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Lost, in LA

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Mind-Melder Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A chance encounter during the Battle for LA leads to chaos. Prequel to Visions of Vampires. AU to comics.

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Stargate > General > Team: SG-1 Seasons(s) 7 & 8KennieFR131416,557312540,61229 Dec 0912 Jan 10Yes

Not Close Enough


Italics are used to idicate either an emphasis on a word or telepathic speech. It should be obvious which from the context they are used in. Any questions, just ask. ;)


2/14 ~ Not Close Enough

“Dawn!” yelled Buffy as slayers ran in all directions around her. “Get your big butt in here!”

“My butt’s not big!” Dawn shouted back.

“Now!” Buffy yelled. She grimaced at Willow and Faith. “She’s PMT-ing,” she explained.

“I heard that,” sulked Dawn, entering the room. She dropped the attitude when she caught sight of their faces. “Who died?”

“Angel’s in trouble,” Buffy told her.

“I thought we didn’t care?” said Dawn. “Right. It’s Angel. Who were we kidding?” She sighed, “Lemme guess, you want blood? Freakin’ vampires...”

Four and a half minutes after General O’Neill’s call, Sam was dressed in black BDU’s and ready to go. Right on schedule, the transporter beam activated and her bedroom was replaced by the Prometheus’ bridge. On the floor beside her, wearing striped pyjamas, Daniel lay curled on his side, sleeping peacefully.

“Welcome aboard, Carter,” drawled General O’Neill, holding a large mug.

“Thank you, sir,” Sam said, looking down at Daniel. “Uh...”

“Daniel!” the General barked. “Wake up! I have coffee...”

“Coffee?” Daniel said blearily, raising his head and squinting at his surroundings. He frowned, “This isn’t my bedroom...”

“No,” said General O’Neill as Daniel stood up. “It isn’t.”

Daniel blinked, “Where’re my glasses?”

“There’s a spare pair waiting for you in the locker room,” the General told him, handing him the mug he’d been carrying. “Drink that while you get changed. Teal’c’ll explain everything.”

“Okay,” Daniel agreed, clutching the mug of coffee to his chest as he followed Teal’c out of the room.

“What’s the situation, sir?” Sam asked.

“A little over ten minutes ago, reports started coming in about an army of creatures in the streets of downtown LA. The Prometheus has been running scans of the area and we’re picking up literally hundreds of anomalous lifeforms converging on one block.”

“What kind of lifeforms, sir?” Sam asked curiously.

“That’s what I’m sending SG-1, 3 and 11 to find out,” said the General.

Sam could see he didn’t like it by the way his lips pursed together.

“Xander, break out the bandages and get ready to receive wounded,” Buffy instructed as, in the background, Dawn carefully squeezed a drop of blood from her finger onto the amulet she held in her hand. Green light spilled out of the crystal in the centre, settling down into a steady glow. Dawn put the amulet down on the pile she’d already activated and reached into the box beside her for another one. “I don’t want anyone playing the hero,” warned Buffy. “If you’re hurt, use your amulet and get off the field.”

“No,” Xander said quietly.

Buffy frowned, “What?”

“Look, I know he’s evil and I hate him with a fiery, fiery vengeance that knows no bounds, but in the end...” Xander sighed, shrugging helplessly. “He’s Deadboy. Weapon me up.”

“Give the man a weapon!” Faith grinned, clapping him on the back.

Xander smiled weakly back at her, clutching his shoulder. “Ow,” he said quietly.

“Dawnie...” said Buffy as her sister activated another amulet. “When you’re done bleeding...”

“Bandages,” sighed Dawn. “I heard.”

One cup of coffee really wasn’t enough for a foothold situation, Daniel decided as Jack told them what they probably wouldn’t be facing. Next time, he was going to insist on at least two.

“We can’t put you down in the centre of the conflict,” Jack was saying regretfully. Personally, Daniel thought that was a good thing. “Something’s blocking us. But we’re getting you as close as we can.”

Joy, thought Daniel.

“Godspeed,” said Jack and the Prometheus melted away, replaced by downtown LA at night.

Something was wrong though, and the hair on the back of Daniel’s neck rose until he worked it out, “The lights are out.”

“Where is everyone?” said Sam, pulling her infra-red goggles down over her eyes.

“I see movement,” warned Teal’c.

“Where?” asked Sam. “I don’t see anything.”

“Nevertheless,” Teal’c told her. “Something is moving.”

Testing... One, two, three.

Buffy winced. Ow, she thought, adding her complaint to the loud chorus of others in her head. Little loud, Will.

Oops... Sorry, Willow apologised. Better?

“Much,” Buffy said out loud to her friend. “Dawn? How’s the portal coming?”

“On it,” Dawn replied, drawing a large circle in the air with her bloody finger. “LA,” she said and the air rippled greenly, becoming an aerial view of LA at night. “Okay...” said Dawn, sticking her finger in her mouth and sucking on it. “Where do you wanna be dropped off?” she mumbled around her injured appendage.

“Power’s out there,” said Xander, pointing to a dark section of the city. “Might be a good place to start looking.”

“Ooh!” exclaimed Willow. “That’s where the Hyperion is. Try there!”

Dawn concentrated and the portal blurred, acquiring a green shimmer. “I can’t get you all the way there,” she said slowly, frowning. “But I can get you close.”

“Good enough,” said Faith. “Let’s go!”

Buffy hugged her sister tightly as Faith led the charge through the portal. “Call Giles and let him know what’s going on,” she instructed. “And don’t forget the-”

“Bandages,” Dawn chorused with her. “I know. Now go.”

“Love you,” Buffy told her before she stepped into the portal.
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