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Xander on Liberty Ave.

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Summary: Xander's new parents took him to live in a new city.

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Television > QAF (UK and US versions)JacobPhoenixFR21411,1200203,92231 Dec 095 Jan 10No

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don’t own either BtVS or the Queer as Folk series.

Chapter 1

The demonic looking couple was walking around Sunnydale after dark in shock; their only son had been killed by the slayer and now they were mourning when the mother saw a very young human sleeping in his backyard.

“Marnin,” she said, “there is a little human offspring sleeping there.”

Marnin said, “Mok’esha, no human in this town is foolish enough to sleep in the open.”

Mok’esha glared and said, “Look there, he is in the bushes.”

Marnin glanced over to where his wife pointed and gasped, she was right; a very small human was sleeping outside. This was dangerous; he had to do something to aid it.

Mok’esha walked up to the little human, she heard the parents argue and scream at each other. She wept bitter tears; her son was dead but these two were allowed to keep their child?

Marnin nuzzled his, he had sensed her anger and it was being directed towards the house, he heard the same things his wife had heard and knew why she was angry; some humans didn’t appreciate children enough.

Mok’esha smiled gently at the small child at her feet and gently brushed aside his longish hair, she gasped, “What a little Snubkin.”

Marnin noticed the child’s eyes were beginning to flutter open; he began to pull his wife back from him.

Xander Harris had felt someone move his hair and said, “Momma?”

He then looked at the two people who were backing away from him and said, “Hello?”

Marnin sighed and decided to talk to him, “I am sorry,” he said, “my wife saw you sleeping outside and she wants to know why you are sleeping outside little one?”

Xander said, “Momma and daddy are fighting again and I didn’t want to hear them fighting again.”

Mok’esha asked, “Do they fight often?”

Xander nodded sadly and began to cry.

Marnin said, “How old are you?”

“I am 5 years old,” Xander replied.

Mok’esha smiled and said, “What a smart little boy, knowing your numbers already.”

Xander smiled and said, “I can only count to 10.”

Marnin grinned and said, “You have to start somewhere.”

At that a loud crash resounded throughout. The two demons looked at each other and decided to ask the child to come with them.

Mok’esha said, “Would you like to come with us?”

Xander said, “You’re not going to kill me?”

“No,” Marnin said as he picked the little boy up, “we don’t eat humans.”

Xander reached out to play with the demon’s tentacles, Mok’esha asked, “What do we do about the parents?”

“I believe those two will be most agreeable to a bribe,” Marnin said angrily as he handed his wife three large gold bricks.

Xander looked at the gold and said, “That’s pretty.”

“It is and your race attaches too much importance to it,” Marnin said.

Mok’esha holding the gold bricks walked up to the door and knocked

Tony Harris had enough of his worthless wife not making dinner for him and now he had to answer the damned door, he opened up and saw a demon stare back at him.

“W-w-what do you want?” He sputtered.

Mok’esha had a feral grin and said, “We want your son and will take him but here is payment for him,” as she produced three large golden bricks, “if you want.”

Tony suddenly grinned and thought to himself, ‘things were looking up,’ and said, “Take him; he was nothing but a stone around my neck.”

Mok’esha tossed him the bricks and said, “For all you know we could be planning on eating him and all you can say was that he was nothing but a stone around your neck? Bastard,” she spat at him, “take this gold. May it never bring joy to you.”

Marnin walked up to his wife and said, “So what was the answer?”

Mok’esha said, “If I ever see that Chukla again I swear he shall die at my hands and they call US monsters, why doesn’t the slayer kill them?”

Marnin sighed and said, “My love, it’s their nature to fear what is different and they never teach those girls any different.”

Xander snuggled closer to the male demon holding him and said, “Are you guys taking me home?”

“We are taking you back to our home, your father said you can live with us,” Mok’esha said.

Xander began to cry, “Please tell daddy I’ll be good, he doesn’t have to give me away.”

Mok’esha picked Xander up and said, “We wanted you to live with us.”

“Really?” Xander asked as the tears dried up.

“Yes,” Marnin said.

“What kind of people are you?” Xander asked.

Mok’esha said nervously, “We are what your race calls; demons.”

“What’s demons mean?” Xander asked.

Marnin began to laugh, gently picking Xander up and said, “Children are truly innocent creatures.”

Mok’esha asked, “I forgot to ask Snubkin; what’s your name?”

“My name is Xander,” he said.

“Well Xander, I guess we are your new parents,” they both replied.

Later that night while Xander slept on their couch the Mucankan’s were talking.

Mok’esha said, “I don’t want to raise him here on the Hellmouth love.”

Marnin replied, “I agree, the Hellmouth is not the place to raise a child.”

“Where could we move?” Mok’esha asked.

“Pittsburgh, we both have family there and I can easily get a job there,” Marnin said, “and you can home school him.”

“Why would we home school him?” Mok’esha asked

“Because their parent teacher night would be a nightmare for us and him,” Marnin said.

“Of course,” Mok’esha replied.

The next day Xander woke up and saw his new mother cooking some food for breakfast, she smiled, “Come to eat Snubkin before it gets too cold.”

Xander ran to the table and saw piles of food, looked at her and asked, “Is all this for me?”

“Not all of it, some of its mommy and daddy’s food,” Mok’esha said.

Marnin said, “Now Xander, I must tell you that we are moving this weekend. Do you have any friends you want to say goodbye too?”

Xander asked, “Moving, why?”

“This place is not the right place for raising children,” Marnin said, “so we are moving to a city to the east.”

“Yes, I want to say goodbye to Willow; she’s my best friend,” Xander said.

“Very well, we will go after breakfast,” Marnin said.

“But its Monday, she’s at school and I am supposed to be too,” Xander said.

Mok’esha said, “I will take you to school, I have to get some stuff there.”

“Okay,” Xander said.

As the two walked through the sewers to get to the school a vampire walked in front of them smoking a cigarette.

Mok’esha glared at him and said, “William get out of our way, I have to get this little one to his friend before we leave.”

“Mok, why are you lot running away? Because the slayer killed your boy?” Spike said.

“No, because we found a child last night and we want to raise him away from this place,” Mok’esha said.

Spike got down and looked at Xander and said, “Cute little nipper ain’t he? Why you two raising a human?”

“Because; we lost our son two weeks ago and his parents basically sold him to us,” Mok’esha said, “and we failed our first son.”

“Oi, how’d you fail R’Kara, he was a good and proper demon,” Spike said.

“We failed him by not keeping him from you,” Mok’esha said, “and now William get out of our way before I tell Marnin what you’re doing.”

“Don’t want any trouble with Marnin, just think it’s a shame that you are taking a human in as your child Mok,” Spike said.

“Because we can only have one child for our entire life William and R’Kara was too young to die like that,” Mok’esha said.

Spike said, “I am sorry, R’Kara was one of the good ones and I am sure the little human boy will be good too,” as he backed away.

Mok’esha softened her face and said, “Thank you William but we have to leave now.”

Xander looked at Mok’esha and asked, “Who was that?”

Mok’esha smiled and said, “No one you need to worry about.”

As they got where the sewer exited out to the school Mok’esha rubbed a pigment on her skin and turned herself into a normal looking human.

“Why did you do that?” Xander asked.

“I turned myself into this because some people might get the wrong ideas,” Mok’esha said.

“Oh, okay,” Xander said.

As they waited in front of the principal’s office Xander saw Willow come by and he waved at her.

Willow ran up to Xander and said, “Hi Xander, why aren’t you in class?”

Mok’esha smiled at the little red haired girl and said, “Well, he’s moving out east with us.”

“But you’re not his mommy,” Willow said.

Xander said, “She is now, daddy gave me to her.”

Mok’esha thought quickly and said, “His parents are going through some very bad things and they asked us to take him in.”

Willow’s eyes began to water and she cried, “I don’t want him to leave, I need him here with me.”

Mok’esha’s hearts went out to the little girl and she said, “Why don’t you give Xander your phone number and he can call you?”

Willow stopped sobbing and said, “Okay but it’s not going to be the same.”

Mok’esha said, “It’s going to be alright, okay little one?”

Willow nodded and hugged Xander goodbye and ran away, Xander looked at Mok’esha and said, “She was still crying.”

“Of course she was, this is a sad time for her,” Mok’esha said.

Later, after they got the principal to hand over the papers, Mok’esha got them home. Marnin smiled and said, “So how did it go?”

“Perfect, we can leave at anytime,” Mok’esha said, “and the sooner the better.”

Marnin smiled, “I already made the arrangements and Xander, your new life begins today.”

“Thank you sir,” Xander said.

Marnin said, “I am your father, you can call Kural; that’s our name for daddy.”

Mok’esha said, And Xander, you can call me Munal; which means mommy, okay?”

“Okay Munal and Kural,” Xander said.

Marin cast the spell that teleported them out of Sunnydale and Xander looked out the door and realized they were in a new place, “How did you do that Kural?”

“Xander, I did it with magic and this is going to be your new home.”


A/N okay here’s my first QAF crossover. What do you guys think of Xander’s new parents and should he be home schooled? I had an idea that he should go to school with Justin for those that know the show let me know.

Poll question: Which of the guys do you want to see Xander with?

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