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Xander on Liberty Ave.

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Summary: Xander's new parents took him to live in a new city.

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Television > QAF (UK and US versions)JacobPhoenixFR21411,1200203,92231 Dec 095 Jan 10No

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Chapter 2

Disclaimer: Same as previous chapter.

Warning: Some smut ahead and this is my first attempt trying to do this. So please let me know how it turned out.

Chapter 2

Mok’esha and Marnin had decided to hire private tutors to introduce Xander to the demonic culture that adopted him.

One of the tutors came up to Marnin and said, “Your child has great potential I believe he could be a powerful mage if he so wants.”

Marnin said, “If he takes up magic it shall be his choice when he becomes an adult but right now he should be a child.”

The tutor bowed and said, “Of course Marnin, have you introduced your adopted son to his grandparents?”

Mok’esha laughed and said, “We did and in one moment he charmed both sets so much that they recognized him as the heir to our clan.”

Marnin said, “My father was particularly taken with Xander.”

“But what about human friends? He needs them as well,” the tutor said.

Mok’esha smiled and said, “Of course we want him to have human friends and in fact he has one already, he met him while he was at the park.”

The tutor smiled and said, “What about knowledge of human customs? Surely he will want a human mate and will need knowledge on how to attract a female or male?”

“He is going to be educated in the manner of our people,” Mok’esha said proudly as she saw Xander opening a gift his new grandfather had sent him.

Xander ran to Mok’esha and showed her what her father had given him, “It’s a book Munal.”

She took a look at it and read, “Elemental magic for beginners,” and smiled, “Marnin,” she called, “looks like dad wants another mage in the family.”

“Would that be so bad?” Marnin said.

“No, I guess it would be alright if he sticks to elemental magic,” Mok’esha said.

“Well I will be able to teach him how to use it responsibly and I wouldn’t mind if he took up transdimensional magic, he was born on a Hellmouth after all.”

“He will have a good life with us Mok’esha,” Marnin said.

12 years later, Xander had been living with the Mucanlan demons. He had grown into a responsible young man and made friends in both the demonic and human communities; one of his best friends was Justin Taylor.

Justin called Xander on the day he was going to his very first gay bar and wanted Xander to go with him.

“Xan, please come with me,” Justin pleaded, “Daphne can’t anymore.”

Xander said, “Well, I was going anyways, I didn’t really have anything to do tonight.”

“Munal,” Xander called, “I’m going out with Justin tonight, is that alright?”

Mok’esha came out wiping a dish and said, “Xander, I keep telling you; by our customs you are an adult now, you don’t have to ask for permission anymore.”

“Munal, old habits die hard.”

“It’s alright Xander,” Mok’esha said, “and where are you and Justin going tonight? And don’t lie to me.”

“Justin is going to his first gay bar and he wants me to come along for support,” Xander said.

“Awww, that’s so cute,” Mok’esha said, “he is ready to show the world that he is ready to take a mate. You should take a look, I am sure there are handsome and available males there that you might like.”

“Munal, I am just going to make sure Justin doesn’t get hurt,” Xander said, “but if it happens, it happens

Mok’esha smiled, “I just said it never hurts to look for yourself Xander and I might remind you that your uncle Ethan is coming by for a visit.”

“Cool, maybe Justin can meet him this time,” Xander said.

Mok’esha had a worried look on her face and said, “Xander, Justin might not like us because we are demons.”

“Ah Munal, it’s alright. Justin is a pretty cool guy,” Xander said.

As Xander rushed out to get ready he saw Marnin teleport in, he said, “Hi Kural, bye Kural,” as he rushed outside.

Marnin said, “Who was that brown haired whirlwind who rushed past me?”

Mok’esha said, “Your son, he is going out with Justin to a gay bar.”

Marnin laughed and said, “From what he tells me about Justin I think I want him to be Xander’s mate.”

“Oh, you just keep out of the boy’s lives you old busybody,” Mok’esha said.

“Oh Mok’esha, you’re no fun,” Marnin said.

Xander rushed to Justin’s house, he saw his Justin come out and said, “So Justin, you ready to go?”

Justin smiled and said, “Yeah Xander, I am still nervous as hell though.”

“Hey; first time going to a gay bar I would be nervous too,” Xander said.

As they headed to Liberty Ave. Justin hung close to Xander because he was so nervous.

Xander grinned and said, “Justin, try to relax, you’re putting out a real nervous energy.”

“Well, I’m sorry, I can’t keep my cool like you Xan,” Justin said.

“Hey it’s alright Justin,” Xander said as he gave a friendly hug to Justin.

Meanwhile outside the club Babylon, Michael Emmett and Ted were waiting for Brian to finish up in the back.

“Yo Michael, this is some gig Brian has going; he gets laid and you drive him home,” Ted said.

“It’s no big deal,” Michael said.

Emmett grinned and said, “Well darlings, we do have to get going.”

Brian had just joined his friends and said, “Well ladies, are you ready to go?” when he had noticed Xander and Justin walking in.

Michael looked past Brian and said, “Crap, it looks like we might be here a bit longer.”

Ted sighed and said, “Brian, try and get them tomorrow night, okay?”

Brian grinned and said, “Why wait for tomorrow when you can get today?”

Xander’s senses perked up, he felt someone stare at Justin and him hungrily, ‘God,’ he thought, as he looked into Brian’s eyes, he had recognized the lust shining in them.

Justin looked back and said, “Nice, I think he’s checking you out Xan.”

Xander grinned and said, “I’m not interested in him but hey, he might be interested in you Justin.”

Justin looked at Brian and blushed and said, “Xan, I am kind of nervous.”

Xander smiled and said, “Why be so nervous?”

“Because, it’s my first time here Xander,” Justin said.

Brian went up to Justin and said, “Hi, first time here?”

Justin gulped and said, “Yeah, it is. Uhh, my name is Justin and this is Xander.”

“Well hello Xander and Justin, aren’t you two a cute couple,” Brian said imagining them both naked in his bed with him.

Xander grinned and said, “Oh, we aren’t together.”

Justin said, “He is just here for moral support.”

Brian smiled and said, “Moral support? That’s cool.”

Michael ran up to Brian and said, “It’s time to go home, you can try to pick them up tomorrow.”

Xander looked at Michael and smiled, “Hi there handsome, my name is Xander and hey before you go why don’t I buy you at least one drink?”

Michael blushed suddenly and started to stutter, “W-w-what?”

Xander grinned and said, “Why don’t you let me buy you a drink,” his eyes twinkling.

“S-s-sure I guess I could use a drink and my name is Michael, Xander.”

Xander looked at the slightly shocked look on Brian’s face as he led Michael through the crowd towards the bar and smirked.

As he ordered the drinks Xander noticed Michael pulling out his wallet to pay for his when Xander said, “I was going to pay for both of us Mikey.”

Brian looked at Xander one second longer and then turned his attention to Justin and said, “Looks like it’s just us, too bad, kinda hoping your friend wanted to play too.”

Justin blushed; a secret part of him was hoping that as well and he said, “Well, Xander is kind of eccentric.”

Michael just stared at Xander and said, “You know Brian Kinney wants you, right?”

Xander smirked and said, “Why would I want him when I could get to know you better?”

Michael blushed and said, “You are a real sweet talker you know that?”

“Ah, I am just pouring honey in your ear Mikey,” Xander said.

Brian noticed how red Michael was getting, “Hmm, that guy must be putting the moves on Mikey,’ he thought.

Emmett and Ted were staring in shock at Xander and how he backed away from Brian.

“Teddy, did you see what I saw? That beautiful young man just turned down Brian Kinney,” Emmett said.

“Are you kidding me? Of course I saw that,” Ted said, “Makes me think there’s hope for me.”

Xander looked back at Ted and Emmett and said, “Your friends can join us you know.”

Michael ran down to them, “He said you two could join us if you wanted.”

Xander looked around and saw that Justin had disappeared.

Emmett said, “If you’re looking for your boyfriend he went off with Brian. And Mikey, I think he took him home.”

Michael looked down and said, “Damn it, looks like my ride went home with your friend.”

Emmett said, “You mean that gorgeous young man isn’t your boyfriend?”

“Nah, Justin and I are just friends,” Xander said.

Ted said, “So, that means you’re single?”

Xander laughed and said, “Yeah, I’m single.”

Emmett said, “A sweet young thing like you?”

Xander said, “Yeah, never met the right one.”

“Honey, for you, any man here would gladly be the right one,” Emmett said.

Xander grinned with his lopsided grin and said, “Sounds alright to me but I don’t believe in one night stands.”

Meanwhile at Brian’s loft Justin’s stomach was filled with even more butterflies, “Uhh, nice kitchen,” he said.

Brian said, “Close the door.”

Justin closed the door as Brian stripped. He looked back and saw Brian naked and nearly fainted as Brian stretched out his arms and said, “Coming or staying?”

Justin grinned as he said, “Staying definitely.”

“Good,” Brian said as he watched Justin undress, as soon as Justin had finished Brian grabbed him and started to kiss him hard.

Back at Babylon, Xander was busy talking to Brian’s friends; Michael looked at Xander and said, “How about we take this conversation back at my place?”

Xander smiled and said, Sure thing but I thought your ride went home with my friend?”

Ted said, “I can give you guys a ride home if you want.”

Xander looked at Ted and said, “Thanks man.”

As they got out Xander noticed a man staring at Michael, he went closer to Michael and shot a defiant look back at the other man, pleased that the other man backed off.

Michael looked back and said, “What are you looking at Xander?”

“Nothing important Michael,” Xander said.

When they got to back to Michael’s place Emmett said, “I think I will go with Teddy to give you two alone time.”

Xander thanked god his parents had paid for all of those sexual tutors and the relationship teachers helped too, in the demonic community there were species that had up to FIVE different genders and Xander had to learn proper etiquette for all of the civilized species.

Michael saw Xander lost in thought and decided; if Brian could kiss a total stranger he could as well as he moved his lips over Xander’s.

Xander was brought back to earth when he felt Michael’s lips over his, he had a feral grin when he kissed back, he remembered one of his vampiric friend’s telling him what sensual areas were on a man’s body. He moved his lips down to Michael’s neck, using his tongue to feel where the pulse was and nipped at it playfully, he smiled when the other man moaned in pleasure.

“Did that feel good Mikey?” Xander asked playfully.

“Oh god YES!!” Michael said, “If you bite me there like that again I might just come on the spot.”

Xander grinned and said, “We don’t want that right now do we?”

Michael moaned and said, “No, we don’t.”

Xander took Michael’s shirt off and said, “Beautiful as I thought it would be,” as he went to Michael’s chest to play with his nipples.

“Where have you been all my life Xander?” Michael asked.

Xander smiled and said, “I think there should be some mystery to me, don’t you think Mikey? It will keep you coming for more,” as he moved his mouth to Michael’s ear and nipped again.

Michael gasped, “Do I get to see you shirtless?”

Xander grinned and peeled off the t-shirt he was wearing.

Michael just stared at Xander’s bare chest and gulped as he ran his hand down the smooth expanse, he whispered, “You’re not bad yourself.”

Xander said, “Thank you Mikey,” as he watched Michael start to take his pants off when the phone rang.

Michael jumped up in surprise and screamed, “What the FUCK?!!”

Xander smiled and said, “That’s called: The phone.”

Michael said, “I know it’s the phone but who would be calling at this time of night?”

“Well, pick up the phone and find out Mikey,” Xander said.

Michael picked up the phone and said, “What?”

“Oh Melanie, what the hell are you calling so late for?” Michael asked.

“Michael, Lindsay wanted me to call you. We can’t reach Brian, she’s having the baby now,” Melanie said.

“Oh shit,” Michael said, “Well, I will try to get in touch with him right now.”

“Thanks Michael. Oh and I hope I didn’t interrupt anything,” Melanie said.

Michael saw Xander lying on the couch, sighed and said, “Nothing at all.”

Xander grinned and said, “So, what’s up Mikey?”

“Well, I have to call Brian. One of his best friends is having her baby tonight and he might want me to go with him,” Michael said.

Xander smiled and said, “Well, he might bring Justin back with him. So I hope you don’t mind me checking to see if he is there?”

Michael blushed and said, “No, I don’t. Not sure if I can get you home though.”

Xander smiled, “A true gentleman, how about that,” as he caressed Michael’s cheek.

Justin was lying on Brian’s bed watching the other man straddle him and was gasping in pleasure.

Brian smiled and said, “How old are you really?”

Justin said, “18,” Brian arched up an eyebrow and Justin said, “Okay, I’m 17.”

“Well,” Brian grinned, “are you a virgin then?”

Justin blushed and said, “Yes.”

“Then that means a part of me is going to be with you forever,” Brian said.

Then the phone rang, Brian growled and said, “What the HELL are you calling at this time for?”

“What!!? Lindsay is having her baby tonight? Oh fuck, that kid has lousy timing Michael,” Brian said.

“Get dressed,” Brian said to Justin, “I have to go to the hospital and you’re coming with me.”

“Why? What’s the matter?” Justin asked.

“One of my best girl friends is having her baby tonight and she wants me there,” Brian said, “and your friend Xander will be there with Michael.”

As they got to the hospital they raced to the maternity ward. Brian saw Xander and Michael waiting for them, Brian noticed, with a bit of jealously, the new mark on Michael’s neck.

“So Mikey,” Brian said, “you and that Xander guy?”

Michael said, “What? I can’t have a guy over?”

Melanie came in and saw Michael and Brian along with two kids, she sighed, “Brian brought a trick to his son’s birth?”

“Hey guys,” she called, “over here.”

Michael walked over and said, “Sorry about the guys Mel.”

Melanie smiled and said, “It’s alright Michael.”

They rushed through the hallways until they came to the room where Lindsay was holding her son.

Michael said, “He’s beautiful Lindsay, have you guys came up with a name yet?”

“No,” Lindsay said, “we were hoping that Brian would come up with a name.”

As they discussed about the name Xander looked at the little baby in Lindsay’s arms, he smiled and said, “What a cute little Snubkin.”

Lindsay looked up and said, “Snubkin?”

Xander blushed and said, “Sorry, it’s a term of endearment in my mom’s native language.”

Justin looked at the baby and said, “He looks like an Augustus to me.”

Lindsay smiled and said, “Augustus, what a beautiful name.”

Xander said, “We should get going, Justin has a curfew.”

Michael said sadly, “Will I see you again Xander?”

Xander shot him a lopsided grin and said, “Yeah, you will,” he walked over to Michael, kissed him deeply and then grabbed Justin’s hand and took him from the room.

Justin shot a longing look at Brian and sighed.

Xander grinned and sang out, “Someone has a crush.”

Justin blushed and said, “Yeah and hey you could have told me you were gay.”

Xander said, “It never came up really and I really don’t think about the gender of my lover.”

Justin asked, “So, what did you and that Michael guy do?”

“Not nearly as much as I wanted to do to him,” Xander said.

As Brian and Michael left the hospital Brian asked, “So, how was Xander?”

Michael asked, “Why? Are you jealous?”

“Pretty much,” Brian said.

Xander got Justin home and as he left to go to his home Justin said, “Did you ever consider me as a lover?”

“Not really Justin, your more like my brother,” Xander said, “and besides, you got someone to crush on now. He better treat you well.”

Justin said, “So what do you want to do tomorrow?”

Xander grinned and said, “There’s a diner I want to visit on Liberty Ave. Are you going to come with me?”

As he got home Marnin smelt the air and said, “Well, someone had a good night, some man’s pheromones are all over you.”

Mok’esha grinned and said, “Our little boy may have a mate.”

Xander said, “It’s too soon to tell.”


A/N: so guys this is going to be a Xander/Michael story, I hope that’s alright with some. Justin/Brian thrown in and also this is the first time I tried to write something smutty, I hope I did it well. Let me know what you think about the Michael/Xander story and I did that because I have never seen them as a couple before.

Oh yes, how do you like the more confident Xander?

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