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Something Grave

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Something Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Harry Potter should know better than to jinx himself, even in his own mind. Buffy should have known that if she had to keep something from Giles it wasn't of the good. The continuation of Something Fascinating.

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Part 1

Buffy is owned by Mutant Enemy and Harry Potter is owned by a lot of people… No copyright infringement is intended. Fanfiction is, in my opinion, free advertisement. There are many things I've bought because I enjoyed fanfiction that crossed into a new fandom. I encourage everyone to purchase these products.

Sequel to: Something Else & Something Fascinating

Something Grave – Part 1

Harry was pretty happy. After experiencing the memories of Xander Harris, this being caused by his soul passing through the dimensional rifts which were formed by the blood of his daughter, Dawn, also known as the Key, on his way to heaven, Harry had come to some realizations in life. For example he now knew that the help offered by beautiful women, in this case Hermione Granger and Luna Lovegood, was beyond useful. Hermione was too by the book to do more than find the laws Harry needed twisting, but Luna, Luna was something else with her ability to find loopholes. Luna even thought it was fun how some weird animal influenced people. Harry didn’t ask for details. He did however ask the newly freed Sirus Black where they were going to spend the summer.

That isn’t to say he was completely happy though. Harry hadn’t been able to do more than get Um-bitch dismissed from Hogwarts, she was still toadying up to Fudge, though that wasn’t doing her well since Fudge wasn’t wanting to be affiliated with her since she had unintentionally incriminated herself in wrongful imprisonment and forced the ministry into a position where they had to acknowledge that Voldemort might possibly be back.

Harry was also learning a great deal of interesting things in DADA. Until a new teacher could be hired it was being taught in shifts by the other teachers, they were using a time turner for when it overlapped with their own classes. Each teacher had a different technique, and they were competent. Even Snape was an acceptable teacher, when he wasn’t trying to reveal to everyone that their normal teacher was a werewolf, though he still thought they were all dunderheads. The way Professor Sprout was showing them to defend themselves was really unique. She had seeds from a short lived plant that would grow almost immediately from hitting the ground, it would then attack the feet of nearby attackers and essentially force them to stay in one place, so although they could still use their wands the attacked would have time to escape. This wasn’t anything he’d ever heard of, though he suspected that the Weasley Twins had at some point heard of these seeds since it reminded Harry of several of their pranks.

Harry was quickly adding ideas to his ‘Ways to Kill Voldemort’ list. Using Sprout’s seeds and then injecting Voldemort with some sort of flesh eating bacteria sounded like a neat way to kill him. Portkeying him above a dozen working chainsaws was another gory idea, however Harry wasn’t sure how to remove the safety features from a portkey to allow him to do that. He was still partial to cutting off the Dark Lord’s head with a battle axe. He’d asked around, the goblins could get him a really good one, guaranteed not to rust and to always have a sharp edge, for a very nice price. They had a lot of respect for someone who could plan things out in such detail, although Harry didn’t know how the goblins knew this since he hadn’t shown the list to anyone.

Even Harry knew that life was going pretty well for him. Sirius was free, the only teacher on staff that disliked him was Snape, which he could handle, and he was flying without any spectators or bludgers. Things weren’t perfect, things rarely were if you were dealing with the government in any way, but his overall life was definitely going up. Literally at the moment, Harry slowly kicked off the ground and rose in ever higher circling patterns. Harry had been so busy that he hadn’t had time to fly outside of quidditch practice. They hadn’t even had a game to play yet. Harry spared a moment to think of starting some other games, most schools played more than one sport after all, it might also be fun if he could arrange games between other schools of magic. ‘Nothing can ruin this moment,’ Harry thought to himself.

Harry gasped in some air as he felt an odd sensation take over him before he could start into his dive. Harry lost his concentration as his vision got dizzy, unintentionally dropping several feet on his broom, thankfully he was many more than several feet in the air. As Harry’s vision cleared he looked around at the familiar sites. The familiar graveyard, the familiar specks directly below him, and the unfamiliar demonic biker bang coming right at them. He was in Sunnydale.

End – Part 1


YAY! People wanted more, so here’s more! This idea has been in my head since before I wrote Something Fascinating, so I hope you like it. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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