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This is the End

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Summary: The end of the world is coming, and for once Buffy can't stop it.

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Movies > 2012SlayersKeeperFR71375031,20428 Dec 0928 Dec 09Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS or 2012. All rights belong to Joss Whedon and whoever owns the rights to 2012. This is just for fun and not for profit.

It was hard to accept. She wanted to deny it. She wanted to tell Giles he was wrong. Scream that it wasn’t fair. But she couldn’t. She’d seen too much. Watched as vampires and demons alike fled from the very Mouth of Hell.

Buffy wasn’t stupid. She always knew the world would end. In a more permanent way than usual. But Buffy always thought she would be able to go down fighting. But this was something she couldn’t stop. This was something that was bigger than her, or the Watcher’s Council. This was another kind of ancient prophecy. Who would have guessed the Mayan’s would have had it right.

Willow had heard rumours online about some kind of ships being built in China. Ships that would supposedly save them. Well not everyone. Only the rich and famous. Only those who could afford the tickets or were deemed important enough that it didn’t matter.

When Buffy had first heard the rumours she’d laughed. But Giles hadn’t brushed it off as she had. He began searching for answers. Everywhere. Trying to somehow prove that this was true, and trying to prove that it could be stopped. Turns out it couldn’t.

When Buffy realized that, she used the Council’s influence to get her friends, her family, aboard the ships. Turns out the people who can stop the demons and other creepy crawlies might come in handy in the ‘New World’. But Buffy, deep down, wanted to watch the world end. Wanted to see everything she’d endeavoured to protect crumble around her, knowing it wasn’t her fault for not stopping it. So when she was offered a spot on the Arks she turned it down.

Giles fought her, insisting that she had a duty. Dawn cried, telling her that she couldn’t leave again. Willow simply nodded, understanding what Buffy wanted.

Buffy didn’t watch the end alone. Spike stayed with her. There had been no way he could safely board the Ark, what with needing blood and being unable to go out in the sun. So he and Buffy both stayed behind. Wanting to see the end together.

As the big wave came at them, Spike took Buffy’s hand. He squeezed it reassuringly.

“Ready for the end luv?”

Buffy nodded.

The End

You have reached the end of "This is the End". This story is complete.

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