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Never Say Die

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Summary: BtVS/Farscape xover. Faith gets away..Way away! Faith/Chianna

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Television > Farscape
Multiple Crossings > Faith-Centered
MarkeloFR213712091,5351 Jan 108 Jan 10Yes

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Chapter One

Disclaimers: I don't own anything but the craziness in my head.

Time line: Farcape-Season 3. BtVS- Season 3 After Faith wakes up from her coma.

John Crichton looked at the newest girl on Moya. She had been transported by a device that her father figure the Mayor of Sunnydale left her. He had told her to use it for a fresh start and to be a good girl.

She was a human from Earth. Her name was Faith. She gave no last name because she had no family. She sat in her room on Moya. She had borrowed a set of Chianna's clothes. The gray outfit did nothing good the girl's appearance or as Chianna said. They would have to go to a commerce planet and get Faith an outfit for her. Aeryn was planning an all-girl shopping spee and with John or D'Argo as the pack mule for the trip.

In a few cicyles Faith, Aeryn, and John went to a nearby commerce planet and Aeryn and faith got a set of black leather clothes. She got a red cotton T-shirt,too. She also got a blaster pistol which she named Buffy and a smaller laser pistol that she named Willow. Buffy she wore in a hostler on her left hip and Willow she wore in a ankle hostler.

"Faith, what last name should we use for you?" Aeryn asked.

"Just call me Winters," Faith said, "G.I. Jane."

"G.I. Jane?" Aeryn asked.

"I give people I like nicknames, and the more I like them the more nicknames they get."

"So what's Pip's nickname?" John asked, with a smile and a chuckle for the nickname.

"Ghost Girl. The little guy's Pee-Wee. That red dude's Big Red. That guy with the mask is Phantom. That red babe's Little Red. That guy in the screen is Brit."

John couldn't help it . He laughed. " Pee-Wee. I LOVE it!!!"

Author's Notes: Chianna's the Nebari girl who I'm planning to pare with Faith in a slash partnership. Out of the Farscape girls she's the one most open to pairings like this, as I see her.
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