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Plastic Xan

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Summary: After pushing Angelus too far, Xander gets exposed to some odd chemicals. Craziness insues.

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DC Universe > Plastic ManCrazyDanFR181132,3443617680,9392 Jan 1022 Jun 13No

Chapter One: A darker twist of fate

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the characters that exist within the realm of the show. Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy own the Buffyverse. I do not own Plastic Man. He was created by Jack Cole for Quality Comics and was later bought up by DC comics.

Chapter 1: A darker twist of fate.
Timeline: Season 2, Episode 18: Killed by Death.

“You really should leave.” Xander said softly to Angelus as the vampire stopped in the doorway of Buffy's hospital room.

“What are you going to do? Fight me?” Angelus sneered at Xander.

“No, then we'd both get kicked out of here.” Xander said as he reached in his back pocket and pulled out a plastic flask. “It's funny, being the son of the town drunks means people don't really question why I carry this.” Xander said as he unscrewed the lid and took a sip.

“You don't drink.” Angelus said, confused. “I'd be able to smell it on you.

“You're right. I don't.” Xander said as he flung the contents of the flask onto Angelus's face causing the vampire to scream. “Holy water hurts like a bitch doesn't it?”

“You'll pay for this boy!” Angelus screamed as his face vamped out.

“Help! This guy's on PCP!” Xander screamed.

Two orderlies shouldered their way into the room.

“Is there a problem?” One of the two men asked.

Angelus' burned face shifted back to his human mask as he turned around. “No problem. I'll be going now. I'll catch you later Harris.” the vampire promised as he pushed past the two hospital employees.

“Dude, are you crazy?” One of the orderlies asked after the vampire had left. “We couldn't have stopped him.”

Xander looked down at his shaking hands. “I know. Sorry about that.”

“Just don't ask us to do that again.” The other orderly said. “We don't fight... gang members. We don't get paid enough for that.”

“I know.” Xander nodded. “Thanks anyways.”

The Next Morning.....

Xander Harris walked down the sidewalk that went from his house towards Sunnydale High. He didn't see the demon come out from Mrs. Nelson's bushes. He did feel the slimy hand cover his mouth with a rag before darkness overtook him.

The abandoned CRD plant.... Later that day...

A half strangled scream roused Xander into consciousness. It took him a moment for him to realize the screaming was coming from him. He was in so much pain. He tried to move but found he couldn't move at all.

“You'll find that I do good work.” Came a familiar voice.

“Angelus.” Xander screamed. “What did you do?”

“A cut here, a severed tendon there.” Angelus said as he stepped into Xander's view. “You're pretty crippled at the moment. I doubt you'll be able to walk again if you survive this. You know boy, I've always hated you.”

Xander tried to laugh but the pain was too much. “The feeling's mutual.”

“You know, I brought you here so I could torture you without interference from the others. What is it that they say? Never bring your work home with you? In all honesty, it was pretty easy to hire a demon to chloroform you and deliver your sorry ass here. You'd be surprised what I found in this old place, arc welding tools are such fun don't you agree?” Angelus said with a laugh. “Though considering what you did last night, I decided to go another route.”

“Well crap.” Xander said as he watched Angelus roll a barrel towards him. He immediately noticed the warning label on the barrel that said it was highly corrosive. “Acid?”

“Acid.” Angelus agreed as he opened the container and tipped it on the wounded teenager. The vampire grinned as he watched the acid began to eat away at the teen's clothing and skin. His screams were a thing of beauty to his ears.

Angelus watched as the acid gave Xander chemical burns all over his body. After over an hour of watching, the demon was satisfied. Help wouldn't be coming and the boy would die from these injuries given enough time. He grinned to himself before slipping into the tunnels. He had Drusilla to play with and Spike to taunt. The day was still young after all.

He didn't stick around to see Xander die. Had he stayed for a few minutes longer, he would have seen the boy begin to... change.
Hours later....

Xander Harris opened his eyes and looked around. “I'm... alive?” He sat up. “I'm... healed?” He asked as he felt his body. Everything felt.... different, wobbly somehow. He stared down at his naked body. “Ah, great.” He said as he stood up. “Now to find some clothes before talking to Giles. This is some weird Hellmouth thing. It has to be.”

Xander wandered his way through the abandoned CRD plant and manged to find a pair of coveralls in one of the open lockers. He tucked in before zipping up and headed out into the daylight. From the angle of the sun, Xander determined it was mid afternoon. He'd been out for a few hours. He looked down at his bare feet and sighed. The school did have a dress code. He'd have to head home first before getting over to the school.

At the library....

“Are you certain this wasn't a dream?” Giles asked Xander after the teen had explained his morning.

“A dream wouldn't have had me waking up naked in the CRD factory would it?” Xander asked him.

“I suppose not.” Giles sighed. “Though I fail to see how you could have healed from those acid burns so readily.”

“Don't you think I know that?” Xander yelled as he pounded his fist on the library table. He stared at his fist that had flattened like a pancake against the sturdy oak.

Giles took off his glasses and began polishing them. “Clearly, something happened.”

“You think?” Xander said as lifted his hand off the table and it reformed to its normal shape. He wiggled his fingers and they grew in length until they looked like foot long flesh colored noodles. “Creepy.” He said as his hand went back to normal.

“Very.” Giles agreed. “This requires some research.”

“Dammit.” Xander sighed. “Why research?”

Giles shrugged. “It's what I do.”

“Super.” Xander muttered.

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