gate.

Xander smiled as the ship entered Hyperspace. He was really doing it he was gonna make a difference and Save his friends.

First stop was the Time Jumper then he was going after a real prize Ra’s ZPM with the City Ship he needed to grab from Pegasus. The Sister ship to Atlantis Built on a Hidden World lost to Ancients once Construction was Completed because of a Wraith Attack before ZPMs could be taken to the ship to Power it.

Most of the Records for the ship were lost when McKay destroyed that Solar System but thankfully The Atlantis team found out about it and reported it back to earth before the loss of the Earth ZPM and the connection to Atlantis.

Xander looked around the cockpit as the glided the ship thru Hyperspace.

“3 hrs till I make to the nearest gate so may as well sack out.” mumbled Xander as he to the ship’s cabin to get some rest.

As he slept his dreams where filled with images of those he had lost those he had loved.

The soft ring of the Computer awoke Xander as the ship entered the orbit of the planet.

Here on this world lay an Ancient Puddle Jumper that contained Janus’ time travel device.

Thanks to Dr Lee and McKay he had an idiot proof diagram and had trained to remove the device from the jumper and connecting it to transport ship.

Gliding the ship down to the surface of the planet Xander began scanning for any Ancient ruins. Locating them he landed the ship an prepared his gear to go after the Puddle Jumper.

Xander stepped out of the cloaked ship into the forest.

“Like Col. O’Neil said you see trees you know things can go wrong.” Laughed Xander as he checked his pack and the Ribbon device and Zat gun he was carrying.

“What I wouldn’t give for a P-90 or even an MP-5.” Gripped Xander as he began exploring the area around the ruins.

As he moved thru the wood he heard the song of someone singing.

Creeping thru the brush Xander found a nice spot to see who was singing.

“God damn.” Xander whispered as he saw a set of identical twin bathing in the river.

“Giggity Giggity goo.” He breathed as he saw one of the sites any man would kill for.

Shaking his head Xander turned around only to find himself face to face with what appeared to be a Tiger.

“I can’t win can I?” Xander asked as the Tiger sniffed his scent.

Tiger bared it’s teeth at Xander.

“Ah shit.”

Xander dived backward thru the brush as the Tiger sprang toward him.

As Xander landed in the water the Tiger turned it’s attention to the bathing twins.

“No Yelled Xander.

The cat turned to Xander.

“Come on pussy cat. Try me.” Xander yelled as he aimed the ribbon device at the large feline.

Run he yelled to the girls as the Tiger charged him.

As the beast neared him Xander fired. The energy blast catching the Tiger head on knocking it back into the river.

The girls stood frozen where they stood as watched in awe as Xander battled with the Tiger.

The Tiger stood up on shaking legs as it let out a loud roar.

“Great it’s pissed.” Xander mumbled as he took aim at it again.

The Tiger charged it’s teeth bared as it moved at full speed toward Xander.

Xander yelled as the ribbon device fired.

The Tiger slumped down into river dead.

“I am really no good with wildlife Xander grumbled as he walked over to the Tiger and dragged the big cat out of the river.

Once he reached the bank of the river. Xander pulled out a knife and made sure the Tiger was dead.

Looking across the river Xander saw the twins. Smiling at him as they gathered there things. As they left Xander couldn’t help notice that neither of them dressed while in his sight.

Xander moved the Tiger over to a small clearing along the river bed.

And began pitching a small camp because he need a some time to check his supplies for what he had planned for where he was going in the time ship.

As Xander began settling into camp a group of people started coming out of the trail the twins had left on earlier.

Xander smiled as he watched the group of hunters check the underbrush for the Tiger.

“That Tiger you’re looking for is now a rug fellas.” Xander smiled as he yelled over to the group.

The Group of people froze as They saw the young man sitting next to a fire across the river. He appeared to be working on a weapon they were un familiar with

Xander smiled as the group came over to him.

“Why do you come here stranger?” asked the leader.

“I need passage thru the Chappai. I was on my way to the village when I was attacked by the beast.” Xander explained.

“Why do you seek passage thru the Gateway of the Gods?” asked an old woman that came forward from the group of hunters.

“I was charged with a quest to find a ship of my ancestors so I may return to there city.” The Ship is to be my passage if I can find it.

The Old woman smiled. And pulled a round object wrapped in an oilskin from her robes.

“A wise man told a tale of a stranger seeking passage to the city of his ancestors, and that only by journeying thru the Gate of the Gods would he find the ship to take him there. My family line has protected this. I was to be given to the traveler.” The old woman smiled as she gave Xander the Item.

“Follow me Stranger I will take you to the Chappai.”

Xander walked behind the old woman as she took him to the Gate. Xander smiled when he saw the gate.

“Thank you for showing me this I will be leaving at first light tomorrow.” Smiled Xander.

Chapter 5

Xander sat his campsite working on preparing his gear for the trip to the World where the Ancient Time Ship was as this one ship was the lynch pin of the plans to prevent the Ori from ever gaining a Foothold on this Galaxy.

Once he was sure that everything was secure he turned to the oilskin he wasn’t to be ready to run incase this was something that could cause a problem. As he unwrapped the skin he found it was wrapped around a chakram.

“Where’s Xena when you need her?” smiled Xander.

“Right here stranger.” Came a soft voice.

Xander spun around to find the twins from earlier walking into his camp.

“What brings you ladies to my humble abode?”

The twins just smiled as their dresses fell from their bodies. “We never thanked you for saving our lives.” The Twins spoke together.

Xander walked to the Stargate just at the sun was rising and he was beat.

The Twins had keep him up all night and now he was heading towards the gate in the on the side he could grab a few hours of serious shut eye.

Xander smiled as the gate engaged. It hadn’t been a bad not by any stretch of the imagination just tiring. But it was time to go. He had promises to keep and miles to go before he would sleep.

As soon as he reached the world that had jokingly named planet Maybourne by General O’Neil he set off toward the ruins near where the time ship had been left.

Six hours of searching later and Xander had found his prize.

“Oh yeah, Now the real game begins.” Laughed Xander as he began clearing the brush from the ship.

Once the ship was opened and powered up Xander took off heading for the gate and back to his ship.

He had his transport covered. Now it was time to shake things up. Once he had the time drive connected to his transport ship he was going back to the first mission thru the gate and steal Ra’s ZPM then he was going to use the ZPM to get to Antlia the sister ship to Atlantis. Then it was time to do what he did best fuck up destiny.

The ship cloaked as it descended to the planet Abydos.

Landing the ship right in front of the Pyramid that housed the Stargate.

Xander walked toward the entrance. When much to his surprise he saw Jack O’Neil and the first team thru the Stargate.

“Jackson I think this maybe your department.” O’Neil called Dr. Daniel Jackson Forward.

Daniel looked at Xander shocked at finding another human on this desert world.

“Hello.” Daniel waved as he walked toward Xander.

Xander smiled. “Greeting I am Juan Villa Lobos Ramirez Chief Metallurgist of King Charles the 5th of Spain and I am at Your Service.”

A snort of Laughter came from O’Neil. Shocking the hell out of everyone there.

“Highlander fan I take it.” O’Neil asked.

“Correct Good sir I have often monitored the transmissions from the world of the Tauri.” Xander smiled.

Daniel was shocked not only did this alien appear to be human but it was a T.V. fan.

“I’m Col. Jack O’Neil United States Air Force.”

“I am Xander of Antlia I am visiting your galaxy from the dwarf Galaxy known to your people as the Pegasus.” Xander answered formally as he gave a small bow.

“I’m Dr. Daniel Jackson.” Daniel stated as he offered a similar bow.

“What brings you to this world?” asked Daniel.

“My ship’s engines were damaged in a micro meteor shower and I need to put down for repairs.” Xander lied thru his teeth.

“Where is your ship?” asked O’Neil.

“Just over there.” Xander pointed as he deactivated the cloak with the ribbon device and allowed them to see his ship.

“That’s impressive.” Came the Voice of Major Kowalski as he saw the Scout ship fade into view.

Xander smiled as he reactivated the cloak.

“What brings you to this world?” asked Xander.

“We are explorers we are the first to use the Stargate since it was buried on Earth several thousands of years ago.” O’Neil answered.

Xander nodded.

“I understand if you’re here to explore the nearest settlement is about 2 miles in that direction. Be warned the people here speak a variant of Ancient Egyptian and you need to know that they aren’t very technologically advanced they don’t know who built the Gate.”

“If not them then who?” asked Daniel.

“A race of beings called the Ancients they build the Gate. But they left this galaxy a long time ago.”

Daniel wiped out a note book and began scribbling.

Xander looked at Daniel and decided to help him save a bit a face.

“Dr. Jackson I assume you are the one who will be dial the gate to get you home I need to show you something on the dialing device the device was damaged and repaired at some point but the 2 symbols were reversed so you need to beware of this so you don’t miss-dial.”

Daniel blanched and nodded.

“Jackson you check the gate with our new friend. The rest of you set a perimeter and set up the science packs after the tests are done we will set out for the settlement and make contact with the locals.” O’Neil ordered as he motioned to Kowalski to follow him.

Xander gave a small bow and headed into the pyramid with Daniel.

“Don’t worry Dr. I’ll walk you thru the dialing of your world.” Smiled Xander

“Thank you Xander I wouldn’t want to send us somewhere we can’t get home from.” Daniel laughed nervously.

“Ok Daniel I’ll walk you thru it.”

Xander explained to Daniel how to dial earth and repeated it several times just to make sure he could do it.

Xander looked at his ribbon device and caused a few quick light pulses and headed back towards his ship saying the computer was issuing a warning.

Xander opened a hatch in his ship.

“There a problem?” Xander turned and saw Col. O’Neil followed by Ferritti and Daniel.

“Yes Col. It seem there is a solar storm moving thru this star system. If you try to gate home there is a good chance you could be flash fried before you even get home.

“Well that could be a problem. How long till it passes?”

“48 hrs.”

“So we are stuck?” Ferritti asked.

“Just until the storm passes.” Xander told him.

Xander nodded as he walked over to the back of the ship and pulled out a tray out of the wall.

Xander smiled as lifted a small device on a strap and inputted a few commands.

“When the countdown on this reaches Zero it will be safe to use the Gate.”

O’Neil was beginning to like Xander.

“Alright Xander will you be staying for a while?” asked O’Neil.

“Yes I will stay till you depart I am guessing you would like to head over to the settlement.”

O’Neil nodded.

“I’ll be here Col.”

“Thank you some of my men will be staying at the camp if you need any help.”

“Thank you Col.” Xander answered as he moved to the back of the ship as if to start his fictional repairs.

The Sandstorm raged outside the pyramid Xander had been waiting for this as it heralded RA’s arrival.

It was time to rip off a God.

Xander smiled as he grabbed his Zat gun and ribbon device.

Making his way into the central Chamber Xander stood under the rings waiting for Anubis and the Horus Guards.

The low rumble of RA’s ship landing became a starter’s gun in his mind. The marathon to save Earth and more importantly his family had begun.

The rings activated and Xander readied his Zat.

“Game On.” He growled. As he vanished in a flash of light.

Xander fired the Zat gun at the child attending the ring controls. Xander shook his head at having to hurt the kid but she like all of RA’s attendants were fanatically loyal to him as their god.

Xander ghosted thru the Halls of the ship his training taking over as moved thru the massive tribute to RA’s ego looking for a room that contained RA’s collection of Ancient artifacts.

He needed the ZPM and anything else he could get his hands on.

“Kree.” Snarled a voice behind him.

Xander turned around and saw Anubis Ra’s First Prima

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