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The Hard Reality of Books?

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Summary: Giles muses on the value of a good book, and the intangibility of anything produced by that 'infernal machine'

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Miscellaneous > Surprise CrossoverNerdgirlFR1314710874729 Dec 0929 Dec 09Yes
Disclaimer at end, so I don't give away anything.

Giles had never been one for technology. There was something to be said for books, the weight, the smell and feel of a book that gave it a depth, a reality that was sadly lacking in the bits and pieces on a computer screen. Information was there and then gone, with nothing in place to mark its passing. Who was to say if it were real or not? Or if it had even been there at all? But a book, now, that was forever.

Working quickly, Giles walked through the library, quickly sorting out possible references for the latest in the eternal struggle of good against evil. His charges had promised to be there within the hour, and so, translated into teenage time, could be expected anywhere within an hour or two. Still, that gave him plenty of time for a preliminary search, time to choose a few extra books for the stack, so as to sneak a bit of extra learning to his erstwhile students. Perhaps through increased exposure they might broaden their horizons a little, learn a bit of the ancient languages that had fallen out of disuse in recent times. Or, at the very least, learn not to get food on the priceless tomes. He shook his head in fond exasperation.

On the other side of the library, a door opened quietly and two figures emerged. Having not yet been spotted, Xander and Willow paused to take in the sight of their favorite librarian slash watcher.

“Do you think Giles will ever join the twentieth century and get a computer?” Willow whispered.

Xander shook his head. “Nah, Wills, that would ruin him. Could you ever picture him researching on a computer, or, as he calls it, 'that infernal machine?'” I don't think he'd be happy like that.”

The pair quietly made their way towards the tables when they were interrupted by a quiet chirp. Quickly they ducked behind a shelf.

“Bridge to Rosenburg and Harris.” A male voice came from out of nowhere.

“Yes, sir,” they responded.

“Sorry to cut your time short, but you're needed on the bridge.”

Willow and Xander exchanged a glance, and sighed. “On our way.”

As they made their way back towards the door, a hidden exit sprang open. Willow turned to look back.

“Don't worry, Willow, Giles will still be there next time we want to fight the forces of darkness.” Xander smiled as the library and its lone occupant faded away. “Maybe next time you can convince him that computers aren't a bad thing.”

Author's note: I do not own BTVS, Star Trek or any characters herein. I wish I did. The only thing I own is the strange plot bunny that was attracted by my sleep deprived mind. R&R? Please?

The End

You have reached the end of "The Hard Reality of Books?". This story is complete.

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